This application lists out Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings issued by a National Weather Service office for a given year. The listing includes metadata tags included in the initial warning or SVS update. IMPORTANT: Not all offices include these tags in their warnings! For convience, this application lists out warnings back to 2002 eventhough these tags did not start until recent years. You should be able to copy/paste these tables into Microsoft Excel prior to making the table sortable!

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Tornado Warnings

EventidStart (UTC)End Counties/Parishes Wind TagHail TagTornado TagTornado Damage Tag Storm Speed (kts)
22018/05/02 23282345Ringgold [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED09
32018/05/03 22122245Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED28
SVS2018/05/03 22282245Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
42018/05/03 22262300Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
SVS2018/05/03 22342255Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
52018/05/03 22432304Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Story [IA], Polk [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED34
62018/05/03 22452315Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/05/03 23002308Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED29
72018/05/03 22482305Adair [IA], Madison [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED32
SVS2018/05/03 22572305Adair [IA], Madison [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED32
82018/05/04 00250100Marion [IA], Polk [IA], Jasper [IA], Warren [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/05/04 00420051Marion [IA], Polk [IA], Jasper [IA], Warren [IA]000.75OBSERVED24
SVS2018/05/04 00510056Marion [IA], Polk [IA], Jasper [IA], Warren [IA]000.75OBSERVED21
92018/05/04 00360100Warren [IA], Marion [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/05/04 00490100Warren [IA], Marion [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
102018/05/04 00450115Jasper [IA], Marion [IA]001.00OBSERVED24
SVS2018/05/04 01030115Jasper [IA], Marion [IA]001.00OBSERVED30
112018/05/04 00540130Marion [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/05/04 01170126Marion [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED26
122018/05/04 01280150Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED27
SVS2018/05/04 01480150Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED25
132018/06/09 19572030Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED30
SVS2018/06/09 20102029Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED16
142018/06/09 20202045Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]001.50RADAR INDICATED14
152018/06/09 20372059Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA], Worth [IA]001.75OBSERVED18
162018/06/09 21072145Cerro Gordo [IA]002.00RADAR INDICATED25
SVS2018/06/09 21192140Cerro Gordo [IA]002.00RADAR INDICATED18
172018/06/20 19161945Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
SVS2018/06/20 19301945Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]000.75OBSERVED09
182018/06/20 19221947Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
SVS2018/06/20 19321947Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA]000.75OBSERVED14
192018/06/20 19432030Webster [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED12
SVS2018/06/20 20052025Webster [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED12
202018/06/20 19462003Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED11
212018/06/20 20022013Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED15
222018/06/20 20162045Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED12
SVS2018/06/20 20242040Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED12
232018/06/20 20182115Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED08
SVS2018/06/20 20252033Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED08
SVS2018/06/20 20332044Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED08
SVS2018/06/20 20442113Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75OBSERVED08
242018/06/20 20212100Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
SVS2018/06/20 20422059Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
252018/06/20 20242101Webster [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
SVS2018/06/20 20492101Webster [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
262018/06/20 20572130Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
SVS2018/06/20 21112125Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED10
272018/06/20 22342315Mahaska [IA], Wapello [IA], Monroe [IA]000.75OBSERVED19
SVS2018/06/20 22532307Mahaska [IA], Wapello [IA], Monroe [IA]000.00OBSERVED19
SVS2018/06/20 23072312Mahaska [IA], Wapello [IA], Monroe [IA]000.00OBSERVED19
282018/06/25 21562230Ringgold [IA]000.75OBSERVED16
SVS2018/06/25 22062217Ringgold [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED16
SVS2018/06/25 22172230Ringgold [IA]000.00OBSERVED16
292018/06/25 22192245Ringgold [IA]000.00OBSERVED18
SVS2018/06/25 22332245Ringgold [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED18
302018/06/25 22212245Ringgold [IA], Union [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/06/25 22332245Ringgold [IA], Union [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED22
312018/06/25 22262300Ringgold [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED18
SVS2018/06/25 22422300Ringgold [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED18
322018/06/25 22582330Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED17
SVS2018/06/25 23122328Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED20
332018/06/25 23470015Madison [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED16
