IEM Daily Feature Titles

The following table lists out all 4302 IEM Daily Feature titles. For some unknown reason, the author of these posts decided to make each title unique. The uniqueness is case sensitive! The numbers listed next to the title are good votes, bad votes, and abstains.

0.1 to 10 inches 17/5/010,000+ CAPE 35/10/01000th Feature! 23/14/0100% Chance 35/2/0
100 composite 14/1/0100 degree Days 35/9/0100 degree Frequency 38/6/0100 degree heat index in September! 38/8/0
100 degree reports 68/16/0100 degrees in May 13/2/0100% Humid 0/0/0100s in May 38/8/0
101 30/4/0104 on Aug 30th 68/4/0105! 0/0/0106 degrees in 18 days 16/10/0
10 degrees North-South 22/5/010 January Travel Troubles 6/2/010th 90 degree day this June 10/0/010% Tornado Risk 7/0/1
10 years of webcam imagery 64/8/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #10 13/6/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #11 9/1/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #12 21/3/0
'11-'12 Winter Storm #13 32/12/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #14 27/7/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #15 6/3/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #2 21/4/0
'11-'12 Winter Storm #3 7/2/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #4 18/6/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #5 24/9/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #6 31/5/0
'11-'12 Winter Storm #7 16/5/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #8 9/1/0'11-'12 Winter Storm #9 7/5/011 days below 60 17/5/0
11 inches in 6 days 34/15/1411 September 2001 0/0/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #1 37/6/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #10 40/7/0
'12-'13 Winter Storm #11 29/5/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #12 37/2/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #13 35/9/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #14 56/9/0
'12-'13 Winter Storm #15 107/13/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #16 49/7/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #17 147/15/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #2 57/9/0
'12-'13 Winter Storm #3 28/5/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #4 73/12/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #5 8/0/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #6 37/9/0
'12-'13 Winter Storm #7 75/21/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #8 44/11/0'12-'13 Winter Storm #9 38/5/0'13-'14 Winter Storm #1 23/7/2
'13-'14 Winter Storm #10 29/1/3'13-'14 Winter Storm #11 18/8/6'13-'14 Winter Storm #12 16/4/9'13-'14 Winter Storm #13 23/7/6
'13-'14 Winter Storm #14 21/5/1'13-'14 Winter Storm #15 52/15/13'13-'14 Winter Storm #16 22/6/5'13-'14 Winter Storm #17 42/12/11
'13-'14 Winter Storm #18 32/8/3'13-'14 Winter Storm #19 36/3/2'13-'14 Winter Storm #2 25/4/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #20 35/8/5
'13-'14 Winter Storm #21 27/2/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #22 49/7/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #23 14/5/6'13-'14 Winter Storm #24 45/12/10
'13-'14 Winter Storm #25 14/3/3'13-'14 Winter Storm #26 15/5/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #27 17/5/5'13-'14 Winter Storm #28 38/10/5
'13-'14 Winter Storm #29 15/4/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #3 29/1/0'13-'14 Winter Storm #4 30/6/3'13-'14 Winter Storm #5 26/4/4
'13-'14 Winter Storm #6 72/6/5'13-'14 Winter Storm #7 51/2/3'13-'14 Winter Storm #8 27/3/4'13-'14 Winter Storm #9 29/6/4
13C Forecasting Rule 99/7/0'14-'15 Winter Storm #1 6/4/6'14-'15 Winter Storm #10 14/2/2'14-'15 Winter Storm #11 23/4/2
'14-'15 Winter Storm #12 11/5/3'14-'15 Winter Storm #13 12/6/5'14-'15 Winter Storm #14 11/4/11'14-'15 Winter Storm #15 12/6/3
'14-'15 Winter Storm #16 17/10/6'14-'15 Winter Storm #17 42/27/30'14-'15 Winter Storm #18 29/41/13'14-'15 Winter Storm #2 24/11/9
'14-'15 Winter Storm #3 21/11/15'14-'15 Winter Storm #4 29/21/15'14-'15 Winter Storm #5 12/7/4'14-'15 Winter Storm #6 6/7/6
'14-'15 Winter Storm #7 20/4/6'14-'15 Winter Storm #8 21/8/10'14-'15 Winter Storm #9 13/7/5'15-'16 Winter Storm #1 27/16/10
'15-'16 Winter Storm #10 47/25/26'15-'16 Winter Storm #11 16/7/9'15-'16 Winter Storm #12 14/5/8'15-'16 Winter Storm #13 17/5/7
'15-'16 Winter Storm #14 10/7/6'15-'16 Winter Storm #15 12/0/0'15-'16 Winter Storm #2 12/4/2'15-'16 Winter Storm #3 29/24/25
'15-'16 Winter Storm #4 29/7/8'15-'16 Winter Storm #5 9/4/3'15-'16 Winter Storm #6 21/14/11'15-'16 Winter Storm #7 26/9/7
'15-'16 Winter Storm #8 24/32/17'15-'16 Winter Storm #9 22/18/1215 days and counting 37/9/015 years of data 34/14/0
'16-'17 Winter Storm #1 9/0/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #10 18/0/2'16-'17 Winter Storm #11 14/1/1'16-'17 Winter Storm #2 11/0/0
'16-'17 Winter Storm #3 11/0/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #4 2/1/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #5 10/0/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #6 9/1/0
'16-'17 Winter Storm #7 10/0/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #8 12/0/0'16-'17 Winter Storm #9 8/0/016+ inches 25/6/0
'17-'18 Winter Storm #1 6/1/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #10 8/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #11 14/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #12 8/1/1
'17-'18 Winter Storm #13 12/1/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #14 5/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #15 13/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #16 9/1/1
'17-'18 Winter Storm #17 4/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #18 8/1/2'17-'18 Winter Storm #19 9/2/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #2 5/0/0
'17-'18 Winter Storm #20 10/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #21 9/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #22 18/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #23 17/1/1
'17-'18 Winter Storm #24 5/0/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #25 22/3/2'17-'18 Winter Storm #26 9/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #27 14/0/0
'17-'18 Winter Storm #28 8/2/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #3 9/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #4 7/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #5 0/0/0
'17-'18 Winter Storm #6 9/2/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #7 9/1/1'17-'18 Winter Storm #8 9/0/0'17-'18 Winter Storm #9 9/2/2
'18-'19 Winter Storm #1 12/1/0'18-'19 Winter Storm #2 9/0/0'18-'19 Winter Storm #3 3/2/018 counties left 16/36/0
1 Category Improvement 14/3/01 inch rainfalls common? 26/9/01 June Departures 9/6/21 year of CoCoRaHS 17/21/0
2,000th Feature 42/7/02007 heavy rainfall events 24/5/02007: Major Winter Storms 20/3/02007: Measured in feet 15/2/0
2007: Record cold in April 12/2/02008 38/24/02009 Precipitation 46/24/02009 Precipitation Totals 16/14/0
2010 Severe Weather Events 32/10/02011 by month 17/3/02011: Drier than past years 25/0/02011: Plenty of Severe Weather 9/2/0
2011 Tornado Warning Counts 18/7/02012 Humidity 73/15/02012 in the books 31/2/02012 Ranks 10/8/0
2012: rewriting the record book 25/8/02013 Departures 49/5/32013 Humidities 37/5/22014 Daily Departures 9/8/5
2014 Humidity Levels 16/6/62015 Tornado Watches 12/5/72016 Corn Planting Progress 15/0/02016 Precip Departures 11/0/0
2016 Precip Ineffectiveness 4/1/22017 Corn Crop Condition 9/0/02017 Corn Harvest Progress 10/0/02017 Corn Planting Progress 5/0/0
2017 First Fall Sub-32 7/1/02017 Humidity 12/0/02017 Precipitation Bins 6/0/02017 Temperature Range 9/0/0
2018 Corn Crop Condition 9/0/02018 Max Temp to Date 8/1/02018 Severe T'Storm Warnings 12/0/02018 Tornado Local Storm Reports 11/0/0
20+ Degree Drop 6/0/020 degrees in 50 miles 22/5/020 degree swings 19/6/020+ inch difference 12/1/1
20 inches in Two Days 11/0/020 some degree departure 15/5/020 straight dry days 14/11/720 straight in June 9/0/0
-20 to 20 24/5/02.38 inches in 26 minutes 72/12/023 Years of RADAR Data 12/0/024 Hour Change 14/7/4
24 Hour Changes 14/10/424 Hour Rainfall Events 35/18/2224 Jul Drought Monitor 15/1/02,500th Daily Feature 30/5/0
25 degrees of relief 14/3/02-5 inches down, how much more to go? 17/11/025 Straight Months 15/0/026 days and counting 23/5/0
2 day air mass battle 19/3/02 inches in November 13/9/62+ inch rainfalls 57/13/03,000th Daily Feature 67/4/5
30, 60, and 90 Day Arridity 13/0/030 Day Departures 9/0/030 degree jumps 36/8/030 Degrees of Difference 0/0/0
30 degrees seems warm 21/7/030 degree swings 13/9/030 degree swings common? 16/9/030 inches 35/14/0
30s to 90 22/3/030 years ago 11/1/130 years ago today 34/16/031 Day Dips below Average 8/0/0
34 degrees difference 41/3/034 mb drop! 86/8/03,500th Daily Feature 23/16/836 degrees of difference 15/5/0
39 degrees! 0/0/03 bucks a gallon! 21/35/03+ days below zero 20/7/03 Days of 60+ 21/11/4
3 days of slight risk 21/5/03 Degrees in August 18/10/123 inch Daily Snowfall Drought 11/0/03 inches over 30 days 12/0/0
3PM 70s in June 15/8/103 PM Temps and Winds 30/1/03rd Warmest Spring 12/1/03 Sigma 10/0/0
3 storms in 1 week 40/11/03 straight with 99 61/7/03 Week Change 13/11/03 weeks before and after 25 July 5/2/0
3 years of features 30/5/04,000th Feature 29/1/140 degrees above normal 26/5/040 degrees and snow 47/11/0
40 degree swing! 6/3/040+ degree warm ups 12/2/040 degree warm ups are nice 11/6/040s for lows! 69/15/0
40s making an appearance 19/2/041.5 Consecutive Hours of Tornado Warnings 23/7/04-5 Apr Severe Outbreak 23/4/045 to 70 22/2/0
48 degree contrast 27/9/048 degrees 59/9/04 inches in 50 miles 18/7/04 Inch Forecast 15/1/0
4 Inch Soil Temperatures 17/8/84 PM 80 degrees in August 5/1/14 PM, First week of July 82/10/04 Straight Days of Records 14/1/0
4x 238/26/0500 hPa Temperatures 14/2/450-60 degree warm up gets us to just above freezing 47/17/050 days over 90 112/16/0
50 degree dew point rise 14/1/050 Degree Range 10/1/150 degrees at 6 am! 26/7/050 degrees in December 32/7/0
50 degrees of seperation 27/6/050 degree soils 59/14/050+ dew point in February! 22/8/050+ High Temp Days 8/1/1
50% in a Day 10/0/050s for some 29/16/050s in February 21/3/050s in January 12/4/7
50s not common 15/4/0540 Thickness 50/5/055 is like 98 30/24/1757 days and counting 25/14/0
59 degrees! 9/5/05 Day Forecast 19/12/95 Day Rain 16/5/05 days of 80 Dewpoints 19/1/0
5 failures to reach 100 20/4/05 straight sunrises 44/14/05% Tornado Threat 8/5/060 Degree Dew Point 21/13/7
60 degree drop 16/6/060 degrees at 6 AM! 14/3/060 for Thanksgiving? 13/5/060+ in November 5/0/0
60% of Monthly Total 12/3/060s are nice for November 23/1/060s feel good 17/9/060s for cinco de mayo 25/17/0
60s for the soils 16/6/060s seem so far away 15/4/064 degree drop 56/15/116 inch departure 81/9/0
6 months till next 80? 15/10/36th Most Common 8/0/06th warmest 12/3/070 Degree Dew Points 16/3/0
70+ Dew Points during September 9/4/070+ in April 7/0/170+ in October 15/6/170+ in September 6/0/0
70+ not common 13/6/070s/50s 9/5/070s and 40s 21/5/070s and 90s 11/10/0
70s at 4 PM 32/20/2070s for today! 19/3/070s in July 13/5/170s not uncommon 17/3/0
70 then Blizzard Warning 10/1/17-11 is a lucky day 18/3/07-11 unlucky for some 20/4/072 Hour Totals 22/4/2
~ 75% of average 15/5/07 day rollercoaster 13/2/07 days around Thanksgiving 19/11/07 days below 60! 48/8/0
7 days down, 358 to go 11/4/07 days of rainfall v. High 18/12/07th already, with 2 months left 18/12/080 at 7 AM 10/3/2
80 degree days 13/6/680+ Degree Days 10/0/080 Degree Dew Point Days 13/1/180 Degree Period 27/21/21
80 degrees in 12 hours 33/16/080 in October 10/4/480+ in October 9/0/080 over 60 18/8/0
80 over sub 50 15/8/380s and 50s 15/3/080s for all 12/7/780s for some 40/12/0
80s for the fair 10/0/080s in March 23/8/080s in November 13/4/080s in September 11/7/5
-81°C 0/0/0850 Warmth 28/19/1485+ in September 5/1/08+ inches in 1 day! 14/3/0
8+ inch snow probabilities 40/23/090 and not too humid 65/6/090 Day Departures 8/0/090 Degree Day Departures 12/0/1
90 Degree Days 27/17/1690 Degree Departures 17/8/890 degrees coming 22/7/090+ degree temps and dew points 33/11/0
90 in September 13/11/990s for some 17/4/090s in May are rare 11/0/090s on-time 20/12/12
9/11 0/0/09 11 0/0/09 / 11 2/2/09-11 1/3/0
9/11 0/0/09.11 2/4/09/11 2001 14/10/59.11.2001 4/1/0
91 day coldest period 34/4/491 Day Going Upwards 13/4/39 days below, 8 days above 12/5/09 days over 100 warnings 25/16/0
9 tornados on Saturday 24/4/0Abandon Ship 0/0/0A below average month? 62/13/0A below zero week 9/2/0
A bit behind last year and average 23/8/0A bit below normal 0/0/0A bit blowy outside 33/4/0A bit chilly? 0/0/0
A bit cooler... 0/0/0A bit different 0/0/0A bit early for cold 16/3/0A bit frosty for May 29/2/0
A bit warmer... 0/0/0About normal 0/0/0About Normal. 0/0/0About the Decreasing Range 9/1/1
About three times average 29/6/0About time for warmer air 30/4/0Above 50 in December 12/7/4Above 70 in November 18/7/4
Above and Below Freezing 31/13/9Above and Below Heat Hours 11/1/0Above Average Days 26/28/15Above average humidity returns again 25/8/0
Above, but behind 17/5/0Above freezing all day 23/7/0Above Freezing in January 24/9/14Above freezing is above normal 0/0/0
Above freezing is now average 24/6/0Above Freezing Precipitation 87/11/0Above freezing so far 19/6/0Above freezing, then above normal! 16/7/0
Above Normal 0/0/0Above Normal Month 0/0/0Above then Below 19/7/7A Break from Summer 0/0/0
A break to end July 34/2/0Absence of clouds and humidity 24/10/0A calm day for late March 14/3/0Accumulated days 24/8/6
Accumulated PET 78/26/0Accumulated Precipitation 146/16/0Accumulating Precip 100/14/7Accumulating the Snowfall 40/11/10
Accumulating to Average 14/0/0Accum Wind Chill Time 6/0/0A Chilly Start 0/0/0A Chilly Start to Rainy Weekend 0/0/0
A cold front in July? 21/8/0A Cold Record Broken 59/5/0A Cold Start 0/0/0A cold weekend coming 22/4/0
A Cool May Morning 0/0/0A cool start to winter 15/3/0Active 2008 19/8/0Active August 0/0/0
Active CoCoRaHS Reporters 15/0/0Active day forecasted 17/2/0Active Four Days 10/1/0Active pattern 15/14/0
Active Sundays 13/6/0Active Two Weeks 19/21/12Active Weather 47/8/0Actually normal. 0/0/0
Add another 10 inches 20/4/0A deep hole 0/0/0A different kind of air 11/14/0A different kind of frozen precip 21/5/0
A down weekend 14/4/0A dry Sunday 0/0/0A dusting on the way 13/6/0A fantastic day! 0/0/0
