New! ISU Soil Moisture Network

Iowa State University is in the process of deploying a new network of automated weather equipment with the standard suite of weather instruments along with soil temperature and moisture sensors. The soil moisture data is a work-in-progress as a calibration step is yet necessary at many of the sites.

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The map is displaying Air Temperature [F] valid at 2019/01/17 19:00

Rainfall Disclaimer:

The Soil Moisture Network uses a non-heated tipping bucket rain gage and is unable to measure snowfall. If you are interested in higher quality precipitation data, check out the NWS COOP network of human observations.

Legacy ISU AgClimate Network

23 April 2014: Data is no longer being collected from these stations. You will want to use the "Soil Moisture Network" above as your source for this type of data.

The Iowa State University "Ag Climate" network is one of the nation's oldest automated weather observation networks with data dating back to 1986. These stations are scheduled to be removed during the spring of 2014.