SVS2018/06/25 23570008Madison [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED16
SVS2018/06/26 00080014Madison [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED16
342018/06/30 21102128Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED16
SVS2018/06/30 21212128Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED17
352018/06/30 21272145Crawford [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED15
SVS2018/06/30 21332145Crawford [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED16
362018/07/19 19502015Polk [IA], Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/07/19 19572001Polk [IA], Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA]000.75OBSERVED26
SVS2018/07/19 20012015Polk [IA], Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA]001.25OBSERVED26
372018/07/19 20052045Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/07/19 20242045Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
382018/07/19 20112045Jasper [IA]001.25RADAR INDICATED15
SVS2018/07/19 20222030Jasper [IA]001.25RADAR INDICATED15
SVS2018/07/19 20302042Jasper [IA]001.25OBSERVED19
392018/07/19 20222100Story [IA], Marshall [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED47
SVS2018/07/19 20382052Story [IA], Marshall [IA]000.75OBSERVED26
402018/07/19 20262100Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED47
SVS2018/07/19 20332044Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/07/19 20442100Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED47
412018/07/19 20372100Marion [IA], Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED18
SVS2018/07/19 20442051Marion [IA], Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED24
SVS2018/07/19 20512100Marion [IA], Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED22
422018/07/19 20402115Hardin [IA], Franklin [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
432018/07/19 20542145Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/07/19 21052117Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/07/19 21172124Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]001.25RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/07/19 21242124Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]000.0035
SVS2018/07/19 21242131Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]001.25OBSERVED35
SVS2018/07/19 21312145Marshall [IA], Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]001.25OBSERVED28
442018/07/19 20542130Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED21
SVS2018/07/19 21042109Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED22
SVS2018/07/19 21092123Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED21
452018/07/19 21142145Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED20
SVS2018/07/19 21252134Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75OBSERVED20
SVS2018/07/19 21342145Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED20
462018/07/19 21362200Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/07/19 21462200Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED23
472018/07/19 21372200Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]001.00OBSERVEDCATASTROPHIC21
SVS2018/07/19 21462200Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]001.00OBSERVEDCATASTROPHIC17
482018/07/19 21522230Mahaska [IA], Wapello [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/07/19 22062226Mahaska [IA], Wapello [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED24
492018/07/19 21522230Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]000.75OBSERVED16
SVS2018/07/19 22022228Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED16
502018/07/19 22122230Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]001.00RADAR INDICATED21
512018/07/19 22132300Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Davis [IA]001.00OBSERVED30
SVS2018/07/19 22242241Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Davis [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
SVS2018/07/19 22412258Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Davis [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED23
522018/08/24 23330000Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA]001.25RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/08/24 23460001Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA]001.25RADAR INDICATED22
532018/09/03 23580030Poweshiek [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED18
SVS2018/09/04 00070013Poweshiek [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED18
SVS2018/09/04 00130025Poweshiek [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED20
542018/09/04 20462115Kossuth [IA]000.75OBSERVED18
SVS2018/09/04 20482059Kossuth [IA]000.75OBSERVED18
SVS2018/09/04 20592111Kossuth [IA]000.75OBSERVED18
552018/09/04 21452215Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED24
SVS2018/09/04 21572204Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/09/04 22042213Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
562018/10/08 23290000Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Greene [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED47
SVS2018/10/08 23390000Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Greene [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED47
572018/10/08 23360000Appanoose [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/10/08 23452350Appanoose [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
SVS2018/10/08 23500000Appanoose [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED22
582018/10/08 23470030Decatur [IA], Ringgold [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED25
592018/10/08 23550019Dallas [IA], Greene [IA], Boone [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
SVS2018/10/09 00160019Dallas [IA], Greene [IA], Boone [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