A few 31s reported 14/6/3A few dry days this month 13/4/0A few inches 13/2/0A few inches of snow 13/13/0
A few missed out 24/11/0A few recent days above 5/0/0A foot in three days 60/19/0A foot of snow coming? 34/7/0
A foot of snow on the way? 26/6/0After all that rain 23/10/7Afternoon 50s 12/0/1Afternoon clouds 23/6/0
Afternoon instability showers 17/16/0Afternoon showers 41/25/0Afternoon Showers 26/16/0Again, more light snow 8/4/0
A good bet 71/12/0A good match 28/1/0A good recent stretch 21/7/0A Great March Day! 0/0/0
A great Saturday, but... 0/0/0A Great Spring Day! 0/0/0Air change 14/8/0Airmass change 0/0/0
Air temperatures respond 16/2/0A July for the records 73/18/0Albedo 24/7/0A little bit cool on Easter 14/13/0
A little bit of new snow 14/3/0A little bit of snow 0/0/0A little foggy 0/0/0A little snow causes a lot of trouble 22/7/0
A little warm 8/7/0A little warmer 0/0/0A little warmer, please! 0/0/0All about pressure 22/6/0
All have seen freezing temps 9/4/0All June 81+ So Far 6/0/0All May above average 8/1/0All rain this time 29/11/0
All trending lower 15/1/0All Winter below 50 Degrees 40/21/18All wrapped up 44/18/0Almost 100! 10/1/0
Almost 72 Hours Straight below 0 7/1/1Almost Back to Average 11/0/0Almost forgot about winter 14/4/0Almost records 0/0/0
A look back at July 16/5/0A lot of everything 22/4/0Already beating winter average 17/6/10Already besting last year 69/6/0
A May Mess 0/0/0Amazing Contrast 0/0/0Ames Flash Flooding 13/36/0Ames Flooding 23/5/0
Ames heavy rainfall 24/4/0Ames Landspout 40/17/19Ames Precipitation Gradient 15/0/0Ames Rainfall Gradient 23/3/0
Ames v. Ankeny 5/0/0Ames v Des Moines 94/16/0Ames vs Des Moines 10/0/0A moderate risk 10/2/0
A month below freezing 32/5/0A month faster than last year 8/3/0A month of Fall Already 8/1/0A month's worth in a day 77/41/0
AM Precipitation 40/3/0AM Rain 91/7/0An August to Forget 16/3/0And now it rains... 0/0/0
And up the east coast 21/14/0And yet another heavy rainfall 14/5/0And yet another high risk! 30/7/0And yet another MCS 25/5/0
A net loss 8/4/0An extra foot 25/2/0An hour more of sunshine? 13/7/0A nice rainfall. 0/0/0
A nice rebound 0/0/0A nice rebound. 0/0/0An inch in seven days 10/6/6An inch or two 0/0/0
An Iowa July 0/0/0Ankeny v. Des Moines 25/6/0Annual cycle 126/114/0Annual cycles 24/5/0
Another 20+ Departure Day 17/7/4Another 3 inch rain 20/8/0Another Big August Rainfall 13/0/0Another big storm 45/30/0
Another cold December 25/3/0Another cold month 15/7/4Another Cold Start 0/0/0Another cold stretch coming? 17/13/0
Another Cool Month 8/6/6Another Cool Start 0/0/0Another day above average 13/12/0Another day in the 70s 24/16/0
Another Dry Month 0/0/0Another Great Day! 0/0/0Another Hail Scar 20/5/0Another heavy rainfall event 30/20/0
Another metric showing a calmer winter 11/0/0Another month with too much rain 25/5/0Another October streak 25/10/0Another quiet Monday? 13/8/0
Another round of snow 24/4/0Another storm coming 28/15/0Another warm start to October 17/1/0Another Wet April 51/15/7
Another Wet April? 18/19/6Another wet winter in store? 31/5/0Another wet year 20/5/0Another Winter Warning 28/10/0
An outstanding Sunday! 7/1/0Any relationship here? 19/3/0A perfect 10 23/8/0A perfect weekend? 28/14/0
A pile of data! 0/0/0A Pleasant Friday! 0/0/0A pleasant rainfall 0/0/0A Pleasant Tuesday 0/0/0
Approaching Records 12/4/0April 11th Warmup 13/0/0April 4 PM Temps 6/2/0April Clouds 17/18/10
April Daily Winds 8/1/0April Frost 25/5/0April Lows Below Freezing 37/18/5April / May Departures 27/18/14
April Precipitation So Far 19/5/1April rain 29/19/0April Ranks 41/33/24April Showers.... 0/0/0
April Snow 0/0/0April snow brings May ... 24/5/0April snow common? 27/6/0April started off warm 10/3/0
April Temps 8/0/0April Temps + Winds 9/0/1April vs March 10/0/0April Warm Up 14/9/0
April Wind 10/5/5April Wind + Temps 14/6/4A quiet Thursday 25/6/0A rainy week ends... 0/0/0
Arbitrary Metrics 53/14/0Archiving Data 71/11/0A real front 0/0/0A Record Monday 0/0/0
A repeat of last winter? 22/5/0Aridity for July 18/6/5Around normal it is. 10/14/0Arridity Index 7/2/2
As cold as it should be 11/6/0A scorcher 0/0/0A severe weather break 19/3/0As forecasted 8/6/0
A Soggy Turkey 58/23/0A storm for the ages 59/7/0A story for each line 29/12/0A Sunday scorcher 18/12/0
As windy as it has been all summer 22/7/0A Swirl of Storms 0/0/0A taste of the good life 10/5/0A thin line 32/12/0
At least it hasn't been too humid 8/11/0At least it's not snowing 0/0/0At least the weather was nice 17/8/4Atypical 0/0/0
Augh, snow again 20/4/0August besting July 7/1/0August breaks the trend 21/41/0August Departures 12/4/0
August heat is here 50/38/0August is nearly done 7/1/0August vs July 70/11/0August warmer than July 17/9/10
August Winds 8/0/0August winds and temps 15/6/0Average Last 70 10/6/7Average Memorial Day 5/0/0
Average Temperature 34/9/0Averaging 80 14/1/0A very warm fool's day 63/18/0Avoided frost thus far 22/3/0
Avoiding Below-Zero 0/0/0Avoiding Flooding 23/4/0Avoiding Iowa. 0/0/0A warm feature 32/17/0
A warming trend! 0/0/0A weather potpourri 0/0/0A week of dry weather 30/14/0A week with lows below 40 8/0/0
A welcome change 0/0/0A welcome drop in dew point 28/9/0A welcome dry stretch 21/10/0A welcome rain 14/2/0
A wet 7 days 0/0/0A wet April 10/2/0A Wet Christmas 61/30/0A white Thanksgiving? 14/5/0
A whole lot of winter 28/10/0A Wild Sunday 15/6/0A wild weekend 21/5/0A windy one ahead 0/0/0
A wintry weather week 4/0/0Back above 50 10/0/1Back above freezing after low 69/12/4Back above normal 0/0/0
Back above zero 0/0/0Back at it. 0/0/0Back below 50 10/4/2Back below 50 again 11/0/1
Back in Business 0/0/0Back in the Slight Risk 15/12/0Back into the heat for a bit 8/1/0Back on track for April 15/4/0
Back to having heavy rain events 25/4/0Back to near 90 13/6/0Back to normal! 0/0/0Back to normal (record lows!) 0/0/0
Back to some warmth 27/4/0Back to Summertime Storms 0/0/0Back to the grind 14/4/0Back to warmer than normal 9/5/0
Back to work 7/3/0Back up to freezing 9/3/0Bad Broken Record 0/0/0Bad, but could be worse 20/15/0
Bad Forecast? 32/2/4Bad year for corn 82/25/0Balancing Act 0/0/0Bare ground 0/0/0
Barely above while way below 18/5/0Barely any wind 17/5/0Barely warmer than March 40/6/0Beating December 1889 40/18/13
Beating February 1954 9/0/0Beating June 1933 9/1/0Beating March 2012 16/0/0Been a struggle 13/5/0
Been a while for 70s 31/5/0Been a while without frost 41/16/0Been cold since first freeze 5/0/0Been Spring for a Few Weeks 13/2/0
Been warm up north too 17/2/0Before and after Christmas 26/3/0Before and after the final freeze 24/12/0Before the first 32 23/4/0
Before the first freeze 25/7/0Behind on GDDs 13/6/5Belmond Tornado 87/20/0Below 0 Windchills 32/6/0
Below Average December 31/4/3Below Average GDDs 14/8/3Below average lows 34/15/0Below average precip returns 107/23/0
Below Avg 60+ Dew Points 10/0/0Below freezing days 21/2/0Below freezing highs are below normal 9/5/0Below normal end to April 9/6/0
Below zero for all 16/4/0Below zero is a given 21/2/0Belt of snow 32/5/0Benign Weather 0/0/0
Best chance for warmer days 22/18/0Best chance this month 23/3/0Besting 2012 48/8/0Besting all of winter 18/5/0
Besting May 1934 3/1/0Besting November 10/4/3Besting recent months in one day 151/9/0Besting the Month in One Day 14/4/2
Best shot in a while 14/7/0Best Time for Fog 11/0/0Better curves on sunny days 17/9/0Better October than last year 65/18/0
Better than no rain at all 10/0/0Better than nothing 89/15/0Between Highway 20 and 30 24/7/0Beware of frost 0/0/0
Beware the Ides of March 0/0/0Big Ames Rainfall 20/8/7Big August Rainfall 8/1/0Big big big contrast 15/12/0
Big big rain! 15/0/0Big Changes 39/6/0Big Cool Down 0/0/0Big difference 0/0/0
Big Drop 13/5/0Big Fat Moderate 0/0/0Big Friday 0/0/0Biggest Changes 13/3/0
Biggest Step Down 15/8/10Big Hail 0/0/0Big Jump 23/11/0Big Jump Up 32/5/3
Big new camera installed 62/16/0Big October Swing 28/1/0Big October Warmup 10/2/0Bigotry 0/0/0
Big Rain Event 94/20/0Big Rainfall Event 70/8/5Big Rain for Ankeny 18/11/6Big Rain for Ottumwa 10/1/0
Big rainmaker 10/1/0Big rain needed 10/3/0Big rains coming 56/21/0Big rains for February 7/2/0
Big rains this June 18/1/0Big Snow Coming? 26/9/0Big snowfall coming? 34/8/0Big snow just north of the border. 9/6/0
Big Swing 0/0/0Big Swings 0/0/0Big swings possible 0/0/0Big Temperature Crashes 32/8/0
Big Warmup for late November 16/3/0Big warmup in store 5/2/0Big Wind 0/0/0Big Winds 6/4/0
Bill Stays South 13/11/7Binghamton's Record Rainfall 13/6/0Bird Explosion 54/9/0Black Hills Snowstorm 14/6/0
Blame it on the rain 0/0/0Blew a big lead 30/10/0Blistering Saturday 0/0/0Blizzard Criteria 39/10/0
Blizzard Possible 20/8/0Blizzard Warning Climatology 7/2/0Blizzard Warning for the entire state 45/6/0Blizzard Warnings 47/6/5
Blizzard Warnings per Year 16/2/2Blizzard Watch 34/8/0Blown Away 0/0/0Blustery 0/0/0
Blustery Monday 0/0/0Boil off the water 24/6/0Bombogenesis 12/6/0Bone-chilling weather 22/5/4
Boom! goes the dynamite 30/5/0Bore + Gravity Wave Clouds 14/1/0Bore-ing 18/3/0Boring.... 0/0/0
Boring feature 13/2/0Boring front 10/4/0Boring March thus far 8/5/0Both below 11/6/0
Bottoming out in January 9/0/0Breached 80 6/0/0Breaking More Records 0/0/0Breaking our cold stretch 7/0/0
Breaking record by a month 21/8/0Breaking Records 0/0/0Breaking records frequency 68/18/0Brief but welcome 0/0/0
Briefly wettest year to date 37/4/0Brief Relief 8/5/0Bring on Summer! 33/105/0Brisk Thursday Morning 0/0/0
Broken Record 0/0/0Broke our dry streak 16/4/0Brr... Is this spring? 0/0/0Brrrr... 0/0/0
Brrrrrrrrrr 0/0/0Brutally Cold Sunday 22/8/0Bucking the trend 11/14/0Buckle up 21/4/0
Bullseye for Eastern Iowa 8/0/0Burning off the fog 27/2/0Busier than last year 23/4/0Business picking up? 19/8/0
Busy corn planting week 74/10/0Busy Monday 17/3/0Busy Week 38/19/12Busy Weekend 0/0/0
Calm Weekend 8/2/0Canadian Air. 0/0/0Canadian Fires 16/6/3Can Ames avoid another snow storm? 23/8/0
Can be plenty colder during October 7/0/0Cancelled Football Game 19/1/1Canned Air 0/0/0Can't argue with this 0/0/0
Can't beat this for October 0/0/0Can't catch 1966 32/7/0Can't Complain 0/0/0Can tell where the snow is 24/6/0
Can we beat July 1936? 77/18/0CAP, CAP, CAP 0/0/0Careful burning 0/0/0Careful of the Fog 13/4/0
Careful of what you wish for. 0/0/0Catching up on GDDs 14/6/0Caucus Temperatures 24/19/9Cedar Rapids Flooding 9/0/1
Ceilings 35/6/4Central Iowa NWA Conference 23/22/0Central Warmth 20/9/0Century Mark 16/0/0
Chance of 4+ Inches 10/0/0Chances aren't good 17/3/0Chances of beating 1931 222/38/0Chances still good for 2012 17/4/0
Change comes to Iowa 17/6/0Change couplet 16/3/0Change in 90+ degree days 9/2/0Change over 24 Hours 35/21/21
Changes in time 22/3/0Changes on different time scales 18/11/0Changing Albedo 22/10/9Chariton Deluge 48/2/0
Checking Clear 0/0/0Chicago's Record Rainfall 23/8/0Chilling effects of rain and snow 17/1/0Chilly few days coming 14/4/0
Chilly Four Days 5/0/1Chilly March Morning 0/0/0Chilly morning 14/11/0Chilly Morning 0/0/0
Chilly Rain 19/3/0Chilly Start 0/0/0Chinook! 0/0/0Cindy 8/3/0
Clayton County Flooding 18/0/0Clean Slate 8/4/0Clearing out 0/0/0Clear Sailing 0/0/0
Clear Skies and 70s in August 8/0/0Clear Skies Make a Difference 89/1/0Clear skies over new snow 18/11/0Clipped by a MCS 0/0/0
Clipping the state 18/16/0Close calls 0/0/0Closer to Fall 9/7/0Close to Average 17/7/10
Close to Average is Uncommon 17/7/7Close to freezing 18/5/0Cloud Blanket 0/0/0Cloudiness 0/0/0
Clouds and Temperature 36/7/0Clouds and Temps 15/4/5Cloud Sensor Differences 23/5/0Clouds headed west 8/0/0
Clouds then Rain 8/4/4Clouds this December 12/6/4Cloudy June 6/0/0CoCoRaHS Observers 27/11/5
Cold 28/6/0Cold above our heads 108/16/0Cold above us as well 18/7/4Cold above us too 16/3/2
Cold Air Above Us 6/1/1Cold Air Ahoy 0/0/0Cold Air Ahoy! 0/0/0Cold air and new snow 21/1/0
Cold Air Coming 19/39/0Cold Air is coming! 0/0/0Cold air over warm ground 21/15/0Cold air will return 14/8/0
Cold and dry air 15/4/0Cold April Morning 0/0/0Cold Bias 49/12/0Cold blanket 0/0/0
Cold blast 23/3/0Cold, but not that cold 0/0/0Cold, but not that extreme 11/0/0Cold December 13/4/0
Cold Early November Day 3/1/0Colder air coming 14/7/0Colder air coming back 16/2/0Colder noon than 6 AM 80/20/0
Colder than April 16/7/0Colder than Nome 21/6/2Colder than normal nights 15/7/0Colder than your deep freeze 16/10/0
Colder weather to come? 19/1/0Colder with snow cover 31/6/8Coldest 7 Days 29/10/9Coldest air of the season 29/20/0
Coldest Day of September 10/13/4Coldest Eight Days for Lows 6/0/0Coldest High of August 4/0/0Coldest in two years for some 33/2/0
Coldest January in a while 34/3/7Coldest July Temps 18/5/6Coldest Low of Winter 7/0/0Coldest May Day 11/11/7
Coldest Morning of the Season 0/0/0Coldest of the winter 32/7/3Coldest period since 31/10/0Coldest since 46/8/8
Coldest since 1 July 14/6/3Coldest Since April 6/0/0Coldest since early July 17/2/0Coldest Temp Percentile 50/5/0
Coldest Turkey Day in 15 years 69/18/0Coldest Wind Chill 6/2/0Cold even without snow 24/4/0Cold Expectations 26/5/0
Cold February 17/5/5Cold February Morning 36/16/14Cold for early November 13/4/4Cold for mid July 23/13/12
Cold Friday the 13th 17/11/0Cold Front 0/0/0Cold Front Passage 25/3/0Cold Halloween High 4/1/0
Cold highs 37/12/0Cold May Day 38/10/7Cold Morning 0/0/0Cold Morning Lows 0/0/0
Cold November Rains 31/5/0Cold Pool 25/6/0Cold rain 0/0/0Cold Side of Chart 3/2/0
Cold southeast, warm northwest 14/8/0Cold start to 2014 11/3/0Cold start to April coming? 10/3/0Cold start to January 46/11/0
Cold Start to June 38/4/0Cold Start to Spring 23/3/0Cold Start to the Year 33/6/4Cold Stretches 60/11/8
Cold Sunny Morning 0/0/0Cold temps for hail 69/10/0Cold temps + wind = bundle up! 23/7/0Cold Thanksgiving Day 10/12/7
Cold then warm March 25/5/0Cold weather begets cold weather 26/13/0Cold weather to worry about 19/3/0Colorful Map 12/1/0
Comfortable Dew Points 116/13/0Comfy nights 8/2/0Common Temperature Rise 37/8/6Common Temperatures 13/6/4
Common Warmth 37/21/26Comparable January Low 10/0/0Comparing 60s to July 10/0/0Comparing Arridities 8/1/1
Comparing Sioux City's Record 10/3/2Comparing winters 21/8/0Comparing with 1983 26/1/2Comparing with 1988 137/21/0
Comparing with the Flood Years 12/5/6Comparing Years 76/10/0Complex Drought 58/7/0Complex rainfall pattern 19/15/0
Computers aren't perfect 29/5/0Concerns of flooding again 15/7/0Conclave of Weather Nerds 16/11/0Concrete Sweating Weather 0/0/0
Consecutive Day Stats 5/10/0Consecutive Hours of Snow 31/7/0Consecutive Weekends 0/0/0Continued chilly 17/8/0
continued cold 16/13/0Continued Cold 0/0/0Continued Complex Drought 79/68/0Continued dense fog 18/3/0
Continued Drought 14/3/3Continued dry for July 12/13/0Continued dry July 11/5/0Continued dry weather 60/7/0
Continued impact of snow 15/3/0Continued lowest warning total 18/1/0Continued Mess 10/2/0Continued Muggy 7/0/0
Continued Snowcover Difference 15/1/0Continued struggle for rain 12/1/0Continued warmer than normal 11/2/0Continues to be dry 19/17/0
Contrast of temperatures 20/5/0Contrasts of 2005 14/9/0CONUS Above Average 7/0/0Convective Complex 13/0/0
Convective Complexes 49/28/0Convective Potholes 0/0/0Convective season is here. 11/5/0Cook the turkey outside 47/41/0
Cool 2014 Fair 11/6/4Cool air and flurries 5/18/0Cool August 21/6/0Cool August Day 0/0/0
Cool days and clear skies 8/5/0Cool down in progress 16/4/0Cooled off nicely 0/0/0Cooler air is here for a bit 7/2/0
Cooler each day 17/1/0Cooler than 2015 8/0/0Coolest day in May 34/6/0Cool Fair Weather 13/3/4
Cool Friday 0/0/0Cooling into winter 55/12/12Cooling Off 0/0/0Cooling Trend 32/8/0
Cool July Lows 12/2/4Cool Low Again 12/6/5Cool May so far 23/7/0Cool Morning 0/0/0
Cool Mornings 0/0/0Cool October Start 17/9/0Cool Spring Mornings 0/0/0Cool State Fair 37/7/0
Cool streak continues 23/4/0Cool Sunday Morning 20/4/0Cool, then hot 14/5/0Cool weather more possible 9/6/0
Cool weekend for some 18/3/0Cool year 48/20/0Corn belt drought 34/20/0Corn Condition 6/0/0
Corn Crop is Doing Well 36/23/25Corn Denting Progress 10/0/0Corn Emergence 14/1/0Corn Harvest Progress 14/7/3
Corn Planting Progress 17/10/9Corn Progress 55/5/0Could it be, warmer weather? 16/10/0Could use some breaks 75/8/0
Could use some rain... 5/3/0Countdown to the recount! 0/0/0Coverage and Amount 123/21/15Cover Crop GDDs 9/0/0
Crazy Warm Weather 10/2/0Crazy weather 17/5/0Creeping up again 11/3/0Creeping Upwards 0/0/0
Creston Tornado 41/3/0Crisp Day 0/0/0Crisp Morning 0/0/0Crisp Spring Morning 0/0/0
Current Streak 13/9/7Curve goes up 16/8/0Cut in half 20/4/0Cycling Around 11/7/6
D2 drought continues 12/8/0D2 Returns 9/0/1D3 Drought Frequency 11/1/2D3 Expansion 4/0/0
D4 appears 20/7/0Daily Changes 30/4/0Daily Climate 38/10/13Daily Degree Days 19/10/12
Daily Dew Points 16/3/8Daily GDD Climatology 8/0/0Daily GDDs 56/11/0Daily Growing Degree Days 16/15/5
Daily High & Low Correlation 20/7/0Daily Max Dew Points 14/5/7Daily Mixing Ratio 11/1/1Daily Precipitation 11/4/0
Daily Radiation 16/4/3Daily rain chances 13/1/0Daily Records Set 13/5/3Daily Relative Humidity 8/0/0
Daily RH% 4/0/0Daily Snow Depth 16/10/3Daily Snowfall Frequencies 6/0/0Daily Soil Water Changes 4/0/0
Daily Temperature Cycle 36/9/0Daily Vapor Pressure Deficit 10/0/1Daily Variability 10/8/3Daily Warning Frequencies 83/17/0
Damaging Cold 21/6/0Dangerously cold 22/10/0Dangerous Wind Chills 0/0/0Dark Brown 10/0/0
Date of Last Sub 32 12/0/0Day 1 Slight Risk Climatology 24/2/1Day 5 of 6 below 60 degrees? 19/4/0Daylight Duration and Change 83/11/9
Days above 60 9/2/0Days above average 27/4/0Days above X 38/9/0Days after snowfall 24/5/0
Days are getting longer! 13/5/0Days below 80 in July 18/9/0Days below 90 27/9/0Days below Freezing 25/9/9
Days below zero 34/9/11Days of 97+ 52/5/0Days since above average 33/3/0Days since last half inch 58/13/0
Days Since Last Rain 11/0/0Days since last Severe Warning 23/10/8Days since last Tornado Warning 13/6/6Days since last Winter Storm Warning 13/1/1
Days till killing frost 12/11/6Days to accumulate Two Inches 12/0/0Days to get an inch 14/0/0Days to get two inches 11/2/0
Days with 40 MPH winds 18/12/8Days with Fog Reported 9/1/0Days with Low At or Above Freezing 11/0/0Days with Low Below Freezing 4/0/0
Days with past 30 days below 33% 154/19/0Daytime Temperature Change 30/6/3Day to Day Changes 8/4/0Day to Day High Change 7/0/0
Day to Day High Temp Changes 23/14/0Day Two Dives 29/9/0D(color)/D(t) < 0 0/0/0Dealing with snowy roads 16/1/0
December and SOI 16/7/3December Chill 0/0/0December extreme days 53/24/0December Forecasts 8/9/6
December Hours of 50+ 4/0/0December Precip Hours 30/15/13December record warmth 22/6/0December Thunder? 0/0/0
Decision Time 9/0/0Decreasing Range 6/1/0Decreasing Variability 5/0/0Deep Freeze 45/6/4
Deep Freeze Weather 34/18/0Deep Low 0/0/0Deep snow cover 35/9/0Deficits 61/11/0
Deficits and Surpluses 37/4/0Deficits continue 11/3/0Deficits keep growing 24/4/0Deficits remain 47/4/0
Definetely a treat 20/5/0Delaware County Flooding 16/3/0Democratic IEM 38/10/0Dense Fog 19/5/0
Dense Fog. 0/0/0Dense Fog Advisories 28/12/9Dense Fog Advisory 14/6/3Dense Fog Advisory Counts 8/0/0
Departure Differences 13/0/0Departures since 50/9/0Departures since May 1 11/0/0Depends on your location 139/29/0
Depressing for April 26/4/0Depth of Winter 67/21/0Derecho is coming 35/9/0Des Moines Left Out 19/7/9
Des Moines Metro Flash Flooding 14/2/0Des Moines Missing Out 207/19/0Des Moines RADAR is down 23/2/0Des Moines Rainfall 39/14/12
Des Moines River snowfall 17/5/0Des Moines vs Ames 12/4/3Destroying record lows 10/4/0Deteoriate, improve, deteoriate, improve 23/6/0
Developing El Nino 6/1/0Deviant Years 51/11/0Devil's Savings Time 11/6/0Dewpoint and morning low 104/10/0
Dewpoint Depression 123/12/0Dew Point Depression 21/7/0Dew Point Hours 60/6/0Dew Point Mystery 38/17/17
Dew Points and Severe Weather 18/12/0Dew points on the rise again 15/1/0Dew points ramping up 19/3/0Dew Points then Precipitation 27/3/0
Dew Point Streaks 114/11/0Did spring already start? 24/4/0Difference a week makes 43/15/9Difference between Depatures 14/20/4
Difference between high and low 20/11/0Differences in cooling rates 16/3/0Different than 2008 18/6/0Different ways of being normal 8/4/0
Different ways to measure warmth 24/6/0Difficult December for travel 31/6/0Difficult driving 16/16/0Difficult driving month 20/3/0
Dipping Down 0/0/0Dips Below Zero 8/1/0Direct Hit 43/20/0Dissimilar days 20/12/0
Distribution of Highs 19/6/0Diurnal Cycle 16/4/0Dodging the rain drops 0/0/0Doesn't get any shorter 15/3/0
Does the first snow stick around? 16/2/0Doing OK 26/13/0Doing Well for January Highs 8/0/1Done with meteorological winter 18/3/0
Do we need severe weather? 36/14/0Down Comforter Alert! 0/0/0Downhill on Valentines Day 20/9/12Down into the single digits 9/7/0
Downslope winds 0/0/0Down to Four Degrees 2/1/0Downward Days 16/5/5Downward Progression 20/7/12
Downward Temps from Monday 25/4/6Downward trend 19/4/0Downward Trend on Max High 7/0/0Down we go 10/4/0
Do your taxes outside! 0/0/0Drab Thanksgiving 3/0/0Dress warmly 0/0/0Drier than recent years 12/4/0
Drier weekend 0/0/0Driest Months 35/21/24Driest October so far 27/2/0Drop in pressure 26/13/0
Dropping fast 23/11/0Dropping like a rock 28/8/0Drought? 25/4/0Drought and Flooding 20/5/0
Drought Buster 0/0/0Drought Changes 10/2/4Drought Concerns Remain 15/3/3Drought continues 12/4/0
Drought coverage 205/35/0Drought covers the state 234/30/0Drought creeps back 63/6/0Drought Help from January Rainfall 11/2/1
Drought History 14/4/0Drought Hole 202/29/0Drought Improvement or Degradation this Spring? 10/3/2Drought is busted 94/10/0
Drought Monitor 25/15/0Drought Monitor Changes 9/0/0Drought Monitor Weekly Changes 6/1/0Drought mostly gone 0/0/0
Drought Timeseries 37/8/10Drought will persist 39/11/0Dry air abounds 12/6/0Dry air helping out 32/7/0
Dry April for some 14/5/0Dry April for Southern Iowa 11/0/0Dry December 0/0/0Dry donut hole 26/8/0
Dry Eight Weeks 9/1/0Dry February 19/11/0Dry first, ??? second half 19/2/0Dry first week of July 70/8/0
Dry for a while 20/4/0Drying Out 0/0/0Drying Out... 0/0/0Drying out and warming up 0/0/0
Dry in the West 0/0/0Dry July for Des Moines 8/0/1Dry June 0/0/0Dry last half of summer 20/5/0
Dry line 23/16/0Dry March 17/9/7Dry May 20/20/0Dry Month and a Half 6/0/0
Dryness continues 15/8/0Dryness surrounding us 25/9/0Dry October 10/8/0Dry soil 15/14/0
Dry start since May 1 61/13/0Dry Start to October 10/6/2Dry start to spring 22/4/0Dry summer in store? 20/3/0
Dry Sunday this time 8/2/0Dry Thursday, Wet Friday 23/13/0Dry Two Weeks 7/0/1Dry Weekend 9/4/3
Dry Winter 0/0/0Dry Work Week 31/2/0Dubuque's Record Rainfall 42/11/0Duluth Flood Event 71/14/0
Dusting 0/0/0Dust Storm 46/16/0Dynamic Plots 0/0/0Earliest for 80 16/9/7
Early 80 9/0/0Early bird gets the cooler ride 15/3/0Early Bird gets the sunshine! 0/0/0Early Corn Silking 9/0/1
Early evening heat burst 19/3/0Early Fireworks 7/1/0Early for 12 degrees 16/3/0Early for 70 28/21/17
Early for 70 degree dew points 39/5/0Early for 90 16/4/0Early frost 25/7/0Early morning showers 0/0/0
Early snow! 20/9/0Easier records to break? 31/3/0Easily the warmest March 18/6/0East and West CONUS 39/24/21
Easterly winds aloft 84/16/0East-west gradient 10/6/0East/West Gradient 24/22/0East / West Split 15/0/0
Eating away at the precip 23/11/0Eclipse Sky Coverage Forecast 14/1/0Eight Degree Beat 8/0/0Election Day! 0/0/0
El Nino and Winter Weather 6/2/0El NiƱo Impact? 23/7/1Encore Performance 0/0/0Ended Summer on Time 12/15/3
Ending the streak 38/3/0Ending up where we started 76/7/0Ending year with a warm streak 22/1/0End January with a big storm 13/7/0
End of Growing Season 0/0/0End of Summer 9/6/3Energetic Week 0/0/0Energetic Weekend 20/22/0
Engulfed in snow 66/17/0Engulfed Iowa 32/5/0Enjoying sub 60s 25/6/0Enjoy the warmth today 16/5/0
Enjoy Today... 0/0/0Enough Heat 0/0/0Enough heat thus far 17/6/0Enough is Enough 0/0/0
Enough of the northwest flow 33/5/0Epic December Rainfall 36/7/11Epic January Warmth 34/4/0Epic Pressure Falls 44/9/0
Equal Chance 11/13/0Equinox and Driving 13/7/5Estherville Struggle 21/1/1Even Colder Morning 0/0/0
Even low temps break record highs 30/3/0Even more rain 0/0/0Even more rain. 0/0/0Even Steven 18/13/8
Ever Growing Archive 20/0/1Everybody below freezing 21/6/0Everybody got some 0/0/0Everybody is below zero 17/5/0
Everybody on edge 20/14/0Every half inch counts 19/5/0Every little bit counts 18/5/0Evolution of the forecast 49/12/0
Exceptional Year 469/8/0Excessive Heat Warnings 5/1/1Expect about anything 18/7/0Explains our May 31/1/0
Explosive Convection 0/0/0Exposing ugliness 21/7/0Extreme Company 96/8/0Extreme Dewpoints 72/12/0
Extreme Drought 69/9/0Extremely Dangerous Situation. 0/0/0Extreme October Dew Points 7/1/0Extreme Rainfall 0/0/0
Extreme Rainfall Rates 27/6/0Extremes in June 13/12/0Extreme wind, rain, and hail 33/13/0FACTS Project 12/2/1
Failing grade for temperatures 18/5/0Fairbanks Recently Warmer 7/0/0Fair Fair Weather 64/9/0Fair, Fair Weather 7/4/0
Fair Weather 0/0/0Fall Days above Average 12/5/2Fall Differences 9/0/0Fall Duration 47/12/0
Fall feels like Summer 21/4/0Fall Field Work 0/0/0Fall Foliage 0/0/0Fall Heat Islands 15/3/0
Fall Highs Above Average 6/2/0Fall Inch Precip Days 9/0/0Falling into the 40s 12/7/0Fallish 0/0/0
Fall-like trends 8/4/0Fall Minimum Percentile 10/13/5Fall Minimum to Date 17/6/8Fall Precipitation 16/4/0
Fall Season 70s 10/3/4Fall Season Minimums 5/0/0Fall Season Precipitation 6/0/0Fall's Tug on Climatology 72/11/0
Fall temperature swings 13/2/0Fall winds 22/1/0Fantastic Fall Day 0/0/0Farewell Jefferson Webcam 13/0/1
Far NE Iowa Flooding 16/0/0Farnhamville Heat Burst 90/19/0Fast Start to 2017 6/0/1Favorable for plants 9/1/0
Fayette Flooding 0/0/0Fayette Year to Date Precipitation 12/1/0February Averages 17/5/9February Frozen Days 14/2/1
February Maxes 8/0/0February Precip Hours 6/0/0February Showers bring ... 0/0/0February Slight Risk 32/5/0
February Tornado Warnings 11/0/0February Warmth 14/2/0Feeling like May 44/14/13Fell apart again! 20/7/0
Few and far between 17/5/0Few Days of Snow Cover 20/0/0Fewest Warning Count 7/0/0Fewest Watches 4/1/0
Fewest Watches since 1997 9/2/0Few Fairbanks Days Warmer 9/0/1Few Hot Days since March 12/6/3Few Recent Cold Days 17/12/7
Few SDDs 25/5/0Few widespread rain events 15/12/10Fiery Sky 23/16/0Fighting the dry air 19/3/0
Filling the Profile 6/1/0Finally!!! 0/0/0Finally a big rain storm 28/10/0Finally above 60 22/8/0
Finally a clear day 8/0/1Finally, a dry day! 33/13/0Finally, a warm Sunday 27/12/14Finally broke some record highs 18/5/0
Finally can see something 8/4/0Finally dipping down 17/5/0Finally Fall 0/0/0Finally froze 29/7/0
Finally in the 70s 17/4/0Finally Rained in October 24/9/5Finally, some colour 18/16/0Finally, some fair weather 26/1/0
Finally some fog 19/6/0Finally, some humidity 8/0/0Finally, some July Heat 10/3/4Finally, some rain 25/9/0
Finally, some warmer weather 33/6/0Finally, spring is back! 17/7/0Finally, sub 32 11/0/0Finally, warm weather 22/7/0
Finding your sunshine 9/10/0Finish the streak 17/3/0Fireworks worked out 11/2/0First 50 26/9/10
First 60 28/2/2First 70 30/4/3First 80 25/7/11First 90 31/2/0
First 90 and days over 7/0/1First 90 of 2014 13/7/5First 90 of the year 88/5/2First and Last 70 8/0/1
First and Last 80 25/19/10First and Last Severe TStorm Warning 14/4/2First and Last Sub 40 10/0/0First big storm of the season 22/13/0
First cold and snow cover 15/6/0First Day of Fall 0/0/0First day of spring, but... 161/21/0First Fall Frost 21/12/0
First Fall Hard Freeze Climatology 23/3/0First Fall Sub 50 5/0/0First Fall Temp Frequencies 8/2/0First Flakes 0/0/0
First Flakes of Fall 44/4/0First Freeze 0/0/0First Freeze and Full Moons 20/7/0First Frozen Date 6/0/0
First Frozen Day 27/6/0First Frozen Streak 20/8/0First half, wet; second half, dry 0/0/0First High Temperatures 23/4/5
First Inch Snowfall 19/8/8First Measurable Snowfall 108/12/8First moderate risk of the year 18/4/0First Snow! 0/0/0
First Snowfall of Season 8/0/0First Sub-32 Time Series 10/1/0First Sub-50 High 28/24/17First Sub-70 102/25/0
First sub-zero 24/6/3First Sub Zero 21/7/5First taste of fall 20/10/0First to Last Tornado Warnings 35/24/11
First Tornado Warning 44/6/10First vs Second Half of Summer 14/4/4First Widespread Half Inch 8/0/0First Winter Storm 0/0/0
Five 50s So Far 9/2/1Five Days Already 6/0/0Five Days of 50+ 15/5/5Flash Drought 9/0/0
Flash Flood Guidance 11/0/0Flash Flooding 0/0/0Flash flooding possible 6/9/0Flash Freeze 18/0/0
Flat August 10/0/0Flatlined with fog 27/6/0Flat line since early April 14/0/0Flatlining 0/0/0
Flirting with freezing 0/0/0Flirting with frost 13/3/0Flirting with Record Lows 0/0/0Flood Guidance 6/3/0
Flooding again 19/5/0Flooding Continues 55/27/0Flooding risk 19/7/0Floods of 2008 continue 40/24/0
Flowing Water 27/3/0Flurries today 17/5/0Fog 0/0/0Fog and afternoon temps 19/8/3
