Archived Pilot Reports (PIREPs)

The IEM attempts to process a feed of Pilot Reports (PIREPs). This processing is done via the PyIEM Library. Sadly, there is not strict coherence to a format specification and so a number of reports are simply unparsable. This archive should not be considered 'complete'.

Due to filesize and speed, you can only request up to 120 days of data at a time!

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(Times are in UTC.)
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Shapefile DBF schema:

Field 0: Type=C/String, Title='VALID', Timestamp in UTC
Field 1: Type=C/String, Title='URGENT', Was this an urgent PIREP
Field 2: Type=C/String, Title='AIRCRAFT', Reported Aircraft type
Field 3: Type=C/String, Title='REPORT', The PIREP Report
Field 4: Type=N/Double, Title='LAT', Latitude
Field 5: Type=N/Double, Title='LON', Longitude 

Archive notes: