Current Severe Weather

GIS Local Storm Reports

  • Past 24 hours of Storm Reports
    ESRI Shapefile, Comma Delimited, GeoJSON
    The IEM parses the realtime feed of NWS Local Storm Reports. Every 5 minutes, a process collects up the last 24 hours worth of reports and dumps them to the above files.
  • Download Archived LSRs
    Generate a shapefile of LSRs for a period of your choice dating back to 2003!

GIS Watch/Warnings

  • Current Shapefile
    A shapefile of active county based and storm based based weather warnings. This file is updated every 5 minutes.
  • Download Archived NWS Warnings
    Generate a GIS shapefile of weather warnings for a time period of your choice!

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Severe Weather Outlooks

Storm Prediction Center convective outlooks:

Current Day 1 Outlook
Day 1 Outlook

Current Day 2 Outlook
Day 2 Outlook

Current Day 3 Outlook
Day 3 Outlook

Current Day 4-8 Outlook
Day 4-8 Outlook