602018/10/09 00230100Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/10/09 00310040Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED28
SVS2018/10/09 00400100Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED36
612018/10/09 00590130Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Lucas [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
SVS2018/10/09 01100123Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Lucas [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
622018/10/09 03030318Poweshiek [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED41
SVS2018/10/09 03130318Poweshiek [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
632018/10/09 19161945Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Marion [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/10/09 19251931Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Marion [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/10/09 19311937Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Marion [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED21
SVS2018/10/09 19371943Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Marion [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED21
642018/10/09 20322115Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED16
SVS2018/10/09 20402047Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA]000.75OBSERVED23
SVS2018/10/09 20472057Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA]000.75OBSERVED23
SVS2018/10/09 20572105Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA]000.75OBSERVED23
652018/10/09 20422104Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED27
SVS2018/10/09 20482055Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED27
SVS2018/10/09 20552104Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED27
662018/10/09 21212145Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]000.00OBSERVED22
SVS2018/10/09 21272143Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]000.00OBSERVED22
672018/10/09 21282215Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/10/09 21392148Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/10/09 21482202Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
SVS2018/10/09 22022207Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED26
682018/10/09 21582230Tama [IA]000.00OBSERVED25
SVS2018/10/09 22062227Tama [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED25
692018/10/09 21592230Jasper [IA], Poweshiek [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED25
SVS2018/10/09 22082213Jasper [IA], Poweshiek [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED20
SVS2018/10/09 22132227Jasper [IA], Poweshiek [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED26
702018/10/09 22132245Adair [IA], Adams [IA], Union [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED30
SVS2018/10/09 22202234Adair [IA], Adams [IA], Union [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
SVS2018/10/09 22342245Adair [IA], Adams [IA], Union [IA]000.75OBSERVED27
712018/10/09 22442330Adair [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
SVS2018/10/09 22502258Adair [IA]000.75OBSERVED28
SVS2018/10/09 22582305Adair [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
SVS2018/10/09 23052315Adair [IA]000.75OBSERVED37
SVS2018/10/09 23152321Adair [IA]000.75OBSERVED30
722018/10/09 23110000Adair [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA]000.75OBSERVED37
SVS2018/10/09 23332345Adair [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA]000.75OBSERVED38
SVS2018/10/09 23452352Adair [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA]000.75RADAR INDICATED33
732018/10/09 23300000Warren [IA], Polk [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED30
SVS2018/10/09 23412346Warren [IA], Polk [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED33
SVS2018/10/09 23462355Warren [IA], Polk [IA]000.00RADAR INDICATED30

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

EventidStart (UTC)End Counties/Parishes Wind TagHail TagTornado TagTornado Damage Tag Storm Speed (kts)
12018/04/13 21182215Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0038
SVS2018/04/13 21342145Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.00POSSIBLE41
SVS2018/04/13 21452206Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.00POSSIBLE33
SVS2018/04/13 22062214Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]501.0031
22018/04/13 22362315Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]601.0024
SVS2018/04/13 22502304Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/04/13 23042315Carroll [IA], Greene [IA]601.2524
32018/04/13 23022345Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.2535
SVS2018/04/13 23072317Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.5035
SVS2018/04/13 23172326Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.7530
SVS2018/04/13 23262345Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.7533
42018/04/13 23390030Webster [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA]601.5033
SVS2018/04/13 23530008Webster [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA]601.0030
SVS2018/04/14 00080030Webster [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA]600.7539
52018/04/13 23520030Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7547
SVS2018/04/14 00100025Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7547
62018/04/13 23570100Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7530
SVS2018/04/14 00060029Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7528
SVS2018/04/14 00290040Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7531
SVS2018/04/14 00400100Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7530
72018/04/14 00050045Cass [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA]600.7549
SVS2018/04/14 00280038Cass [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA]601.0049