Fog and more fog 21/5/0Fog, Fog, and more fog 22/4/0Fog Frequency 9/0/0Foggy 0/0/0
Foggy & Frosty 0/0/0Foggy March Morning 0/0/0Foggy Morning 0/0/0Foggy Mornings 0/0/0
Foggy Start 8/3/0Fog just north of the front 25/24/0Fog to deal with 11/7/0Follow Up Severe Weather 152/119/0
Foot of rainfall events 22/3/0Foot of snow likely 41/8/0Foot-print 69/10/0Forecasting Challenge 0/0/0
Forecasting the High Temp 37/23/0Forecast Ranges 29/9/7Fostering Fog 1/3/0Four Degrees 41/5/0
Four inches of water 26/5/0Four Record Days 17/4/7Four sigma weather! 18/3/0Fourth 90+ 7/1/1
Freefall 26/7/0Freeze free April for some 27/11/0Freeze Progression 39/7/0Freeze Stays North 14/9/3
Freeze/Thaw Days 17/7/0Freezing everyone 21/1/0Freezing Mix 0/0/0Freezing rain 26/4/0
Freezing Rain and Temperatures 32/6/0Freezing Rain Profiles 83/16/12Freezing Rain Tonight? 0/0/0Freezing Temps Coverage 10/1/1
Freezing things up 10/4/0Freezing Time 7/2/0Freezing Up 0/0/0Freezing Up... 0/0/0
Frequency below Freezing 15/7/5Frequency of clouds 68/14/0Frequency of cold wind chills 15/4/0Frequency of sub-zero 26/3/0
Friday the 13th 0/0/0From 80 to 30 17/1/0From 85 to snow 18/9/2From below to above average 12/2/0
From green to brown 22/7/0From nothing to a foot or more 44/4/0From one extreme to another 15/8/0From one extreme to the other 29/6/0
From Snow to Summer in a week 0/0/0Front 0/0/0Front brings fall 12/7/0Front makes fools of us 17/9/6
Frost Advisory 19/25/6Frost Free 10/0/0Frost Free Days 8/2/1Frosty May Morning 18/7/0
Frosty Morning 0/0/0Frozen 2010 22/3/0Frozen Days 14/3/0Frozen Friday 22/9/0
Frozen March Days 10/7/0Frozen November Periods 26/6/5Frozen sensors 22/9/0Frozen Winter Days 20/6/0
Full Moon and Frost 35/3/0Full Year of Drought 12/1/0Funky looking hail 44/26/0Furnace necessary 20/2/0
Future RADAR 16/0/0Garden Variety 0/0/0Gas Mileage 30/22/9GDD Comparison 10/6/5
GDD Departures 33/15/0GDD Maturity Struggle 7/0/0GDD Periods 18/6/8GDD Probabilities 6/0/1
GDDs 57/10/0GDD Scenarios 16/8/9GDDs to spare 29/18/0General trend is upward 20/7/0
Gentle Rains 0/0/0Get rid of the grey, naturally. 0/0/0Get set for a wild ride 0/0/0Get set for Friday 0/0/0
Getting back to normal. 0/0/0Getting below freezing 39/21/0Getting better and worse 20/3/0Getting both warmth and rain 17/15/0
Getting cooler! 0/0/0Getting deep out there 0/0/0Getting dumped on Valentine's Day 0/0/0Getting few breaks in June 21/8/0
Getting late for GDD catchup 86/8/0Getting more serious 10/6/0Getting needed rainfall 12/0/0Getting no breaks 24/11/0
Getting our hopes up 9/6/0Getting rain where it is needed 22/6/0Getting rain where we needed it 10/5/0Getting the corn planted 41/11/0
Getting the Frost Out 18/12/8Getting to 100 17/3/0Getting to 50 30/6/4Getting warmer... 0/0/0
Getting warmer, but not hot 0/0/0GFS MOS 12/1/0Giddy-up 0/0/0GIS Day 2002 0/0/0
GIS Ready! 0/0/0Gloomy at noon 19/9/9Go Back Two Months 6/1/0Gobble Gobble! 39/32/0
gobble, gobble, gobble 0/0/0Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!! 0/0/0Gobble, Goobble, Goobble 0/0/0Godzilla El Nino 22/14/5
GOES-R 19/0/0Going down 0/0/0Going Down, Down, Down... 0/0/0Going in different directions 21/3/0
Going out like a lion 20/10/0Going the wrong way 27/5/0Going to feel like May 22/2/0Going to reach sub-zero this year? 72/5/0
Going toward freezing 0/0/0Golden and Death Crosses 28/12/0Gonna be a hot one! 0/0/0Gonna be a sunny day 10/6/0
Gonna break 70 today? 32/9/0Gonna miss the coldest air 30/12/0Goodbye 2004 17/5/0Goodbye 2005 13/17/0
Goodbye 70s 23/6/0Good bye Andy. 0/0/0Goodbye growing season 10/4/0Goodbye June! 0/0/0
Goodbye September 0/0/0Goodbye snow! 0/0/0Good-bye stratus 0/0/0Goodbye Upper Low 12/3/0
Good for travel 0/0/0Good Ole Fashioned Snow 13/1/0Good ole fashioned wind storm 22/5/0Good omen for corn 186/24/0
Good riddance to June 20/5/5Good sledding weather 26/5/0Good sleeping weather! 0/0/0Good Sleeping Weather 0/0/0
Good start to November 24/6/0Good start to October 21/6/0Good timing for warmer weather 23/7/0Good to be above 27/15/0
Good to see some rain 37/17/0Good to see the 80s 24/4/0Good way to end the month 15/3/0Good Weather for RAGBRAI 0/0/0
Good weather for the Fair 7/5/0Goose eggs 0/0/0Got wet without rain 17/7/0Got your jacket? 0/0/0
Gradual warming 16/4/0Grand Island Heat Bursts 112/9/0Graphical warning composite 12/7/0Gravity wave 14/7/0
Gravity wave fun 40/18/0Great Christmas 15/2/0Great Corn Planting Progress 12/10/6Great Cycling Weather 0/0/0
Great evening for an eclipse 46/11/0Great Fair Weather 9/2/0Great Fall Weather 44/5/0Great for mid November 9/0/0
Great Harvesting Weather 0/0/0Great Ice Breaker 0/0/0Great Labor Day in store 13/4/0Great Lakes Monster 49/4/0
Great Spraying Weather 0/0/0Great stretch for the fair 17/15/0Great Sunday for mid December 20/3/0Great Sunsets 16/6/0
Great three day weekend 24/10/0Great time of year 0/0/0Great Tornado Hunt 41/13/0Great way to end the year 17/2/0
Great weather 25/7/0Great Weather Days! 39/2/0Great Wx for RAGBRAI 0/0/0Green and Blue 7/1/0
Greener than 2012 21/7/5Greener than Last Year 47/7/0Grey, Grey, Grey 0/0/0Ground Clutter 13/1/0
Growing Season Departures 8/0/0Growing Season Dry Streaks 62/9/0Growing Season ends for some 10/7/0Growing Season is Over 16/6/0
Guess the yield 25/7/0Guess where the snow is 9/3/0Gully Washer 0/0/0Gust front 11/9/0
Gusty Wake Low 19/6/0Hail reports 51/11/0Hail threat today 26/4/0Hail time 17/2/0
Half and half 19/9/0Half as deep 7/3/0Half Over 0/0/0Halloween Highs 6/0/0
Hang those lights 0/0/0Happens most every fall 27/13/0Happy 2005? 9/2/0Happy 4th of July 13/4/0
Happy Easter 20/12/0Happy Easter! 0/0/0Happy Halloween 0/0/0Happy Holidays 17/12/0
Happy Holidays! 0/0/0Happy Holidays to You! 37/17/0Happy New Year! 0/0/0Happy rainfall 23/9/0
Happy Valentine's Day 0/0/0Happy weather? 33/10/0Hard Freeze Clouds 10/1/0Hard freeze imminent 21/0/0
Hard pressed to find snow 11/5/0Hard to beat this 34/13/0Hard to not vote good 46/24/0Hard to warm up 10/4/0
Harvest Moon 18/3/0Harvey in Iowa 11/0/0Harvey Rain Rates 8/0/0Harvey Tornado Warnings 8/1/0
Has Fall Already Started? 14/0/2Has spring already started? 11/11/0Has summer started? 28/6/0Have not bested mid March yet 33/28/17
Have safe travels. 34/25/0Having another snowfall event 28/0/0Hawkeye Cauci 10/8/0Heading for around 6 inches 15/2/0
Head South to Find Brown 9/0/0Healthy rainfall 0/0/0Heat Advisories 8/0/0Heat Advisory 19/9/6
Heat Burst 0/0/0Heat Burst Event 24/8/0Heat Headlines 8/0/0Heat & Humidity 0/0/0
Heat Index 58/5/0Heat Index Hours 23/14/9Heat Wave! 0/0/0Heaviest rainfall since 72/11/0
Heaviest rain missed us this time 31/5/0Heaviest snow stays south 20/8/0Heavy rain again 22/18/0Heavy rain along Hwy 20 22/2/0
Heavy rain and more is coming. 0/0/0Heavy Rainfall 0/0/0Heavy Rainfall... 0/0/0Heavy rainfall coming 21/17/0
Heavy rainfall for December 20/2/0Heavy rainfall for Miami 62/15/0Heavy rainfall to our south 27/4/5Heavy rainfall we have not 12/3/0
Heavy rain in Davis County 11/8/0Heavy rain in Des Moines 26/4/0Heavy Rains 0/0/0Heavy snow and rain coming 14/12/0
Heavy snow, rain, or nothing? 21/4/0Held onto your mother? 15/20/0Hello Dolly! 24/9/0Hello Ivan 0/0/0
Hello summer? 15/4/0Help for Road Conditions 23/7/0Here comes another storm 12/4/0Here comes muggy weather 50/2/0
Here comes the heat 12/16/0Here the comes the heat 12/4/0Here today, gone tomorrow 0/0/0High 500hPa Heights 7/0/0
High and Dry 0/0/0High and Low Distributions 4/0/1Higher and Lower Pressure 33/5/4Higher Percentiles 26/15/0
Higher September Humidity 36/5/0Highest Heat Index 19/0/0Highest Rain Accumulations 36/24/22High flows for January 37/21/0
High Heights 9/1/1High humidities and rain return 22/3/0High + Low Percentiles 118/13/0Highly Variable January 10/1/1
High percentile 23/9/0High pressure in control 20/13/0High resolution 55/8/0Highs after snowfall 16/6/0
Highs and lows creeping up 28/22/0Highs and Lows for March 12/0/0Highs at midnight 14/2/0Highs before snowfall 36/4/0
Highs by category 27/8/0Highs less than our lows 22/3/0High snowfall rates 22/8/0Highs of 90+ in August 8/0/0
Highs since 1 June 11/6/7High Temperature Profile 15/11/0High temperature streaks 32/15/0High water 28/15/0
Hit or Miss 0/0/0Hit or Miss Showers 12/3/0Hogging the warm air 6/3/0Hold on to your hat! 0/0/0
Hope after a cold start 17/6/0Hope for last time of seeing this 21/4/0Hope for warming 20/6/0Hope for weekend rain 21/12/0
Hop, Hop, Hop!!! 0/0/0Hoping for more improvement 75/8/0Hoping for rain 12/6/0Hot and Muggy 0/0/0
Hot Fourth of July 6/0/0Hot, Hot, Hot 0/0/0Hot, Hot, Hot weekend 20/9/0Hot hourly temperatures 77/5/0
Hot, Humid, and Windy!!! 17/1/0Hot June Stretch of Days 8/2/0Hot May Saturday 5/1/0Hot November Saturday 29/5/0
Hot soils 57/7/0Hotter Weather Coming 125/6/0Hot Three Days 66/10/0Hourly 70+ 10/0/0
Hourly Dew Point Extremes 12/0/0Hourly Dew Point Frequencies 10/1/0Hourly precip rates 22/11/0Hourly rainfall 13/3/0
Hourly Temps 35/9/0Hourly Temps above 70 11/0/0Hourly wind climatology 18/14/0Hourly Wind Speeds 7/0/0
Hour of New Minimum 7/0/1Hours for Snow 32/12/4Hours of 90+ 9/0/0Hovmoller Fun 38/7/0
How cold and how wet? 25/6/0How cold has February been? 34/5/0How Cold on Sunday? 96/39/0How deep is the frost? 21/4/0
How fleeting are hot or cold days? 20/7/0How hot on Wednesday? 54/13/0How long will this take? 23/8/0How much rain did Ames get? 109/16/0
How much rain is coming? 17/4/0How much snow? 0/0/0How much soil moisture left? 70/8/0How much warm weather is left? 16/3/0
How summer got its groove back. 0/0/0How to Warm the Soil 10/1/0How warm can it get today? 44/16/0How warm next Friday? 12/1/0
How wet will it be? 15/5/0Humidity Effect 115/16/0Humidity has returned 0/0/0Humidity is returning... 0/0/0
Humidity Levels 113/17/0Humidity, low clouds, and drizzle are back 0/0/0Humidity Returns 13/3/3Humidity Switch Turned On 8/0/0
Humid June 13/6/0Humid March 22/6/0Humid Periods 17/3/0Humid Summer 13/0/0
Hurricane Florence 11/0/0Hurricane Harvey 15/0/0Hurricane Irene 18/13/0Hurricane Katrina 12/6/0
Hurricane Matthew 17/0/1Hurricane Rita 16/8/0Hurricane Sandy 18/2/0Hurricane Wilma 16/4/0
Hydro problems galore 16/9/0I-80 Traveler 4/6/0Ice jam! 17/1/0Ice Storm Coming 46/15/0
Ice Storm Warnings 81/15/7Ice troubles 17/10/0Icy State 11/0/0Icy trip home from Grandma's 16/8/0
Ides of March Highs 4/0/0IDOT Truck Activity 105/22/11I'd say it's colder than normal 25/6/0IEM Freeze 0/0/0
IEM Trivia 17/5/0IEM turns 10! 39/12/0I (heart) Daily Feature 21/23/0(Insert Iowa weather cliche here) 19/11/0
I'll take it! 9/2/0I love elevated convection 0/0/0Importance of May 33/7/0Impressive Hail Damage 39/3/0
Impressive rain for January 8/4/0Improving chances 26/5/0Inactive Front 0/0/0Inch over Seven Days 10/0/1
Inch plus rain! 21/7/0Inch plus rain events 28/4/0Increased variability 13/5/0Increase in humidity 11/4/0
Increasing D1 Drought 12/0/1Increasing energy 21/8/0Increasing Gloomy Days 7/0/1Increasing influence of plants 18/7/0
Increasing Two Inch Rainfalls 17/3/0Increasing Water Stress 10/0/0Influence of clouds 23/6/0Influence of snow 11/1/0
Influence of snowpack 19/8/0Ingesting dry air 37/5/0In like a frosty lamb 15/9/0In like a lion? 0/0/0
In like a warm lamb 16/3/0In Memoriam: Dr Ray Arritt 0/0/0Instability returns 12/2/0Instability showers 18/12/0
In-state correlations 24/7/0Insurance Policy 0/0/0Insurgent Cold Air 26/5/0Intense April Rainfall 34/2/0
Intense Rainfall 34/18/0Intense September Rainfall 18/6/4Interesting 90s Pattern 15/1/0Interesting Evening 0/0/0
Interesting pattern 11/1/0Interesting pavement temperatures 10/3/0Interesting Pressure Traces 9/5/0Interesting Weather 0/0/0
Interference 21/5/0In the 70s 29/27/17In the doldrums 19/14/0In time for the weekend, rain! 16/7/0
Into the 60s 18/9/0Inversion Fun 53/3/0Iowa a blue state? 15/6/0Iowa AWOS Archive 0/0/0
Iowa City, One Year Later 37/12/0Iowa's color this year? 34/9/0Iowa's deficits 15/13/0Iowa State Fair Cam 0/0/0
Iowa Weather Folklore 0/0/0Irma over Iowa 5/0/0Ironic 0/0/0Isaac over Iowa 52/17/0
Isabel 0/0/0Isidore 0/0/0Isn't Summer Yet 0/0/0Isolated Shower 17/1/1
Isolated Thunder 11/4/0Is the worst behind us? 77/13/0Is this December? 0/0/0Is this January? 13/3/0
Is this January 2nd? 9/4/0Is this June? 0/0/0Is this Siberia, no it's Iowa. 21/10/0It can go either way 13/15/0
It feels cold... 0/0/0It feels cold out 0/0/0It feels good 0/0/0It has been a while 20/5/0
It has been dry! 0/0/0It has been wet 16/10/5It is April, warm up! 33/19/0It is colder than... 0/0/0
It is June in Iowa 11/8/0It is not winter yet 0/0/0It is November 0/0/0It is now December! 0/0/0
It is raining, but mild 0/0/0It is still April 12/7/0It is supposed to be cold 6/3/0It is that time of year 14/6/0
It is very cold again 23/9/0It just keeps raining 0/0/0It just keeps raining... 0/0/0It keeps getting colder 10/5/0
It rained! 77/20/13It's coming 0/0/0It should be a wet month 12/3/0It should be cold 19/5/0
Its name is Earl 41/5/0It's not easy being a tree 29/3/0It's raining! 0/0/0It's Sunny, but... 0/0/0
Its the 80s again 8/0/0Its the Sun! 17/2/0It's Tulip Weather 0/0/0It's Winter, where's the snow? 0/0/0
It tried to rain 0/0/0It tries to rain 0/0/0It won't take long 4/2/0Jacket and Umbrella Weather 4/6/0
January 50s 6/1/1January Clouds 6/0/1January Comparables 19/11/5January Days Above Average 32/24/31
January Departures 18/8/6January Headlines 80/19/11January in the books 23/5/0January Maxes 13/6/6
January Outbreak 19/5/0January Precip 13/9/4January Temps + Wind 16/14/12January vs February Temps 6/0/0
January warm up 24/8/0JFK's Record Rainfall 13/4/0July 19th Tornado Outbreak 18/2/0July 2017 Precip Ranks 9/0/0
July Arridity 79/8/0July comparison 13/4/0July Days below 60 27/17/17July Departures 13/8/9
July Dew Points 34/3/0July Fourths 5/0/0July Highs and Lows 16/13/13July Humidity 87/8/0
July maxes 18/5/7July percentiles 43/7/0July Precip 12/0/1July Precip Distribution 7/0/0
July Precip Ranks 9/0/0July Pressure Records 8/1/0July Ranges 13/10/6July Ranks 15/4/5
July should be the warmest 22/12/0July Sub 60 Dew Points 9/0/0July Temps and Dew Points 5/0/0July Totals 30/15/18
Jump into spring 39/8/0Jumps down 30/4/0June deficits remain 8/4/0June Departures 19/5/4
June Dry, July Wet 9/4/0June Highs and Clouds 14/5/0June max temp and rainfall 23/3/0June Precip Totals 7/1/0
June Precip Variability 10/0/0June Ranks 16/6/4June Severe Event 21/2/2June Sigma Departures 6/0/1
June starts off with a bang 17/3/0June totals 8/4/0June was dry for some 13/6/0June Winds with Low Dew Points 4/0/0
