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Friday, 13 February 2015

All Winter below 50 Degrees

Posted: 13 Feb 2015 05:50 AM

The featured map displays the percentage of winter seasons that fail to reach 50 degrees for at least one day that season. There is nothing special about the number 50 for this metric. The map depicts a large contrast over our region with southern locations at or near zero percent (meaning they always see at least one day per winter over 50) and places over Minnesota approaching one hundred percent (every winter is below 50). The climate district averages are plotted, which raises the bar a bit for the threshold to be breached by a number of local weather stations and not just one. It is interesting to note that the gradient is not a flat north to south one, but tilts as you approach the high plains. The proximity to the mountains helps those locations warm quickly as down slope wind events drive rapid warm ups.

Good = 40
Bad = 21
Abstain = 18

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