SVS2018/04/14 00380042Cass [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA]601.0049
82018/04/14 00180100Taylor [IA], Adams [IA]601.0046
92018/04/14 00230115Boone [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hamilton [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7543
SVS2018/04/14 00330053Boone [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hamilton [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7547
SVS2018/04/14 00530109Boone [IA], Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hamilton [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7543
102018/04/14 00490130Union [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA]601.0048
SVS2018/04/14 01100133Union [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA]601.0048
112018/04/14 00520131Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7529
SVS2018/04/14 01110122Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7534
SVS2018/04/14 01220131Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]600.7529
122018/04/14 00590135Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA], Union [IA], Adams [IA]601.0032
SVS2018/04/14 01130135Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA], Union [IA], Adams [IA]601.0033
132018/04/14 01190200Butler [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA]600.7533
SVS2018/04/14 01350144Butler [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA]600.7544
SVS2018/04/14 01440155Butler [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA]600.7533
142018/04/14 01320209Madison [IA], Adair [IA], Union [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/04/14 01460158Madison [IA], Adair [IA], Union [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/04/14 01580209Madison [IA], Adair [IA], Union [IA]600.7532
152018/04/14 01430219Polk [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/04/14 01590209Polk [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/04/14 02090219Polk [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7532
162018/04/18 10431130Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/04/18 10521108Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/04/18 11081126Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]501.0025
172018/05/01 21352215Story [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]601.0033
SVS2018/05/01 21512207Story [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]601.5030
SVS2018/05/01 22072214Story [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]601.5040
182018/05/01 22092300Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5040
SVS2018/05/01 22292240Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5040
SVS2018/05/01 22402300Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5036
192018/05/01 22112243Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.0031
202018/05/01 22242257Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.0039
SVS2018/05/01 22442257Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.0039
212018/05/01 22292315Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.2529
SVS2018/05/01 22392248Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7521
SVS2018/05/01 22482312Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7531
222018/05/01 22312315Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.2524
232018/05/01 22542330Story [IA], Marshall [IA]601.5023
SVS2018/05/01 23132330Story [IA], Marshall [IA]601.2540
242018/05/01 23052345Palo Alto [IA], Kossuth [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.5035
SVS2018/05/01 23252325Palo Alto [IA], Kossuth [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.7528
SVS2018/05/01 23252345Palo Alto [IA], Kossuth [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.7528
252018/05/01 23240000Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]601.0041
SVS2018/05/01 23430000Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]601.0036
262018/05/01 23400030Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]602.00POSSIBLE29
SVS2018/05/01 23570015Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.7529
SVS2018/05/02 00150031Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0024
272018/05/02 00470130Audubon [IA], Guthrie [IA], Cass [IA]600.8846
SVS2018/05/02 01090119Audubon [IA], Guthrie [IA], Cass [IA]600.8854
SVS2018/05/02 01190134Audubon [IA], Guthrie [IA], Cass [IA]600.8846
282018/05/02 01170200Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA]600.8853
SVS2018/05/02 01350145Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA]600.8845
SVS2018/05/02 01450200Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA]600.7553
292018/05/02 19532034Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA]501.0048
SVS2018/05/02 20102025Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA]501.0048
SVS2018/05/02 20252034Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA]501.0048
302018/05/02 22322315Adams [IA], Taylor [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/05/02 22502304Adams [IA], Taylor [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/05/02 23042315Adams [IA], Taylor [IA]601.0019
312018/05/02 23150000Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA], Union [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/05/02 23370000Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA], Union [IA]601.0017
322018/05/02 23240015Union [IA], Clarke [IA]601.0018
SVS2018/05/02 23350015Union [IA], Clarke [IA]601.7518
332018/05/03 01050145Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]600.88POSSIBLE36
SVS2018/05/03 01230145Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]600.88POSSIBLE42
342018/05/03 01430230Clarke [IA], Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA], Union [IA], Decatur [IA]600.75POSSIBLE46