Just 12 41/21/28Just 17 degrees 17/9/0Just 18 is the Coldest 12/1/0Just 39 10/0/0
Just 48 for min high 12/8/7Just 50 15/9/3Just 56 7/0/0Just about average 0/0/0
Just about normal! 20/7/0Just a dusting 9/0/0Just a few later in the year 13/4/3Just a few really hot days 58/52/0
Just a taste of winter 15/0/0Just Des Moines Left 21/13/9Just Five Hours this June 13/0/1Just Perfect! 0/0/0
Just shy of January Record 8/2/1Just some high clouds 11/6/0Just SW corner snowfree 23/6/4Just what the doctor ordered 31/16/0
Just what we needed 40/6/0Keep featuring temperatures 20/2/0Keeping it cold 9/4/0Keeping on track 17/4/0
Keeps getting warmer 0/0/0Keep those rains coming 16/3/0Keep warming those soils 14/2/0Key Fall Temperatures 14/12/0
Kicking up dust 47/13/0Knoxville Heat Burst 45/6/0Labor Day Highs 3/0/0Lacking Green 7/1/0
Lacking moisture and southerly winds 13/12/0Lack of 80+ 28/5/0Lack of 90+ Days 16/9/9Lack of 90s 9/5/5
Lack of cold 22/7/0Lack of frozen days 20/3/0Lack of GDDs 10/1/0Lack of overnight rainfall 86/12/0
Lack of persistent warmth 17/7/0Lack of SW winds continues 15/3/0Lack of tornados 94/18/0Lack of westerlies 24/5/0
Lack of wind 23/8/0Lake Low 30/6/0Landfalling Hurricanes and Iowa 10/0/0Landscape turns to brown 38/3/0
Landspout Fest. 0/0/0Landspout fun 27/8/0Lapse Rates 57/4/0Large 30 Day Differences 11/7/4
Large August Difference 11/6/5Large Comma 17/0/0Large deficit 58/5/0Large Dry Down 20/11/5
Large fall temperature swings common? 11/6/0Large Gradient for November 24/6/0Large gradient over the state 17/8/0Large Moderate Risk 35/4/0
Large rainfall to start August 9/0/1Larger Drops Still to Come 8/0/0Large Rise 14/0/0Large September Rain 46/6/2
Largest 24 Hour Drops 13/14/12Largest 6 Hour Drops 13/0/0Largest Departure Since Spring 11/0/0Largest Drop 17/3/2
Largest Hourly Totals 11/0/0Largest Monthly Totals 14/0/0Largest Month to Month Change 11/3/0Largest Yearly Totals 10/0/0
Large Temperature Difference 9/0/0Last 100 degree day 44/15/0Last 1+ Inch of Snow 10/9/4Last 70? 13/6/5
Last 80? 13/9/4Last 80+? 10/0/0Last 80+ Dew Point 13/1/0Last 90 18/12/12
Last and Days over 90 13/7/3Last and First Frozen Day 23/16/13Last Blizzard Watch 24/13/12Last colder than first of month 15/6/3
Last Half Inch 17/6/7Last Hard Freeze 15/1/0Last inch of snow 50/15/0Last Moderate Risk 12/0/0
Last Snowfall Frequency 24/5/4Last sub zero temps 44/9/6Last Tornado Warning 15/2/0Last Tornado Warning Polygon 21/0/0
Last Trace 9/0/0Last Warning 33/5/0Last week of summer 0/0/0Last weeks of summer 16/2/0
Last Week's precip 12/0/0Last week's RAGBRAI 14/5/7Late April and sub-freezing 21/6/0Late April Snow Coming? 121/18/0
Late Corn Silking 84/12/0Late for 65 degree dewpoint 19/6/0Late for a Frozen Day 21/0/2Late for a Tornado Warning 23/13/8
Late for cold 15/5/0Late for First 70+ 10/0/0Late for First Warning 23/0/1Lately under performing 20/8/0
Late March snowfall not uncommon 28/10/0Latent Heat Flux 26/5/0Late season hail! 19/1/0Late Season Rainfall 0/0/0
Late September Wind 18/4/0Latest Date for High 9/0/0Latest Dates 13/1/0Latest Warmest Stretch of the Year 7/1/0
Late this year 30/8/0Late with Corn Harvest 90/16/8Lead Pipe Lock 22/4/0Length of Rain 61/16/0
Less Daylight Time 114/24/0Less severe month 18/5/0Less than 20% 72/11/0Less than 20% of average 81/17/0
Lets hope this does not verify 49/10/0Lets not add to these totals 23/5/0Light Dusting 0/0/0Light Everything 0/0/0
Light Show 28/6/0Light Shower 0/0/0Light Snowfall 9/5/0Light snow on the way 11/3/0
Light Snow Reports 5/0/0Like raining on cement 31/4/0Lili Landfall 0/0/0Limited 75 Plus 6/1/0
Limited Cold Wind Chills 14/0/0Limited cool weather 31/7/0Limited dry period 61/11/0Limited Help for Drought 21/0/0
Limited planting progress 44/7/0Limited Poor Travel Conditions 13/1/1Linear MCS 15/4/0Liquid Gold 13/0/0
Little bit of rain 0/0/0Little Cold this December 44/19/16Little Drought Left 11/0/0Little mercury movement 16/8/0
Little movement 9/5/0Little storm, big gusts 27/4/0Little Stress 0/0/0Loaded with water 16/10/0
Loading up with water 28/6/0Local NWA Conference 69/57/0Local Storm Report Sources 13/4/3Location is everything 0/0/0
Longer daylight hours 17/7/0Longest November Frozen Streak 23/9/9Long stretch of muggy 21/5/0Long Term Deficits Remain 36/8/0
Long time without warmth 40/15/0Look forward to this 27/11/0Looking forward to March 31/18/0Looking forward to Saturday 57/17/0
Looking good for fireworks 3/2/0Looking good for Turkey Day 72/58/0Look out, more snow! 22/4/0Loosing GDD Ground 14/5/9
Loosing Heat 0/0/0Losing ~10 degrees per month 6/1/0Losing heat 27/12/0Losing Heat 0/0/0
Losing our heat 11/7/0Lots More Rain Coming 11/2/0Lots of 1s on the Map 46/23/29Lots of Goose Eggs 8/0/0
Lots of interesting lines 33/19/0Lots of moisture around 12/8/0Lots of negative numbers 29/11/0Lots of records 15/3/0
Lots of water 20/8/0Lots of white presents 16/7/0Lots o' wind, little o' snow 0/0/0Low 80s, still above normal 9/20/0
Low August GDDs 10/0/0Low bridge. 0/0/0Low dew points for August 50/11/0Lowell who? 28/7/0
Lower 70s 22/4/0Lower 70s in April 8/0/1Lowered the floor 16/3/0Lowest Average April Dew Point 8/0/0
Low FFG 24/9/0Low flow 36/6/0Low Level Jet 0/0/0Low May Dew Points 12/0/0
Low Pressure Circulation 38/20/0Lows above average 48/12/0Lows are especially warmer 24/12/0Lows in the 50s? 43/17/0
Lows more definite 23/9/0Low SPC Watch Total 12/0/0Lows should be our highs 6/2/0Low Temp Changes 17/25/15
Lunar Landscape? 21/5/0Lush Green to Brown 13/0/0Made up deficit in July 14/0/0Made up deficits 31/8/0
Magnificent! 0/0/0Major storm stays south 32/12/0Major warmth on the way 12/5/0Make up GDD deficit? 76/7/0
Making for a wet April 24/5/0Making up deficits 227/18/0Making up deficits in September 8/4/0Man, it's cold! 0/0/0
Manky Skies 0/0/0Many Heavy Rainfalls 9/1/0Many snow reports 24/4/0Many storms to go 18/4/0
Many warm, few very hot days 7/1/0March 70s + Winds 18/11/9March Changes 10/0/0March comes in like a Lion 0/0/0
March Dew Points 8/0/1March Highs Above Freezing 7/3/1March in like a herd of lions! 30/10/0March is in the books 16/6/0
March Min Date 14/9/5March Precipitation Ranks 13/0/0March rainfall 20/6/0March Ranks 43/25/28
March Struggle 43/10/0March Temps + Wind 7/0/0March versus April 55/12/0Marginal Threat 8/2/0
Max 24 Hour Precipitation 12/0/0Max Hourly Precip Reports 9/0/0Maximum after last Maximum 29/10/0Maximum Dew Point 25/10/9
Max Precipitation 15/8/6May 1 Departures 22/15/11May 1 Precip Departures 9/1/0May 2015 13/6/5
May 2016 Precip Ranks 9/0/0May almost in the books 11/7/0May Clouds 8/1/0May Comparables 10/1/0
Mayday! 8/6/0May Day Storms? 26/4/0May Dew Points at Temperature 10/2/0Mayflies in July 11/0/0
May mid-30s 16/1/0May Precipitable Water 30/6/0May Precipitation Departures 8/1/0May Rain 16/5/5
May rainfall 27/3/0MCC, MCS, MCV equals MESS 0/0/0MCS rainfall 23/11/0Meandering Front 0/0/0
Mean, Median, and Mode 15/2/0Melting away 0/0/0Melting the Snow Away 0/0/0Melt this snow 14/5/0
Memorial Days 15/4/4Merry Christmas! 21/14/0Merry Christmas! 29/11/0Mesonet Project Addition 137/22/0
Mesonet Project Addition #2 58/8/6Mesonet Project Addition #3 29/0/0Messy Tuesday 25/3/0Mid 20s 0/0/0
Mid 30s Coming? 21/24/15mid 60s to lower 90s 5/0/0Mid 80s and mid 60s 11/3/0Mid 90s! 16/1/0
Middle of October is cooler 16/14/0Mid October 0/0/0Midwest Days Since Precipitation 14/9/7Mild Easter 5/0/0
Mild Feburary Morning 0/0/0Mild Halloween 7/1/0Mild May 15/5/0Mild stretch after hot start 11/3/0
Mild weather continues 0/0/0Minimal Winter 14/3/0Minimum Ranges 25/18/25Minimum Wind Chill by Year 9/4/4
Minneapolis gets hit again 19/4/0Minus teens 0/0/0Miserable Weekend 0/0/0Missed Ames to the North 14/0/0
Missed Forecast 25/8/5Missed Out 0/0/0Missed Rainfall Forecast 15/6/3Missing Ames 16/11/0
Missing Driest Areas 18/0/0Missing Heavy Rainfall 6/0/0Missing MOS 19/9/0Missing most of D1 234/22/0
Missing out on the (not) fun 29/7/0Missing Precipitation 25/3/0Missing the cold of winter 37/2/0Missing those warm days 14/10/0
Missing wide spread rainfall 10/4/0Mission Impossible 18/4/0Missouri Soybean Planting 31/19/10Mixed Bag for January 11/0/0
Mixed bag for the weekend 25/36/0Mixed Month 19/13/0Mixing down 33/10/0Model Consistency 37/3/0
Model flip flop 29/4/0Model insistence 25/11/6Moderate Risk 0/0/0Moderate risk today 10/8/0
Moderation. 0/0/0Moisture Aplenty 0/0/0Moisture finally returns 14/8/0Moisture returns 35/29/0
Moisture returns for spring 10/1/0Moisture returns, so too will rain? 19/5/0Moisture surges with front 23/14/0Monday and Tuesday without snow 33/7/0
Monday dry, the rest of the week wet 23/8/0Monday Moisture 13/6/0Monday Morning Rain 0/0/0Monday Showers 0/0/0
Monsoonal moisture 16/2/0Monsoon May 0/0/0Monthly Hours of Precip 26/18/21Monthly patterns 22/1/0
Monthly Precip and El Nino 8/0/0Monthly Precip Hours 22/18/17Monthly ranges 16/8/0Monthly Winds 8/0/0
Months of 2010 18/2/0More April Rain 0/0/0More April Showers 0/0/0More April Showers... 0/0/0
More bad weather 15/8/0More Cold Air 5/1/0More energetic year 20/7/0More hail than snow 22/7/0
More heavy rain 8/3/0More heavy rainfall events to go 70/14/0More heavy rains 0/0/0More hot hours ahead 13/15/0
More Humid than the rest 39/6/0More ice on the way 22/8/0More interesting patterns 21/5/0More light snow 0/0/0
More like August 11/2/0More Like Summer 0/0/0More Like Winter 0/0/0More Love from the Sun 24/5/0
More Monday Morning Showers 0/0/0More needed rain 44/9/0More Northeast Iowa Flooding 22/0/0More October heavy rain 19/1/0
More October Snow 0/0/0More of this coming 27/8/0More of this for the weekend 18/9/0More of this weather please 24/8/0
More on the way 0/0/0More rain 25/8/0More Rain 0/0/0More Rain! 0/0/0
More rain coming 30/10/0More rain for the north 16/4/0More rain where they don't need it 22/6/0More Records 0/0/0
More representative of May 13/4/0More Snow! 0/0/0More snow and cold coming 23/4/0More snow for Denver 15/8/0
More snow than heat 0/0/0More snow to go 21/2/0More storms in the forecast 0/0/0More summer-like storms 24/9/0
More sun on the way! 0/0/0More than enough for June 27/3/0More than half below 17/4/2More time for summer 14/0/0
More up days than down 67/9/0More warm streaks 44/14/0More white than green 13/6/0Morning and Afternoon Showers 17/4/2
Morning Convection 0/0/0Morning Frost 14/4/3Morning Hail 0/0/0Morning Hail! 0/0/0
Morning Injustice 36/8/0Morning of Dense Fog 63/21/0Morning wind producer 12/6/0MOS Forecasting 10/0/1
MOS Forecasts 48/16/17Most 80+ degree days 31/6/0Most Common NWS Alerts 47/34/35Mostly above freezing 32/5/0
Mostly avoiding D3 34/11/0Mostly Below Average 8/2/0Mostly cool start to August 15/13/0Mostly Dry 31 Days 12/0/0
Mostly dry April 40/5/0Mostly dry midwest 14/2/0Mostly Dry Seven Days 12/0/0Mostly dry since 1 May 40/8/0
Mostly Dry Week 22/16/12Mostly Holding 50 7/0/1Mostly Missing Driest Areas 2/2/1Mostly Negative Snowfall Departures 12/2/1
Mostly Normal 13/5/6Mostly on Warm Side 7/0/0Mostly Record Highs 15/2/0Mostly sunny at noon 31/8/0
Most since 2006 10/0/0Move to Anchorage 20/2/2Move to SW Iowa 7/2/0Much better 7/2/0
Much cooler today 16/2/0Much cooler weekend 18/16/0Much different March 31/1/0Much more like spring 17/5/0
Much Needed April Rain 19/3/2Much needed moisture 0/0/0Much Needed Rain! 0/0/0Much needed rainfall 7/0/0
Mugginess persists. 0/0/0Muggy few days 22/7/0Muggy Hours 30/7/0Muggy Morning 0/0/0
Muggy, Muggy, Muggy!! 0/0/0Muggy October Day 0/0/0Muggy September 12/0/1Muggy September Days 7/1/0
Muggy weather still possible 17/11/0Muggy Year 22/1/0Muted August Range 8/1/0Nary a cloud in the sky 14/4/0
Nasty little cluster 0/0/0Natural Alarm Clock 0/0/0Natural De-icer and re-icer 20/6/0Natural Fireworks 0/0/0
Natural Freezer 0/0/0Natural Humidifier 17/6/0Natural leaf blower 9/2/0Natural Snow Removal 24/2/0
Nature's Grass Greener 0/0/0Nearing Two Weeks Below 9/0/0Near lowest AWSSI for Des Moines 12/0/1Nearly 100 degree differences 99/94/0
Nearly 90 27/19/0Nearly All VFR 11/0/0Nearly Double Average 8/0/0Near none to four inches 23/3/0
Near perfect weather 28/16/0Near Record Lows 0/0/0Near Top of Range 26/18/16Need a break from last week 22/3/0
Need a Hot Weekend 0/0/0Needed moisture 15/3/0Needed moisture, but... 39/4/0Needed Rainfall 188/38/0
Needed Rainfall in August 12/2/4Needed Rainfall in October 80/7/0Needed Rains 0/0/0Need more CoCoRaHS observers! 46/24/0
Need more dry stretches 18/17/0Need some heat. 0/0/0Need some rain 0/0/0Need sunshine and heat 21/3/0
Need those heavy jackets 25/14/0Negative Wind Chills! 0/0/0NE Iowa Blowing Snow 11/0/0Net days above average 87/9/0
Never caught up 54/28/0New AWOS Site! 0/0/0New AWOS Sites: PEA MPZ 0/0/0New drought monitor 11/4/0
New Hampton Precipitation Record 14/0/0New month, great temperatures 9/5/0New month, same heat! 0/0/0New Normal 22/10/0
New snow for a new month 12/6/0New weather for a new week 0/0/0New Year's Resolution 0/0/0New York's Record Rainfall 17/2/4
Next Day Change 29/25/24Next Five Days 11/0/0Next Seven Days 16/0/0Next storm looks to miss us 15/10/0
Nice curves 9/1/0Nice December Rain 0/0/0Nice enough weather for you? 32/5/0Nice for Late October 17/4/3
Nice Friday in store 10/4/0Nice little complex 16/3/0Nice today, bad tomorrow 28/8/0Nice warmup on Sunday 18/5/0
Nice weather! 0/0/0Nice weekend in store 0/0/0Nine Inches! 15/8/3Nine straight in January 14/2/1
Nishnabotna Valley 0/0/0NOAA Environmental Hero 28/5/0No Blizzard Warnings, yet 17/4/0Nobody likes being average. 0/0/0
No diurnal cycle 12/3/0No extreme lows yet 10/5/0No fool for March 32/6/0No foolin' 0/0/0
No fooling 9/16/0No freeze yet 46/16/0Noisy Nights 17/6/0No lack of GDDs this year 37/7/0
No lack of heat 15/8/0No me gusta Gustav 16/11/0No more snow 0/0/0No more winter? 0/0/0
None to three inches 16/0/0Non-Normal Roads 74/18/8Non-seasonable Driving Conditions 28/4/2Non-severe March 20/4/0
No progress 0/0/0No rain 0/0/0No rain. 0/0/0No rain for July 239/45/0
No record highs today 0/0/0No repeat of this requested 19/9/0No rest for the weary. 0/0/0Normality 0/0/0
Norman Flash Flood Warnings 11/9/7Northeast dusting 13/4/0Northeast was a lot warmer 9/0/0Northern half below freezing 21/5/0
Northern Iowa getting all the fun 8/3/0North to Alaska 22/6/0Northwesterly winds 33/6/0Northwestern Iowa wettest this May 30/7/0
Northwest flow 26/2/0Northwest Iowa still waiting 90/46/0Northwest Moving Storms 15/0/0Nose dive 14/0/0
No shortage of heat 9/3/0No shortage of wind 16/3/0No snow cover this year 13/3/0Not all have seen the heavy rain 38/6/0
Not a lot going on 10/11/0Not amounting to much 5/9/0Not a record year for everyone 81/16/0Not a struggle 24/13/0
Not as warm as Texas 19/7/0Not bad for February 9/3/0Not bad for mid July 0/0/0Not enough snow 22/2/0
Not finding green 14/6/0Not frozen yet 0/0/0Not gaining ground 8/2/4Not Hallmark quality 27/11/0
Not helping the soils much 26/12/0Nothing extreme yet 14/5/0Nothing much to feature 11/2/0Nothing to be found 8/9/0
Nothing too extreme for Ames yet 13/1/0Not late for Tornado Watch 9/0/1Not meeting expectations 0/0/0Not much cold to speak of 28/3/0
Not much for high dew points 9/0/0Not much rain to speak of 15/9/0Not much rain yet 14/6/0Not much range 45/11/0
Not much to boast about 8/4/0Not Physical 0/0/0Not quite 1993 for the Squaw 35/2/0Not quite freezing 17/9/0
Not quite records 0/0/0Not Quite Warmest 19/17/7Not summerlike 0/0/0Not summerlike, but warmer 0/0/0
Not that far away... 8/6/0Not too bad for December. 0/0/0Not too chilly 0/0/0Not what it should be 15/9/0
Not what we needed 38/20/0No ups, No downs 0/0/0November Cloudiness 10/0/0November Clouds at Temp 5/3/0
November Flight Categories 7/0/0November Frozen Streaks 18/8/8November Highs and Lows 8/0/1November Ranges 6/2/0
November Tornados 0/0/0November Tornado Warnings Again 7/0/0November Winds + Dew Points 16/5/3Nowhere near normal 17/16/0
Now it's Summer 0/0/0No wonder it has been cool 38/6/0No wonder it is cold 30/14/0NWS Local Storm Reports 6/1/0
NWS Warning Reception 4/0/0Obscene Dew Points 22/7/0Obvious Relationship 24/11/6October Avg Daily Winds 9/2/0
October Daily Winds 12/1/0October Dew Point Records 9/0/0October Dew Points + Winds 6/0/0October ended dry 16/4/0
October Gradient 15/0/0October Moderate Risk 86/5/0October Precip and Snow 8/1/0October Progression 12/3/0
October Rain 17/8/6October rainfall 18/8/0October Range 5/3/0October Ranges 10/9/7
October Severe 12/0/0October Severe Weather 61/16/0October showers? 0/0/0October Snow? 8/1/1
October Tornadoes 64/5/0October Tornado Warnings 6/1/0October Uptick 12/3/0Official Start of Summer 0/0/0
Oh yeah, winter... 0/0/0Oh yes, winter 17/4/0Oklahoma City Extreme Rainfall Rate 95/5/0Omega block 23/9/0
On a clear day 57/15/0One day closer to Summer. 0/0/0One hour above average 92/10/0One Hour Flash Flood Guidance 13/20/1
One Inch Hail 36/18/0One inch rains 12/11/0One inch rains add up 21/6/0One month warmer than another 27/15/16
One more April Shower 0/0/0One more day... 0/0/0One more day of this 15/8/0One more time 0/0/0
One of the warmest winters 14/1/0One to Twenty Inches 316/40/0Only 50 8/0/1Only 70s in June 13/4/0
Only a few inches 24/21/0Only a few swings this year 33/30/0Only a little bit of rain 27/6/0Only a little snow left 9/6/0
Only a matter of time 0/0/0Only brief sustained cold 13/2/0Only can go up 8/2/0Only can reach 35 42/11/0
Only Few Colder Easters 11/1/1Only getting worse this winter 27/16/0Only one really warm day 14/4/0Only slim chances of freezing temps 35/9/0
Only the details change 11/6/0Only the far western counties 24/4/0Only Two Days with 40+ Dew Points 6/1/1Only white is fog 19/6/0
On the lower end 22/5/0On track with GDDs 16/1/0Open windows again 22/20/0Opposite Effect 6/1/0
Optimistic for rain 16/5/0Ottumwa Multi-Year Drought 12/1/0Ottumwa Precip Ranks 6/2/0Our best is only 86 16/3/0
Our current trouble maker 14/11/0Our last round of snow? 0/0/0Our next weathermaker 0/0/0Our next winter storm 40/24/0
Our recent gains lost 28/15/0Our weathermaker 25/14/0Our white blanket 0/0/0Outflow! 0/0/0
Outflow Boundary 0/0/0Out like a lion 22/3/0Outstanding Weekend 0/0/0Over achieving highs 20/5/0
Over a month for an inch 8/0/0Overcast and Temps 13/8/4Overcast at noon 11/3/2Overcast early morning 20/12/11
Overcast January 5/0/0Overcast Streak 12/0/0Overcoming dry air 21/6/0Overnight Precipitation 23/8/2
Overnight strong storms 25/7/0Padding the stats 15/5/0Parkersburg EF5 32/8/0Past 100 Days 11/8/7
Past 24 Days 18/0/0Past 4 months 31/8/0Past Five Months 19/7/5Pattern reversal 14/9/0
Paucity of Precipitation. 0/0/0Payback for January 25/20/0Peak intensities 27/7/0Peak Reflectivity 11/6/5
Peak Reflectivity Time 12/7/5Peak Thunder 10/0/0Perfect Memorial Day 0/0/0Perfect Timing 0/0/0
Perfect Weather 0/0/0Period between High Temps 6/1/0Period between Temps 18/10/7Period between Two Tenths 8/0/1
Perpetual Slight 0/0/0Persistent Temperatures 8/12/0Pesky Stratus 0/0/0Philadelphia Record Rainfall 42/7/0
Photogenic Tornado 37/17/0Pinch Mother Nature 25/21/0Plains outbreak 24/5/0Plains storm takes shape 29/9/0
Plan of attack 0/0/0Plant Corn in March? 32/4/0Play in the Rain 7/2/1Pleasant Air 26/39/0
Pleasant day on tap 14/3/0Pleasant Fall Day 9/0/0Pleasant Friday 0/0/0Please, more snow! 0/0/0
Plentiful GDDs 11/0/0Plenty cool for September 14/5/0Plenty of 40+ degree days 21/3/0Plenty of 50s 26/2/0
Plenty of cold for all 28/5/0Plenty of days over 63 to 83 19/6/0Plenty of Dry Areas 5/0/0Plenty of Heat 11/1/0
Plenty of Hot Days 57/10/0Plenty of Humidity 13/1/0Plenty of June Sunshine 7/3/0Plenty of moisture 22/4/0
Plenty of rainy days 20/2/0Plenty of snow yet 42/20/0Plenty of storms this winter 16/8/0Plenty of supply 66/23/0
Plenty of time for snow 48/16/15Plenty of time yet for snow 17/8/0Plenty of warm days 51/15/0Plenty of Warm Highs 10/0/0
Plenty warm for early June 14/10/0Pleny of time for a freeze 20/12/0Plugged the freezer back in 11/4/0Polar Opposites 17/0/0
Polygons Aplenty 26/11/0Poor pastures 14/2/0Poor road conditions 33/8/0Positive GDD Departures 27/5/0
Positive Three Weeks 13/0/0Potential Instability 41/6/0Powerful Sun 13/9/0Precip and Severe Weather 58/6/0
Precip Bins 11/6/3Precip coverage 40/4/0Precip Duration 51/16/0Precip during Severe Weather 19/6/5
Precip Effectiveness 16/7/5Precip Forecasts 27/4/0Precip Hours 69/4/0Precipitable Water 21/1/0
Precipitation accumulation 14/5/0Precipitation Bins 10/7/2Precipitation continues. 0/0/0Precipitation Contributions 10/0/0
Precipitation Days Bias 5/1/0Precipitation since 10 April 11/0/0Precipitation This Year 22/3/0Precip Record Destruction 51/2/4
Precip Reliabillity 16/6/9Preferred Location 33/3/0Pre-fireworks display 0/0/0Presence of Clouds 0/0/0
Pressure Change 21/6/4Pressure Gradient Winds 41/7/7Pressure Time Series 10/0/1Pretty Convection 10/0/0
Probably will be warmer 19/3/0Problematic Heavy Rainfall 56/11/0Profitable Weather 0/0/0Prolonged Flood Event 20/3/0
Prolonged snow event 30/6/0Proof that the Earth is round 12/7/0Proxy for statewide precipitation 72/29/0Puffy clouds 28/7/0
Push away the clouds 0/0/0Putting a floor in 31/17/0Quantify: "It has been a long winter" 22/6/0Quick Inch 32/16/24
Quickly gusty 14/6/0Quickly Warming 9/2/1Quick melt 32/9/0Quick Mover 0/0/0
Quick start, now lagging 12/4/3Quick Three Inches 62/24/28Quiet for a while 8/3/0Quiet half of November 12/4/0
Quiet May 12/3/0Quiet morning after. 0/0/0Quiet October 24/4/0Quiet Start to 2015 18/4/4
Quiet, too quiet 17/6/0Quite cool for July 17/8/0Quite hot for May 19/6/0Quite The Reversal 9/0/0
Radar by Year 11/12/2RADAR checks clear. 0/0/0Radiative fun at 5 AM 29/9/0Rain all day 35/20/0
Rain and cooler 24/16/0Rain and hail 27/7/0Rain and more rain 0/0/0Rain at the State Fair 20/4/0
Rain Chances 0/0/0Rain chances gone 0/0/0Rain chances north 5/4/0Rainfall calendar 49/8/0
Rainfall chances? 0/0/0Rainfall for all 26/7/0Rainfall forecasting 167/44/0Rainfall holes 8/4/0
Rainfall streaks 12/7/0Rainfall Variability 22/13/8Rain for Memorial Day 7/0/0Rain for Southern Iowa 0/0/0
Rain for the short week 11/4/0Rain, Freezing Rain, Sleet, or Snow 22/9/0Rain gathers to our west 14/9/0Rain Hours 22/32/8
Raining around us 19/4/0Raining buckets 11/3/0Rain in the vicinity 0/0/0Rain is a good thing 188/41/0
Rain is moving out. 0/0/0Rain out 30/3/0Rain, rain, everywhere rain! 10/6/0Rain, rain go away 31/22/0
Rain, rain go away... 26/15/0Rains about every day 17/10/0Rain's Acomin' 0/0/0Rain Shield 10/0/0
Rain/snow mix coming 21/2/0Rain to start October 33/10/0Rainwater has few options 17/1/0Rain where they don't need it 22/6/0
Rain would be nice! 24/27/0Rainy 7 Days 0/0/0Rainy and Foggy Morning 0/0/0Rainy August 0/0/0
Rainy days after a rainy day 15/17/0Rainy days ahead 0/0/0Rainy days increasing 41/14/0Rainy May 15/0/0
Rainy May Day 0/0/0Rainy October 0/0/0Rainy Saturday and Sunday 14/3/0Rainy Thursday 0/0/0
Rainy Thursdays 33/15/0Rainy Week 0/0/0Rainy week ahead 0/0/0Rainy weekend 24/10/0
Rainy weekend? 0/0/0Ramping Up 22/6/0Ranges from None to Too Much 18/5/0Rapid Development 14/4/0
Rapid Rise 8/1/1Rapid warming 12/1/0Rare December Thunder 11/0/0Rarely this cold 20/8/0
Rare Recent Record Low 12/1/1Rare Storm Motion 13/0/0Reachable Records 15/10/0Reached 80 7/0/0
Reaching 2600 GDDs 152/11/0Reaching 50 19/8/7Reaching 80+ in June 6/0/0Reaching 90+ in May 9/2/0
Reaching 95+ 8/0/1Reality Check 10/9/0Really warm low temperatures 35/19/0Reasonable rainfall 19/9/0
Recent April Reliability 8/1/1Recent Blizzards 49/6/0Recent Cold Reports 26/27/13Recent Days till accumulating 1" 7/0/0
Recent Drops to Average 5/0/0Recent Dry Januaries 14/5/5Recent Freezing Reports 15/5/3Recently above average 7/3/0
Recently Mostly Blue 9/0/0Recently rare warmth 19/6/0Recent Monthly Departures 77/9/0Recharging 70/7/0
Recipe for trouble 22/15/0Record breaking day 19/2/0Record Christmas Rainfall 5/1/0Record Cold 17/6/0
Record Cold July 25/5/0Record cold start 31/8/0Record cold to near record highs 24/3/0Record cold, why not? 28/16/0
Record December 13/9/0Record December Warmth 42/2/0Record Four Day Rainfall 8/1/0Record highs possible 17/10/0
Record high streak ends 19/6/0Record June and July 215/56/0Record Lows? 0/0/0Record minimum highs 14/5/0
Record October 30/7/0Record Pace of Warm Days 21/4/0Record Precipitation for New Hampton 6/1/0Record rainfall 28/5/0
Record rainfall and temperatures 29/10/0Records by decade 15/7/0Records by Year 32/21/25Records falling, temps not 0/0/0
Records highs then snow 33/6/0Record Spring 29/3/0Records today, records tomorrow 0/0/0Recovering from the Cold 0/0/0
Recovering Stolen Hour 24/9/8Recovery is more likely 23/3/0Red Robins! 0/0/0Reds and Blues 8/0/0
Red Sky 251/28/0Reduced visibilities 8/4/0Regaining 50 19/4/3Regaining our lost hour 11/1/0
Relative Humidity 18/4/0Relative Humidity Climatology 29/10/0Relatively coldest all year 12/3/0Relatively coldest in a year 62/5/0
Relatively warmest month on record 30/9/0Relative Time below 0 49/16/8Reliable Rains 14/3/0Relief 20/4/0
Relief for the Map Room 45/15/0Relief from 80 dew points 59/10/0Relief from the 90s 14/8/0Relief is nearly here 8/3/0
Remains cool 0/0/0Remarkable April 15/9/0Remarkable Snowfall Gradient 15/1/1Remembering September 11th 0/0/0
Reminder of summer in Iowa 18/7/0Repeating 70 25/7/8Reports of Snow 16/7/0Respite from the Heat 8/0/0
Return of moisture 18/5/0Return to normal 24/16/0Return to reasonable weather 19/6/0Return to standard time. 0/0/0
Reversing the trend 18/4/0Rewriting the record book 20/5/0Riding the S curve 24/19/0Right Turners 12/5/0
Ring of Fire 48/12/0Ring of Fire Derecho 114/29/0River Stage Forecasting 8/0/0Roads are a mess again 23/10/0
Road to recovery 21/12/0Rollercoaster temps 31/4/0Room to the Downside 9/5/3Rough flying 18/4/0
Rough Monday 17/6/4Rough Saturday Night 23/10/0Rough weekend 21/7/0Round #2 0/0/0
Round One 11/3/0Round One Done, Round Two Next 22/2/0Round one of how many? 24/6/0Rule of 43 13/0/0
Rumble, Rumble, Rumble 0/0/0Running above average 5/2/0Running behind 0/0/0Running Out of Time 0/0/0
Running out of water 16/3/0Running short 29/12/0Running short on days 56/3/0Run to the hills 34/19/0
RWIS Pavement Temps Plotting 0/0/0San Antonio Extreme Rainfall 30/6/0Sandy's winds 12/3/0Sans Snow 0/0/0
Saturated 25/8/0Saturday Wake Low 8/0/0Say goodbye to 70s? 15/5/0Saylorville Lake Surges 34/7/0
Scared to cross 0/0/0Scary Clouds 0/0/0Scary cold front 16/5/0Scary Models 28/5/0
Scattered Showers 0/0/0Scattered showers defined 9/6/0Scenarios for December 12/2/3SchoolNet Rocks! 0/0/0
Sea of Red 9/0/0Seasonal Precipitation 19/4/4Seasonal weather is good 0/0/0Season Snowfall Departures 21/7/3
Second Moderate Risk Day 15/6/5Second Place for 2012 32/6/0Second severe season 21/6/0Second Warmest RAGBRAI 19/11/0
Second Windiest Month 8/1/1Send some rain our way! 7/2/0Sept 11th, 2001 5/6/2Sept 2017 Precip Ranks 9/0/0
Sept 70+ Dew Point Streak 11/1/1September 11th 1/1/0September 11th, 2001 2/1/0September 70+ 7/0/0
September 90+ Days 9/0/0September Dew Points 7/7/3September Ends 27/18/0September Flight Rules 7/0/0
September Heat 82/6/0September Precip Hours 10/1/0September Rain 0/0/0September Ranks 18/9/9
September Severe Weather 17/3/0September Showers 0/0/0September Slide 15/11/5September Southerlies 11/2/4
September's Start 19/5/0September Summer 0/0/0September Temps + Winds 11/8/2September warmer than August 10/2/0
September warmer than July 62/11/0September Winds 7/1/0Set those clocks back! 0/0/0Setting February Records 9/1/1
Setting nearly due west 19/3/0Setting new coolest lows 4/0/0Setting Records in July 109/20/0Setting Records in March 27/11/0
Settings records by year 8/0/0Seven Days of 60+ 21/11/2Seven Inches in Seven Days 16/0/0Seven Sundays of Rain? 38/18/8
Severe 17 days 34/9/0Severe 500mb Flow 74/11/0Severe April 9/2/0Severe April Event 20/4/2
Severe Christmas 31/7/0Severely Active 22/4/0Severe November Sunday 41/12/5Severe Season 20/14/6
Severe Season Winding Down 9/2/1Severe Storm Motions 16/2/0Severe Thunderstorm Threats 11/0/0Severe Thunderstorm Timing 15/0/0
Severe Thursday 29/8/0Severe + Tor Warning Counts 22/6/7Severe totals 48/11/0Severe TStorm Counts 13/0/0
Severe TStorm Warnings by Hour 8/0/0Severe TStorm Warnings by Time of Day 11/1/0Severe Warning Duration 4/0/0Severe Weather Awareness 0/0/0
Severe Weather in March 9/29/0Severe Weather in May 34/5/0Severe Weather picking up 21/7/0Severe weather returns 79/16/0
Severe weather returns? 23/8/0Severe Weather Returns 17/4/0Severe Weather Saturday? 36/21/0Severe Weather Starts and Finishes 39/6/0
Severe Weather Week 0/0/0Severe Weather Weekend 27/24/15Severe Weekend 64/34/0Sharing the Century Mark 40/5/0
Shark fins 40/11/0Sharp Contrasts 13/2/0Shortening days 24/2/0Shortest daylight isn't coldest 24/3/0
Short Snowless Season 49/4/5Short Sunday 0/0/0Short Term Up, Long Term Down 53/8/10Short vs Long Term 53/12/0
Shot of ether. 9/15/0Shot of Rain 0/0/0Should be about 70 8/19/0Should be near 60 12/7/0