SVS2018/05/03 01560213Clarke [IA], Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA], Union [IA], Decatur [IA]600.75POSSIBLE46
SVS2018/05/03 02130229Clarke [IA], Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA], Union [IA], Decatur [IA]600.75POSSIBLE46
352018/05/03 04330502Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Monroe [IA], Appanoose [IA]600.7548
SVS2018/05/03 04460502Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Monroe [IA], Appanoose [IA]600.7547
362018/05/03 22392304Warren [IA], Jasper [IA], Polk [IA]601.0033
SVS2018/05/03 22492304Warren [IA], Jasper [IA], Polk [IA]601.0026
372018/05/03 23250015Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7522
SVS2018/05/03 23382347Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7522
SVS2018/05/03 23470012Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7520
382018/05/04 00500145Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA], Story [IA]600.75POSSIBLE31
SVS2018/05/04 01070119Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA], Story [IA]600.75POSSIBLE28
SVS2018/05/04 01190142Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA], Story [IA]600.75POSSIBLE31
392018/05/04 01230215Hardin [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA], Grundy [IA]600.7526
SVS2018/05/04 01450212Hardin [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA], Grundy [IA]600.7529
402018/05/04 01480230Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA]600.7535
SVS2018/05/04 02160227Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA]600.7535
412018/05/12 06580745Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]501.0030
SVS2018/05/12 07140723Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]501.0022
SVS2018/05/12 07230732Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]501.0031
SVS2018/05/12 07320742Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]501.0035
422018/05/12 08390912Lucas [IA], Warren [IA], Marion [IA]501.0029
SVS2018/05/12 09060912Lucas [IA], Warren [IA], Marion [IA]501.0037
432018/05/14 07270815Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]501.0034
SVS2018/05/14 07400753Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]501.0035
SVS2018/05/14 07530812Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]501.0041
442018/05/14 08070839Carroll [IA], Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA]501.0038
SVS2018/05/14 08260839Carroll [IA], Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA]501.0029
452018/05/15 00430115Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]501.0024
SVS2018/05/15 00580112Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]501.2524
462018/05/15 01490215Lucas [IA], Wayne [IA]501.2523
SVS2018/05/15 02010215Lucas [IA], Wayne [IA]501.2522
472018/05/15 02130300Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]501.2515
SVS2018/05/15 02280242Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]501.0015
SVS2018/05/15 02420250Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]501.0015
482018/05/25 21112200Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]601.0011
SVS2018/05/25 21302138Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]601.0011
SVS2018/05/25 21382153Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]601.0011
492018/05/25 21582245Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]601.0011
SVS2018/05/25 22142235Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]601.0012
SVS2018/05/25 22352245Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]601.0011
502018/05/25 22282330Butler [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]601.0016
SVS2018/05/25 22582309Butler [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/05/25 23092330Butler [IA], Franklin [IA], Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA]601.0015
512018/05/25 22482330Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.0009
SVS2018/05/25 23202330Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.2509
522018/05/25 23250015Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5009
SVS2018/05/25 23460000Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5012
SVS2018/05/26 00000015Boone [IA], Story [IA]601.5009
532018/05/25 23310015Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]601.0020
SVS2018/05/25 23590015Hardin [IA], Grundy [IA]601.0020
542018/05/25 23570045Polk [IA]701.7511
SVS2018/05/26 00260033Polk [IA]701.75POSSIBLE13
SVS2018/05/26 00330045Polk [IA]701.75POSSIBLE15
552018/05/26 00060100Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]601.0008
SVS2018/05/26 00510059Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]601.0008
562018/05/26 00120041Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]601.0008
572018/05/26 00390107Polk [IA], Jasper [IA]601.7515
SVS2018/05/26 00580107Polk [IA], Jasper [IA]601.2517
582018/05/26 00460111Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]601.0013
592018/05/26 01220141Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/05/26 01310141Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.0027
602018/05/26 01250144Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA]601.0014
612018/05/26 20532130Mahaska [IA]600.8809
SVS2018/05/26 21252130Mahaska [IA]600.8809
622018/05/28 19502030Polk [IA], Story [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0012
SVS2018/05/28 20062023Polk [IA], Story [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0008
632018/05/28 20202045Jasper [IA]601.2512
SVS2018/05/28 20342043Jasper [IA]601.0013
642018/05/28 20322100Marshall [IA]601.0008
SVS2018/05/28 20392052Marshall [IA]601.5008
SVS2018/05/28 20522057Marshall [IA]601.0010
652018/05/28 20422130Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/05/28 21042130Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]601.0015
662018/05/28 21352215Wright [IA]601.0014
SVS2018/05/28 21552215Wright [IA]601.0019