Should expect hard freeze 13/8/0Showers before Afternoon Severe 25/29/23Showers in the Forecast 0/0/0Showing no love 0/0/0
Shut down 58/22/0Sigma Swings 16/5/0Significant Rains 15/2/0Since 1 April 20/13/7
Since 1 December 20/10/7Since 1 July 17/9/7Since January 1st 31/23/20Since Last Flash Flood Watch 10/2/0
Since Last Freezing Temp 19/10/8Since Last Ice Storm Warning 14/0/0Since last Sep Heat Index 25/29/19Since the last half inch 72/39/0
Single digit lows 39/18/0Single Digit Start 0/0/0Sioux City's 106 127/10/0Sioux City YTD Precipitation 15/0/0
Six Days Below Freezing 8/0/0Six days of Slight Risk 67/6/0Skeeters 0/0/0Slacking off a bit 47/8/0
Slickery out there 16/12/0Slick roads today 19/8/0Slide into fall begins 32/22/0Slight Risk 0/0/0
Slight risks return 37/11/0Slippery Roads 0/0/0Slippery when wet 0/0/0Slipping South 0/0/0
Slow Accumulation 15/7/8Slow Corn Progress 26/4/4Slowing down traffic 37/3/0Slow mover 0/0/0
Slow Movers 0/0/0Slow moving front 0/0/0Slow return to Southerly Flow 0/0/0Slow Start 0/0/0
Slow start for May 18/9/0Slow start for severe weather 27/4/0Smallest Day to Day Changes 11/0/0Smallest January Range 6/0/0
Small Heat Burst 19/3/0Small Precip Biases 24/14/14Small Recoveries 0/0/0Small Uptick in Dew Point 9/0/0
Smashing Record Lows 36/6/4Smoke Swirls 25/11/5Smokey Clouds 26/10/0Smooth curves 19/6/0
Smooth Curves 14/11/0S'No Ri$K 34/5/3Snow after Groundhog Day 23/4/0Snow and clear skies 22/6/0
Snow and high temps 22/6/0Snow and no snow 25/5/0Snow and sleet for all 37/17/0Snow and wind coming 23/8/0
Snow and winds 51/5/0Snow before and after Christmas 17/9/13Snow breeze 16/4/0Snow brings the cold 16/6/0
Snow chances? 0/0/0Snow cover 0/0/0Snow Cover About Gone 9/1/0Snow Cover and Cold Lows 40/7/0
Snow Cover and Highs 25/5/3Snow Cover Differences 10/2/2Snow Cover Impact 14/4/3Snow cover makes a difference 49/20/0
Snow cover probabilities 30/26/0Snow deficit for almost everyone 35/9/0Snow depth changes 26/9/0Snow Depth Data 67/36/0
Snow Destruction 17/5/0Snow did not last long 31/4/0Snow Events 37/6/0Snow Events and Totals 18/9/4
Snowfall common for today? 29/19/0Snowfall Departures 9/2/3Snowfall Forecasts 11/3/2Snow for everybody 23/11/0
Snow for Friday 36/12/0Snow for much longer? 16/7/0Snow For Sale 0/0/0Snow for Thanksgiving 18/3/0
Snow free period 32/3/0Snow from Space 15/0/0Snow going to stick around? 33/10/0Snow gradient 25/5/0
Snow + Highs on Saturday 12/4/5Snow Hole 24/1/0Snow inequality 20/5/0Snow Inequity 39/5/4
Snow in the hills 1/0/0Snow is almost gone 0/0/0Snow is gone... for now 24/6/0Snow is good 0/0/0
Snow is here 16/2/0Snow keeping us cool 9/4/0Snowless Belt 0/0/0Snowless Monday 0/0/0
Snow makes a difference 38/4/0Snow Makes Big Difference 7/0/0Snowmobiling 0/0/0Snow mostly gone 56/46/0
Snow on the Eagles 27/7/0Snow on the roads 11/2/0Snow possible today? 33/10/0Snow snow snow, yes yes yes! 32/18/0
Snows, then warms up 17/7/0Snow Sticking Around 0/0/0Snow Storm #1 74/18/0Snow Storm #10 23/4/0
Snow Storm #11 30/5/0Snow Storm #12 26/5/0Snow Storm #13 23/10/0Snow Storm #17 3/1/0
Snow Storm #2 34/9/0Snow Storm #4 52/15/0Snow Storm #5 13/4/0Snow Storm #6 39/11/0
Snow Storm #7 26/5/0Snow Storm #8 29/7/0Snow Storm #9 23/6/0Snow to plow again 15/10/0
Snow Total Departures 33/15/8Snow Totals and Events 30/5/0Snow vs Precip Totals 34/18/20Snow, wind, and roads 53/14/0
Snowy areas are below zero 7/5/0Snowy roads again 16/12/0Snowy winter 34/13/0Soaking Rainfall 37/9/0
Soaking Rains 0/0/0So far this September 8/4/0So far this year 12/8/0Softball hail! 19/4/0
Sog and Fog 19/8/0Soggy April 35/13/0Soggy September Start 3/3/0Soil is getting warmer! 23/5/0
Soil is warming 12/5/0Soil Moisture Deficit 21/7/0Soil moisture replenishing 11/3/0Soil Periods 9/0/1
Soil Rebound 0/0/0Soil Response 0/0/0Soil Temperature Gradient 10/0/0Soil Temps 0/0/0
Soil Temps are Struggling 22/4/0Soil temps below average 25/4/0Soil temps continue to fall 10/1/0Soil temps responding to fall 20/1/0
Soil Water Changes 9/1/0Solar Radiation 47/7/0Solar Struggles 12/0/0So many interesting things 33/2/0
Some 110s 17/5/1Some are experiencing normal temps 20/4/0Some are getting rain 15/5/0Some bare patches 20/8/0
Somebody will get it 0/0/0Some D3 Rainfall 51/13/0Some deficits 25/8/0Some Drought Help 11/0/0
Some dryness 18/1/0Some dryness to worry about 15/5/0Some freezing fog 7/3/0Some get snow, all get cold 0/0/0
Some got lucky 64/14/0Some green out there 12/10/0Some have yet to see cold 15/1/0Some heavy August rain 16/13/0
Some improvement 72/12/0Some in the 20s 17/4/0Some like it Hot! 0/0/0Some local differences 8/7/0
Some melting requested 12/2/0Some missed out 30/12/0Some moisture to wring out 7/2/0Some more rain 0/0/0
Some more wintery precip 17/9/0Some much needed rainfall 51/14/0Some needed rain for Ames 12/7/0Some rain for your Wednesday 0/0/0
Some rain is better than none 13/3/0Some rain, not enough. 0/0/0Some snow for all 17/5/0Some snow next week? 25/8/0
Some still waiting for first snowfall 16/2/0Some Sub-50s 12/0/0Something had to give. 0/0/0Some welcome relief 30/17/0
Some well above freezing 11/3/0Some were in the 50s! 36/17/0Somewhat lucky for two days of 60s 15/4/0Somewhere in the middle 0/0/0
Some will get snow 28/11/0Some wind with that rain 19/0/0So much for August 0/0/0Southeast vs Northwest Iowa 10/2/2
Southern Severe thus far 72/31/0Southern Storms 0/0/0Southwesterly winds continue to be rare 9/4/0Southwestern Iowa Rainfall 25/7/5
Southwest winds are the hot ones 32/11/0Soybean Harvest Progress 13/0/0Soybean planting progress 164/20/0Spatial Variation 0/0/0
SPC Watches 15/5/1SPC Watch Issuance Confidence 6/0/0Spectacular Friday 29/10/0Spectacular Sunday 0/0/0
Spectacular Weather 34/17/0Speeding 30/15/0Spotty Frost 0/0/0Spring 70+ Highs 8/0/0
Spring Arridity 10/1/0Spring Break? 0/0/0Spring break coming? 25/9/0Spring Contrast 8/0/0
Spring Dew Points 17/13/12Springfield Heat Burst 40/5/0Spring has sprung 0/0/0Spring High Percentiles 17/7/0
Spring into heavy rainfall 41/22/0Spring is coming? 38/11/0Spring is here! 0/0/0Spring is Here? 0/0/0
Spring is in the Air 0/0/0Spring Precipitation 33/16/31Spring Rains 0/0/0Spring recoveries 22/13/0
Spring Starts Soon? 18/5/3Spring Starts Stats 38/33/33Spring thaw 25/12/0Springtime 0/0/0
Springtime Storms 0/0/0Squaw Creek flooding 23/20/0Squaw Creek Ice Jam 36/8/0Stagnant Weather 7/1/0
Stalled Front 0/0/0Stalled Out 0/0/0Starting off below zero 7/4/0Starting off wet 0/0/0
Start of Summer 15/7/8Start of Summer? 0/0/0State Softball Tournament 0/0/0Staying above the trend line 14/6/0
Staying green 0/0/0Staying power of 70 18/4/0Staying warm at night 8/3/0Stay in the 80s 18/1/0
Stay up there, cold air 5/2/0Steady it goes 22/5/0Steamy July 19/2/0Step in the Right Direction 10/0/0
Stepping along 28/3/0Stepping Down 7/11/3Stepping The Heat Down 8/0/0Steps down 19/7/8
Sticky Morning 0/0/0Sticky Summer Days 0/0/0Still #1 65/13/0Still a bit below normal 12/3/0
Still avoiding cold air 27/6/0Still behind 0/0/0Still below average SDDs 8/4/0Still digging out 5/1/0
Still Dry 0/0/0Still featuring July 10/6/0Still February, Still Winter 7/13/0Still hanging around... 0/0/0
Still have some snow to melt 25/11/0Still have to worry about freezes 38/7/0Still in the lead 24/5/0Still looking dry 14/6/0
Still no improvement 53/13/0Still no rain 18/13/0Still running the furnace 0/0/0Still Summer? 0/0/0
Still Summer, Still Hot! 0/0/0Still the contrast 0/0/0Still time for more 90s 30/7/0Still time to improve 17/1/0
Still warm and muggy 0/0/0Still warm soils 15/8/7Still warmth in the soil 28/6/0Still Winter... 0/0/0
Stocks go up, Temperatures go down 25/9/0Stopped at the border 7/4/0Storm Attributes 10/0/0Storm-Based Warnings 18/8/0
Storm based warnings are coming 31/5/0Storms are back 29/10/0Storms continue 15/7/0Storms on the horizon 16/7/0
Storm Speed and Motion 175/22/0Storms today, stronger storms tomorrow 6/2/0Storm takes southern route 25/8/0Stormy Friday 19/9/0
Stormy Pattern 24/10/0Stormy Weather Continues 0/0/0Stormy weather is back 19/7/0Story County shield 23/4/0
Strange cloud formations 26/4/0Streak above 70 ends 39/10/0Streak above 70 in September 17/7/6Streak above Freezing in December 19/6/4
Streak below 50 degrees 39/8/0Streaks 36/6/0Streaks above 60 6/1/0Streaks below 80 in July 7/0/0
Streaks below freezing 27/11/0Streaks of 80 17/2/0Streaks of 90+ 10/6/0Streaks of snow 7/3/0
Streaks without precipitation 19/5/0Streak without a record high 28/5/0Stressing Out 17/4/0Stretches below Freezing 16/7/7
Stretch of cold weather 16/9/0Stripe of Heavy Rainfall 20/10/9Strong cold front 36/7/0Strong Front Moving Through... 0/0/0
Strong Little Storm 0/0/0Strong Ridge 70/15/0Strong Storms 0/0/0Strong storms today 15/8/0
Strong Systems 21/21/0Strong winds mixing down 21/6/0Struggle with dry air 0/0/0Stuck in the middle 0/0/0
Stuck in the middle is good 29/11/0Stuck with dry aridity 32/3/0Sub 50 then Sub 32 6/3/1Sub 50 then Sub 40 10/1/0
Sub-60 Dew Points in July 99/13/0Sub 60s set to return 27/4/0Sub-65 Sept High 7/2/0Sub-freezing climatology 21/1/0
Sub-freezing days 20/10/0Sub-Zero Days 111/17/12Sub-Zero Frequencies 7/6/4Sub-Zero Hours 30/3/5
Sub-Zero Time 14/4/0Sub Zero Wind Chills 20/6/0Summer Arridity Index 10/2/0Summer humidity 16/2/0
Summer is Back! 0/0/0Summerlike in March 20/6/0Summer-like rainfall in summer! 31/13/0Summer-like storms 27/9/0
Summerlike weather is back 9/3/0Summer of Flooding 14/0/0Summer rainfall 2008 14/8/0Summer School 0/0/0
Summer starts muggy 9/9/0Summer Storms 0/0/0Summer Storms Possible 0/0/0Summertime Dew Points 22/18/0
Sunday Night's event 18/14/0Sunday Night WInd 18/6/0Sunday Severe Reports 14/6/5Sun Dogs 4/3/1
Sun has some power these days 20/8/0Sun is doing all the work 28/15/0Sunny and Snow Covered Saturday 21/11/8Sunny at noon? 50/22/0
Sunny Sunday 0/0/0Sunny Weekend 9/0/0Sunny weekend helped 15/5/0Sun, SE winds, and cold 34/3/0
Sunshine again 13/7/0Sunshine Differences 10/0/0Sunshine Return Helps 9/0/0Sun, Sun, Hello Mr. Sun 25/15/0
Sun tries to help 12/6/0Super Cold! 0/0/0Super Saturday 19/4/0Super snowfall 26/8/0
Super Snow for Tuesday 26/8/0Super Tuesday Storm 35/11/0Sure isn't 1936 21/5/0Surpassing 1993 32/12/0
Surprise Inch 8/3/0Sustained Winds 42/4/3Svr/Tor Warning during Blizzard Warning 31/6/3Svr Warnings by Week 17/4/1
Swath of ~4 inches 20/4/0Swath of ice 14/4/0Swath of Snow 0/0/0SWAW Day 2: Floods 0/0/0
SWAW Day 3: Tornados 0/0/0SWAW Day 4: Heat 0/0/0SWAW Day 5: Products 0/0/0Swept the heat out 12/2/0
SW Iowa missing out 14/6/0Take a bite out of the curve 22/6/0Take the snow, not the wind 0/0/0Taking a nose drive 28/7/0
Taking the stairs up and down 14/2/0Tale of Three Cities 20/1/0Tale of Two Novembers 6/2/0Tassel to Silking Period 6/0/1
Teasing spring 11/2/0Teens are exceptional 26/6/0Teens aren't that cold 14/5/0Temperature Analytics 48/10/0
Temperature bins 18/6/3Temperature Distributions 11/6/9Temperature during snowfall 44/8/0Temperature percentiles 16/6/0
Temperatures are stuck 7/2/0Temperature Spreads 13/5/2Temperature streaks 27/10/0Temperature supports 19/6/0
Temps and Humidity 13/8/8Temps and Winds 29/32/0Temps and Winds are up 38/7/0Temps below average 25/2/1
Temps cut in half 11/3/0Temps since 1 December 8/1/0Temps since 1 July 11/4/2Temps when Precipitating 13/1/0
Terrible Thursday 58/31/0Thanksgiving Treat 28/7/0Thanksgiving Warmth 21/7/0Thank you. 0/0/0
Thank you, I will have another 9/11/0That blue on the RADAR must be snow 10/2/0That escalated quickly 62/15/11That is the sun 10/2/0
That's More Like It! 0/0/0That was quick 9/6/0Thawing 0/0/0The Big Chill 0/0/0
The chances for frost 42/24/0The Coldest Morning 0/0/0The first and the last 130/22/0The Gamut of Products 8/0/0
The green plan 0/0/0The haves and havenots 15/4/0The heat is on 42/6/0The hindrance of snow 26/5/0
The hole continues 14/3/0The Last Tornado Warning 172/19/0The lucky few 0/0/0The moving water tower or... 30/5/0
The Race to 12 inches 45/3/0These are our lows? 11/2/0The sea was angry that day... 0/0/0The second day of spring? 16/10/0
The slide into winter 23/4/0The Snow is Retreating 0/0/0The Snow Storm that wasn't 0/0/0The story continues to be... 0/0/0
The Streak ends... 0/0/0The Summer of '09 22/16/0The Sun has the power 40/6/0The sun returns 6/3/0
The warmest since... 22/14/0The week after a high of 80 67/14/0The wind and the cold 44/27/0The Winds of Change 0/0/0
The worst of summer? 18/7/7The year is half over 0/0/0Thick fog 12/7/0Thin Clouds 30/7/0
Think cold thoughts 16/5/0Third driest 23/4/0This ain't right 46/10/0This August versus previous 15/7/0
This could be it 18/6/0This dog will hunt 21/16/0This explains a lot 20/4/0This is coming our way 25/6/0
This is Iowa Weather 86/15/0This isn't funny! 0/0/0This is outstanding! 0/0/0This is so 2008 27/15/0
This it for August? 69/8/0This time, its Northern Iowa 13/4/0This year from last 43/4/0Those cold winds of May? 10/8/0
Those Cool July Days 0/0/0Those that have seen snow 25/5/0Those that missed out 17/10/0Thousand miles of wind 34/6/0
Three Arridities 10/0/1Three days of 60+ 11/4/0Three days of 70+ 20/26/12three months down, nine to go 20/8/0
Three Week Change 17/10/8Three weeks behind 16/1/0Throwing Darts 12/0/1Thunder! 0/0/0
Thunderboomer! 14/7/0Thunder by Hour 18/8/5Thunder Climatology 29/4/0Thundershowers 0/0/0
Thundersnow 23/5/0Thundersnow coming? 19/8/0Thunderstorm and Winds 18/10/8Thunderstorms! 0/0/0
Thunderstorms are back 10/5/0Thunderstorms Return 21/8/5Thursday Heat Burst Event 84/25/0Thursday Thunder! 0/0/0
Tied December Max 14/1/0Tilling up mud 18/11/0Time below 0 41/3/3Time for Summer 0/0/0
Time of Observation Bias 15/6/6Time of Record Temps 42/13/0Time Yet for Snow 13/0/0Tin Foil Hat Time 34/5/0
Tis the season... 24/10/0To be at or above freezing 18/6/0To Date Fall Mins 12/11/8To date maximums 45/35/28
To Date Ranks 8/12/8Today will be above normal 7/7/0To have 7 straight days 18/3/0Tomorrow's tomorrow is not like today 26/8/0
Too cold for June 34/5/0Too cool for August 22/16/0Too dry and too wet 21/4/0Too far north? 0/0/0
Too few days 20/4/0Too hot to too cold 16/8/0Too many of these events 31/6/0Too many spikes 18/4/0
Too many to count 30/7/0Too much northwest flow 20/2/0Too much rain again 23/7/0Too much rain coming 28/10/0
Too much rain in one month 15/3/0Too muddy to harvest 51/29/0Too nice for January 19/9/0Top July Rainfalls 9/0/0
Top June Hourly Rainfalls 12/3/0Tornado! 0/0/0Tornadoes, after dark 15/3/0Tornadoes again 14/6/0
Tornado or Not Tornado? 8/30/0Tornado or Not Tornado II 32/8/0Tornado threat to end April 40/24/0Tornado Vortex Signatures 122/25/0