672018/05/28 21482215Warren [IA], Polk [IA]601.0014
SVS2018/05/28 21592210Warren [IA], Polk [IA]601.0013
682018/05/28 22032300Hancock [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/05/28 22152227Hancock [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA]701.7517
SVS2018/05/28 22272247Hancock [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA]701.7520
SVS2018/05/28 22472249Hancock [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA]701.2517
SVS2018/05/28 22492300Hancock [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Franklin [IA]701.2517
692018/05/28 22412345Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2518
SVS2018/05/28 23022329Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2525
SVS2018/05/28 23292344Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Hancock [IA]701.0018
702018/05/29 20302048Polk [IA], Story [IA]600.8819
SVS2018/05/29 20422048Polk [IA], Story [IA]600.7519
712018/05/29 20362100Story [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/05/29 20502100Story [IA]600.8815
722018/05/29 20492130Crawford [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/05/29 21072128Crawford [IA]601.0023
732018/05/29 20592115Hamilton [IA], Story [IA]600.8825
742018/05/29 22152300Cass [IA], Audubon [IA]601.0011
SVS2018/05/29 22332243Cass [IA], Audubon [IA]601.0016
SVS2018/05/29 22432252Cass [IA], Audubon [IA]601.0014
752018/05/29 22262300Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7524
SVS2018/05/29 22312246Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7521
SVS2018/05/29 22462255Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7524
762018/05/29 22372300Polk [IA]600.7531
772018/05/29 23002330Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]601.0031
SVS2018/05/29 23172328Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7527
782018/05/29 23122345Dallas [IA]600.7531
SVS2018/05/29 23302340Dallas [IA]600.7531
792018/05/29 23140000Emmet [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/05/29 23342356Emmet [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.0025
802018/05/29 23242345Worth [IA]601.0024
SVS2018/05/29 23332342Worth [IA]601.0024
812018/05/29 23500005Boone [IA], Story [IA]600.7526
SVS2018/05/29 23590005Boone [IA], Story [IA]600.7526
822018/06/02 06540745Adair [IA], Cass [IA]600.7528
SVS2018/06/02 07060741Adair [IA], Cass [IA]600.7524
832018/06/06 12101300Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0023
SVS2018/06/06 12311245Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0023
SVS2018/06/06 12451255Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0023
842018/06/06 15301545Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0019
SVS2018/06/06 15401545Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0019
852018/06/06 20192100Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0005
SVS2018/06/06 20232037Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0005
SVS2018/06/06 20372057Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0009
862018/06/06 20292115Webster [IA], Boone [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0006
SVS2018/06/06 20412054Webster [IA], Boone [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.5012
SVS2018/06/06 20542115Webster [IA], Boone [IA], Hamilton [IA]602.0006
872018/06/06 20502130Calhoun [IA]601.0008
SVS2018/06/06 21002114Calhoun [IA]601.5008
SVS2018/06/06 21142130Calhoun [IA]601.2515
882018/06/06 20512145Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/06/06 21082132Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/06/06 21322141Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]601.0019
892018/06/06 21152200Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA], Boone [IA]601.2513
SVS2018/06/06 21272129Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA], Boone [IA]601.2513
SVS2018/06/06 21292144Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA], Boone [IA]601.5013
SVS2018/06/06 21442200Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA], Boone [IA]601.7513
902018/06/06 21192152Wright [IA]601.0014
912018/06/06 21222200Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/06/06 21432200Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0016
922018/06/06 21342215Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Black Hawk [IA]601.0029
SVS2018/06/06 22052215Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Black Hawk [IA]601.0029
932018/06/06 21402230Boone [IA], Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Greene [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/06/06 22002209Boone [IA], Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Greene [IA]601.0018
SVS2018/06/06 22092230Boone [IA], Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Greene [IA]601.0016
942018/06/06 21472230Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]601.5022
SVS2018/06/06 22112231Story [IA], Marshall [IA], Hardin [IA]601.5016
952018/06/06 21592245Carroll [IA], Greene [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/06/06 22152245Carroll [IA], Greene [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0015
962018/06/06 22002248Story [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0013
SVS2018/06/06 22332248Story [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0013
972018/06/06 22142315Tama [IA]602.0031
SVS2018/06/06 22352303Tama [IA]602.0031
SVS2018/06/06 23032315Tama [IA]602.0031
982018/06/06 22192300Jasper [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA]601.0024
SVS2018/06/06 22282245Jasper [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/06/06 22452300Jasper [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA]601.0019
992018/06/06 22252300Polk [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]601.0022
SVS2018/06/06 22502300Polk [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]701.0013
1002018/06/06 22282315Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Marshall [IA], Tama [IA], Grundy [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/06/06 22362251Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Marshall [IA], Tama [IA], Grundy [IA]701.0015
SVS2018/06/06 22512301Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Marshall [IA], Tama [IA], Grundy [IA]701.0015
SVS2018/06/06 23012313Story [IA], Hardin [IA], Marshall [IA], Tama [IA], Grundy [IA]601.0015
1012018/06/06 22362315Polk [IA]700.8832
SVS2018/06/06 22402315Polk [IA]701.2532
1022018/06/06 22392345Greene [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]601.0026
1032018/06/06 22432330Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]601.0014
SVS2018/06/06 22582310Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]601.0013
SVS2018/06/06 23102330Crawford [IA], Carroll [IA]601.5016
1042018/06/06 22472345Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]601.0014
SVS2018/06/06 23182325Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]601.0014
SVS2018/06/06 23252337Marshall [IA], Tama [IA]601.0014
1052018/06/06 22570000Boone [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Polk [IA]701.0030
SVS2018/06/06 23002314Boone [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Polk [IA]701.7525
SVS2018/06/06 23142332Boone [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Polk [IA]702.5016
SVS2018/06/06 23320000Boone [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Polk [IA]701.5026
1062018/06/06 23070000Polk [IA]701.0017
SVS2018/06/06 23162348Polk [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/06/06 23480000Polk [IA]600.7526
1072018/06/06 23082345Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0032
SVS2018/06/06 23262345Poweshiek [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0032
1082018/06/06 23290005Carroll [IA], Audubon [IA], Crawford [IA]601.5011
SVS2018/06/06 23500005Carroll [IA], Audubon [IA], Crawford [IA]601.2511
1092018/06/06 23390100Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Warren [IA], Dallas [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/06/07 00020036Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Warren [IA], Dallas [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/06/07 00360102Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Warren [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7515
1102018/06/06 23430045Poweshiek [IA], Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA]600.8813
SVS2018/06/07 00070041Poweshiek [IA], Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA]600.8813
1112018/06/07 00150115Warren [IA], Marion [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Lucas [IA], Wapello [IA]600.8820
SVS2018/06/07 00570107Warren [IA], Marion [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Lucas [IA], Wapello [IA]600.7520
1122018/06/07 00450145Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA], Cass [IA], Audubon [IA]601.0016
SVS2018/06/07 01050141Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA], Cass [IA], Audubon [IA]601.0016
1132018/06/07 01180147Appanoose [IA], Wapello [IA], Davis [IA]600.8826
SVS2018/06/07 01340147Appanoose [IA], Wapello [IA], Davis [IA]600.8845
1142018/06/07 01550245Adair [IA], Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]601.0029
SVS2018/06/07 01570206Adair [IA], Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]601.5029
SVS2018/06/07 02060219Adair [IA], Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]601.0022
SVS2018/06/07 02190245Adair [IA], Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]601.0027
1152018/06/07 02530315Dallas [IA], Polk [IA]601.0028
SVS2018/06/07 03070315Dallas [IA], Polk [IA]601.0027
1162018/06/07 02560324Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/06/07 03170324Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0029
1172018/06/08 02140300Worth [IA]501.0008
SVS2018/06/08 02260251Worth [IA]501.0008
1182018/06/08 19021915Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]501.0012
1192018/06/08 20022045Sac [IA]501.0009
SVS2018/06/08 20102028Sac [IA]501.0009
SVS2018/06/08 20282042Sac [IA]501.0007
1202018/06/09 19522030Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]501.00POSSIBLE15
SVS2018/06/09 20002008Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]502.00POSSIBLE11
SVS2018/06/09 20082026Winnebago [IA], Worth [IA]502.50POSSIBLE08
1212018/06/09 20572145Cerro Gordo [IA]501.25POSSIBLE18
SVS2018/06/09 21032110Cerro Gordo [IA]502.00POSSIBLE26
SVS2018/06/09 21102141Cerro Gordo [IA]502.50POSSIBLE18
1222018/06/09 22392345Butler [IA]601.2515
SVS2018/06/09 22472301Butler [IA]601.2530
SVS2018/06/09 23012320Butler [IA]601.2521
SVS2018/06/09 23202336Butler [IA]601.5012
1232018/06/09 23090000Bremer [IA]601.0020
SVS2018/06/09 23440000Bremer [IA]601.0021
1242018/06/09 23580030Franklin [IA]501.2521
SVS2018/06/10 00080014Franklin [IA]501.7513
SVS2018/06/10 00140030Franklin [IA]501.7521
1252018/06/10 00210115Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.2521
SVS2018/06/10 00360056Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/06/10 00560114Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.0025
1262018/06/10 00300115Black Hawk [IA]601.00POSSIBLE21
SVS2018/06/10 00510108Black Hawk [IA]601.00POSSIBLE21
1272018/06/10 00460115Butler [IA], Franklin [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/06/10 00550115Butler [IA], Franklin [IA]601.0021
1282018/06/10 01510245Tama [IA], Grundy [IA], Black Hawk [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/06/10 02090244Tama [IA], Grundy [IA], Black Hawk [IA]601.0040
1292018/06/10 02130245Grundy [IA]501.0022
SVS2018/06/10 02270243Grundy [IA]501.0022
1302018/06/11 02080245Clarke [IA]501.2518
SVS2018/06/11 02190244Clarke [IA]501.0018
1312018/06/11 05040545Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]501.0012