Tornado Warning Days 30/5/0Tornado Warning Polygons 15/1/0Tornado Warnings by Hour 13/6/1Tornado Warnings thus far 23/2/2
Tornado Warning Today 0/0/0Tornado Watches and wind 17/9/0Tornado Watches into Warnings 7/0/1To the June record 13/2/4
Tough Driving 0/0/0Tough to harvest 16/7/0Trade your car for a snowmobile? 23/12/0Trailing SPI 5/2/0
Training Thunderstorms 15/6/6Tranquility 0/0/0Transition Period 0/0/0Transition season 9/2/0
Transpiration 0/0/0Trap Weather 11/6/7Travel degradation 36/6/0Travel issues again 29/19/0
Travel Not Advised 26/7/0Trending back to normal, for now 15/5/0Tropical October 20/4/0Tropical Storm Alberto 7/2/0
Tropical Storm Fay 20/10/0Tropical to Canadian 0/0/0Tropical Weather 8/1/0TS Erin 21/6/0
Tuesday's rain misses Monday's rain 12/0/0Turkey River Flooding 23/2/0Turkey Temperatures 5/0/0Turned the corner 27/13/0
Turned the corner? 0/0/0Turning colder 10/6/0Turns cold 10/1/0Turn up the heat! 0/0/0
Two chances 12/2/0Two cool months in a row? 39/9/0Two cool stretches 18/16/0Two days all below 80 13/2/0
Two days of 96+ 128/23/0Two feet of snow! 14/3/0Two hours of precip 51/9/5Two inch contributions 71/11/0
Two inches statewide 76/15/0Two MCSs and two watches 11/5/0Two Month Comparisons 19/9/6Two Months in a Row 9/2/0
Two months to go 25/3/0Two sided system 17/1/2Two Sigma Weather 14/5/0Two to Four Feet 76/6/0
Two Top Ten April Lows 9/1/0Two warm days 12/12/0Typical Fall Weather 0/0/0Ugly scar 33/8/0
Ugly Weather 0/0/0Uncomfortable Days 46/153/0Uncomfortable dew points 17/3/0Uncomfortable Humidity Returns 10/0/0
Underachieving 24/23/0Underperforming 22/4/0Undular Bore 10/0/0Unequally warm July 14/5/0
Unique Alert Counts 7/3/1Unreliable Dew Points 54/5/0Unresolved Problems 9/9/0Unseasonably Cool. 0/0/0
Unseasonal 0/0/0Unseasonally Cool 0/0/0Unsettled into the weekend 26/8/0Unsettled weather continues 14/6/0
Unusually cool 14/4/0Upcoming September Slide 7/1/0Upcoming Wet Three Days 12/0/0Updated Aridity Plot 64/6/0
Upper 40s 9/3/0Upper 70s, not lower 60s 16/2/0Upper End 23/11/0Upper low moves out 27/16/0
Ups and Downs for Year 19/13/8Ups and Downs of Winter 13/7/4Upsidedown looking plot 22/8/0Up then down 0/0/0
Up, then down 15/10/0Uptick in moisture 10/11/0Up to a quick inch 17/8/0Upward trend continues 11/3/0
Upward trend for the weekend 21/14/0US-20 Storm 22/9/0Vacuous Weather 0/0/0Variability 0/0/0
Variability is normal 8/2/0Variability since Last Quarter Inch 13/0/0Variable Temps 0/0/0Very cold for March 31/4/5
Very Cold Soil Temps 8/0/0Very cold Sunday 0/0/0Very cold wind chills 27/4/5Very high pressures 29/5/3
Very low humidities 11/3/0Very Warm Saturday 7/2/0Very Warm September 34/27/13Very warm two weeks 29/4/0
Very Wet October 10/0/0Veterans Day Severe Weather 14/0/1View from above 0/0/0View from space 19/4/1
Visibility Frequencies 24/6/0Visible Snow Line 12/4/0Visible Water 0/0/0Visitor from above 12/8/0
VORTEX2 Buzzkill 27/7/0Waffling Front 7/0/0Waiting for 90 19/5/8Waiting for first inch 11/4/1
Waiting for Frances 0/0/0Waiting for spring 84/7/0Waiting water 31/10/0Wake Low 14/7/0
Wake up T'Storms 0/0/0Wall Clouds 0/0/0Warm 3 weeks 25/8/0Warm above our heads 18/3/0
Warm air advection is back 9/5/0Warm Air is Waiting 0/0/0Warm Air Returns 13/5/0Warm air staying southwest 119/81/0
Warm and breezy Saturday 26/11/0Warm and Cold April Highs 13/10/0Warm and cold days this year 15/14/0Warm and Cool July stretches 19/11/14
Warm and low humidity 13/8/0Warm and Windy Memorial Day 7/6/0Warm April Nights 24/11/0Warm at night 25/8/0
Warm August as well? 18/8/0Warm day before the fun starts 15/4/0Warm Days this Summer 16/5/0Warm December Soils 6/0/0
Warm December Temperatures 6/1/0Warm Easter 17/6/3Warm enough for tillage 11/12/0Warm enough to plant corn 41/10/0
Warmer air again 0/0/0Warmer air, but it comes with fog 25/0/0Warmer and less windy December 16/1/0Warmer days than last year 43/12/0
Warmer Friday 0/0/0Warmer High Temperature 18/9/0Warmer in Barrow, Alaska 26/4/0Warmer in the east 8/4/0
Warmer lows than highs 31/6/0Warmer March in store? 13/6/0Warmer Soil 0/0/0Warmer Soil Temps 0/0/0
Warmer than 2008 16/6/0Warmer than expected 16/12/0Warmer than to colder than 29/7/4Warmer today, warmer tomorrow 0/0/0
Warmer weather to come? 13/2/0Warmest 4 Jan on record 27/9/0Warmest at midnight 13/3/0Warmest Day of November 10/0/0
Warmest Day of the Year 0/0/0Warmest days of the year 15/3/0Warmest day yet? 59/11/0Warmest Fall 15/3/0
Warmest for a long while 44/12/0Warmest Half of State 8/5/2Warmest July Temps 15/4/7Warmest Months 5/0/0
Warmest Since Christmas 10/1/0Warmest Since Last Year 8/0/0Warmest start to a year for Ames 19/6/0Warmest stretches in March 18/7/0
Warmest summer since 1988 26/8/0Warmest temperatures so far 20/5/0Warmest Three Day Period 8/0/0Warmest time of year 13/3/0
Warmest weather in a long time 26/6/0Warmest Year to Date 14/25/5Warm Fall Minimums 22/15/8Warm ground for early spring 21/7/0
Warming Back Up 0/0/0Warming the soil 20/4/0Warming the soil back up 17/6/0Warming Trend Continues 0/0/0
Warming up for V-Day 16/3/0Warming up over night 21/3/0Warming, While Climatology Cools 10/0/0Warm July Nights 56/3/0
Warm June thus far 24/27/0Warm Lows 8/0/0Warm March Day 20/15/11Warm May Nights 15/5/0
Warm Mins to Date 22/23/5Warm Mothers Day 6/0/0Warm nights in the city 30/8/0Warm November Day 12/2/0
Warm October 7/0/2Warm October Day 9/1/1Warm pavement 7/3/0Warm pavement makes safe driving 16/3/0
Warm September 42/7/0Warm Side 13/10/6Warm Soil 0/0/0Warm southwest winds 40/19/0
Warm start for the year 47/13/0Warm Start to March 14/0/0Warm start to Winter 15/5/0Warm Stretch after Cold Start 11/7/4
Warm sunday forecasted 15/7/0Warms up, then rains 26/9/0Warmth and rain 15/6/0Warmth continues 29/22/0
Warmth, then snow 16/6/0Warmth underneath 0/0/0Warmup hurts snow chances 33/4/3Warm ups have been brief 58/51/0
Warm up the sirens 18/10/0Warm weather after frozen day 21/6/0Warm Winter 24/5/0Warm winter so far 16/4/0
Warm Winter so Far 35/10/0Warning Geometries 29/20/20Warning Percentages 54/7/0Warnings by Hour 46/12/0
Warnings for this year and last 10/9/0Warnings Galore 25/7/0Warnings per month 18/9/0Was hoping for more rain 75/12/0
Wash, rinse, and repeat 0/0/0Was is a blizzard? 22/12/9Was that November? 0/0/0Watch Count This Year 44/12/0
Watch Duration 16/9/5Watches 5/0/0Watches by year 11/5/0Watches for the year 27/11/0
Watch Frequencies 74/7/0Watching for a long time 39/4/0Watching for hours 41/13/0Watching for winter 26/21/0
Watching more than Texas 33/5/0Watch into Warning 47/22/15Water above our heads 80/15/0Waterloo Event 41/8/0
Waterloo v Oelwein 16/8/7Water Pump 0/0/0Water ready to move 29/8/0Way above average highs 13/2/2
Way above normal 0/0/0Way above to way below 26/14/0Way below normal 0/0/0Way to end a wild weekend 28/33/0
Way too hot 0/0/0Way to the right 24/9/9Weather Caucus 0/0/0Weather on the 4th 47/2/0
Weather Phases 58/11/0Weather Rollercoaster 0/0/0Weather vacation 18/5/0Weather Variability 0/0/0
Weather won't shutdown 25/5/0Wednesday Drop 11/4/0Wednesday rainout 21/1/0Week Early for 90 12/0/0
Weekend on the cool side 15/3/0Weekend warmer than July 36/13/0Weekend was not a washout 31/9/0Weekly Corn Planting 19/11/4
Weekly Corn Planting Progress 12/0/0Weekly Drought Monitor 18/12/0Weekly Squaw Flows 163/24/0Weekly Squaw River Flows 23/2/5
Weekly Temperatures 82/5/0Weekly Tornado Warnings 75/9/0Week of Frozen Weather 18/9/8Week of Mostly Dry Weather 11/5/7
Week of Warnings 9/0/0Welcome back MCS 48/9/0Welcome back Mr Sun 28/8/0Welcome Belmond Klemme! 0/0/0
Welcome Dennis 8/4/0Welcome for the weekend 15/9/0Welcome front 10/4/0Welcome Inwood 0/0/0
Welcome Leon! 0/0/0Welcome Rain. 0/0/0Welcome School Net Data 0/0/0Well above normal 17/5/0
We'll take the 70s 19/4/0We're cuckoo for CoCoRaHS! 11/5/0West-East Snow Gradient 42/7/4Western half missing out 26/8/0
Western Half needs rain 34/24/0Western Plains Blizzard 17/0/0Western Ridge 0/0/0Western Warmup 0/0/0
Wet and Dry Months 15/9/0Wet April, Dry May 10/8/0Wet August Stretch 13/4/6Wet Bulb Effect 9/0/0
Wet Day Average 16/8/7Wet end to June 11/0/0Wet July and August 25/12/0Wet June 9/2/2
Wet June Already 16/2/0Wet March thus far 11/7/0Wet Memorial Weekend 15/7/3Wet November 16/10/0
Wet November for Iowa 14/4/6Wet October 9/0/0Wet Pavement 50/5/2Wet Period in Cycle 13/5/5
Wet periods in Iowa History 30/2/0Wet six days 251/34/0Wet spring for Iowa 73/10/0Wetter November 11/1/0
Wetter than Ames 7/0/0Wettest month 19/8/0Wettest Month and Corn Yield 8/2/3Wettest Month for Waterloo 10/1/0
Wettest Periods 40/40/30Wettest September 11/0/0Wettest Spring 65/13/0Wet Thanksgiving 23/12/15
Wet then dry, dry then wet 37/17/0Wet two days 41/4/0Wet two weeks 27/13/0Wet Waterloo 30/21/0
Wet Weather Returns 10/0/0Wet week 18/8/4Wet Weekend 13/13/6Wet weekend for most 40/10/0
Wet weeks 63/8/0Wet Week Upcoming 10/0/0Wet Winter 19/9/11Wet Wisconsin 8/0/0
We will take 80 degrees 22/3/0What a change! 0/0/0What a difference 24 hours makes 23/2/0What is normal for today? 17/5/0
What is this? 0/0/0What is this blue stuff? 0/0/0What is this CAP? 0/0/0What is your range? 22/15/0
What's Cool? 0/0/0What season is this? 0/0/0What's this, rain? 18/7/0What to hope for? 30/7/0
What was the low in Ames yesterday? 21/5/0What will it be? 0/0/0When did the drought start? 43/27/0When does it rain? 42/24/0
When does spring start? 20/5/0When does the max dewpoint occur? 26/6/0When does White Christmas arrive? 42/7/0When does winter start? 31/4/0
When do highs occur? 27/7/0When do lows occur? 23/12/0When it rained, it poured 0/0/0When there is snowcover on Christmas... 11/8/0
When to plant? 27/7/0Where did 11 July rains fall? 6/2/1Where did the white stuff come from? 11/6/0Where's it raining? 21/3/0
Where's it warmer? 0/0/0Where's the cold air? 0/0/0Where's the snow ? 0/0/0Where's the snow? 0/0/0
Where there was snow, there was trouble 37/3/6Where to find the coldest weather? 23/6/0Where to find the wettest weather? 14/6/0Where to go for warmest weather? 31/9/0
Where will the next rain fall? 20/12/0Where will the water go? 28/4/0Which season is this? 16/10/0White Christmas 14/7/5
White Christmas Doubtful 0/0/0White Christmas for some 0/0/0White Christmas Guarantee? 15/13/0White Christmas guaranteed? 13/2/0
White Christmas Influence 25/14/0White on Brown 29/6/0White Thanksgiving? 0/0/0White Thanksgiving and Christmas 106/26/17
White till Christmas? 23/2/0Whoa, cold morning! 21/6/0Who forgot to pay the heating bill? 13/4/0Wichita Heat Burst 39/19/0
Wichita, KS Heat Burst 218/15/0Wide Range 23/10/9Widespread severe event 22/9/0Wild February 18/1/0
Wild start to May 17/5/0Wild swing upward 22/2/0Wild Weather Ride! 0/0/0Wild Weather Roller-coaster 0/0/0
Wild Weather Week 20/6/0Wild Weather Week Ahead 0/0/0Wild Weather Year 0/0/0Wild Weekend! 0/0/0
Will 70+ dew points return? 23/5/0Will heavy snow come for central Iowa? 21/5/0Will Isaac become a Hurricane? 51/16/0Will it ever snow? 85/12/0
Will take 70 for March 15/20/5Will the heavy rain stay south? 19/2/0Will the light snow be enough? 0/0/0Will the rains stop again? 26/6/2
Will the streak continue? 21/6/0Will we have to pay for this later? 22/6/0Will we see the 90s? 25/7/0Wilmington, NC Record Rainfall 16/1/0
Wind Advisories 16/3/4Wind Advisories per Year 8/2/0Wind and cold 20/5/0Wind and Hail 12/8/5
Wind and Hail Tags 7/0/0Wind Chill Advisories 14/1/0Wind Chill Advisories/Warnings 35/8/4Wind Chill Alerts 16/8/3
Wind Chill Frequencies 61/5/3Wind Chill Hours 67/13/0Wind Chill Map 17/2/0Wind Chill Time 54/40/45
Wind Chill Warning 20/7/4Wind Chill Warnings 13/9/7Wind Chilly 0/0/0Wind Climatology 7/1/0
Wind Component Climatology 9/0/0Wind components 43/6/0Wind Direction 10/0/0Wind Direction and Dew Point 30/14/25
Wind from the East... 0/0/0Wind in April 30/4/0Wind reliability 17/5/0Wind roses 40/9/0
Winds and Rain 12/5/0Winds from the gulf 74/14/0Windy afternoon 19/3/0Windy and Low Humidity 35/8/0
Windy + Cool then Windy + Warm 20/0/0Windy day 21/5/0Windy Days 14/2/0Windy Friday 24/11/9
Windy January 28/7/6Windy March 0/0/0Windy May 37/9/0Windy month 28/9/0
Windy past two days 30/9/0Windy Start to April 12/1/2Windy Sunday 24/4/0Windy Thursday 35/11/0
Windy Tuesday 34/4/2Windy wake low 27/10/0Windy When Warm 19/8/2Windy, Windy, Windy. 0/0/0
Winter Frozen Days 39/23/25Winter Headlines 5/0/0Winter Highs Above Freezing 26/3/4Winter is back... 0/0/0
Winter is back again. 0/0/0Winter is here! 0/0/0Winter is still here 29/18/0Winter less likely 26/10/0
Winter Low Ceilings 11/0/0Winter makes a comeback 19/1/0Winter making a comeback 28/5/0Winter Mins 12/8/3
Winter mix is back 26/11/0Winter not going away.. 0/0/0Winter not going away... 0/0/0Winter of our discount-tent 0/0/0
Winter Prediction 26/4/0Winter's Coldest Low 30/12/0Winter Shock 27/13/17Winter Snow Cover Days 9/1/0
Winter Snowfall Departures 15/0/0Winter Storm #1 12/1/0Winter Storm #14 17/4/0Winter Storm #15 15/11/0
Winter Storm #16 16/5/0Winter Storm for this morning 18/5/0Winter Storm Warning 15/5/6Winter Storm Warning Counts 6/0/0
Winter Storm Warnings 61/16/8Winter Storm Warnings per Year 24/12/10Winter Storm Watch 20/2/0Winter Temperature Departure 37/4/2
Winter vs Spring 0/0/0Winter Weather 0/0/0Winter Weather Advisories 13/1/1Winter Weather is back 0/0/0
Winter won't quit 32/7/0Wisconsin is most behind 11/0/0Wish these were our high temps 33/8/0With and Without Snow Cover 7/0/0
Within a few inches 18/22/0Within Two Degrees 9/0/0Woefully short 30/8/0Wonderful 80s 21/6/0
Wonderful Rainfall 14/10/0Wonderful Thursday 0/0/0Wonderful week in store 22/4/0Won't sit still 0/0/0
Won't top July 19/5/1Working on four months 11/2/0World Series Home Run Derby 18/0/2Worsening Drought 15/0/0
Worse than 2012 for some 95/17/0Worse than last year 143/20/0Yearly Corn Harvest Progress 11/4/5Yearly Max Temperature 19/8/0
Yearly profiles 38/7/0Yearly Warning Totals 26/13/6Year of Last 100+ Degree High 7/0/0Year of Last Tornado Warning 22/3/4
Years since the record 18/3/0Year to date warnings 115/17/0Yellow Labor Day 15/0/0Yesterday's frost 17/2/0
Yesterday's Precipitation 10/2/0Yesterday's Severe Warnings 8/1/1Yesterday was hot 22/6/0Yet Another Cold Front 0/0/0
Yet another day over 80 16/4/0Yet Another Hot Day 0/0/0Yet another July feature 12/3/0Yet another snowy day 16/6/0
Yet another well above average month 104/17/0Yet more snow! 19/6/0Yet to see zero 15/2/0YouTube Fun 50/39/0
Yucky snow 17/12/0Zero Visibility 0/0/0