SVS2018/06/11 05100522Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]501.5012
SVS2018/06/11 05220545Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA]601.0012
1322018/06/11 05210600Union [IA], Ringgold [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/11 05300538Union [IA], Ringgold [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/11 05380600Union [IA], Ringgold [IA]601.0017
1332018/06/11 05430645Decatur [IA], Ringgold [IA]600.8817
SVS2018/06/11 06130629Decatur [IA], Ringgold [IA]600.8817
SVS2018/06/11 06290645Decatur [IA], Ringgold [IA]600.8817
1342018/06/11 06370719Adair [IA], Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7533
1352018/06/11 06450715Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]600.7529
SVS2018/06/11 07040715Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]600.7529
1362018/06/11 23112343Cass [IA]601.5015
SVS2018/06/11 23332343Cass [IA]601.0015
1372018/06/12 00090045Crawford [IA]601.0026
SVS2018/06/12 00200042Crawford [IA]601.0026
1382018/06/12 00400115Sac [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0025
1392018/06/12 00570200Taylor [IA]700.8835
SVS2018/06/12 01330156Taylor [IA]600.8835
1402018/06/12 01010129Sac [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0013
SVS2018/06/12 01190129Sac [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0013
1412018/06/12 01090200Adams [IA]600.8823
SVS2018/06/12 01170156Adams [IA]600.88POSSIBLE23
1422018/06/12 01270159Calhoun [IA]501.0022
1432018/06/12 01460230Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA], Boone [IA]501.0033
SVS2018/06/12 02090223Webster [IA], Greene [IA], Calhoun [IA], Boone [IA]501.0033
1442018/06/12 01510245Adams [IA], Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]600.7519
SVS2018/06/12 02220236Adams [IA], Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Ringgold [IA]600.7515
1452018/06/12 01590230Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0027
SVS2018/06/12 02180230Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0027
1462018/06/13 00140100Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.0019
SVS2018/06/13 00290049Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.5019
SVS2018/06/13 00490058Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA]501.5019
1472018/06/13 00450130Wright [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Hamilton [IA]501.5031
SVS2018/06/13 01030109Wright [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Hamilton [IA]501.0026
SVS2018/06/13 01090122Wright [IA], Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Hamilton [IA]501.0026
1482018/06/14 07520819Webster [IA]501.2516
SVS2018/06/14 08040819Webster [IA]501.7516
1492018/06/14 08250843Boone [IA], Story [IA]501.2522
SVS2018/06/14 08360843Boone [IA], Story [IA]501.0022
1502018/06/14 15501606Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]501.2542
SVS2018/06/14 16001606Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]501.0042
1512018/06/17 23142345Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7534
SVS2018/06/17 23292341Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7532
1522018/06/18 19212000Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.2519
SVS2018/06/18 19321944Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.25POSSIBLE19
SVS2018/06/18 19442000Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.25POSSIBLE19
1532018/06/18 19552038Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA]601.00POSSIBLE20
SVS2018/06/18 20112024Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA]600.75POSSIBLE20
SVS2018/06/18 20242038Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA]600.7520
1542018/06/18 20572145Hardin [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA]600.7527
SVS2018/06/18 21162132Hardin [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA]601.0026
SVS2018/06/18 21322139Hardin [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA]600.8832
1552018/06/18 21132147Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]601.00POSSIBLE13
1562018/06/19 07070754Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Boone [IA]600.7523
SVS2018/06/19 07330754Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Boone [IA]600.7521
1572018/06/20 17491830Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/20 18051821Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/20 18211830Jasper [IA], Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA]601.0017
1582018/06/20 21062145Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/06/20 21282141Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA]600.7532
1592018/06/20 23052346Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]600.75POSSIBLE14
SVS2018/06/20 23152340Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]600.75POSSIBLE14
SVS2018/06/20 23402346Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]600.7514
1602018/06/20 23450015Story [IA]600.75POSSIBLE19
SVS2018/06/20 23550012Story [IA]600.75POSSIBLE19
1612018/06/24 19522030Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/06/24 20042014Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/06/24 20142030Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA]601.0015
1622018/06/24 20192100Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.0007
SVS2018/06/24 20242043Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.5008
SVS2018/06/24 20432055Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.0009
1632018/06/24 21002145Sac [IA], Carroll [IA]601.0005
SVS2018/06/24 21302145Sac [IA], Carroll [IA]601.50POSSIBLE08
1642018/06/24 21242157Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA], Sac [IA]601.50POSSIBLE18
SVS2018/06/24 21352147Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA], Sac [IA]601.75POSSIBLE14
SVS2018/06/24 21472157Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA], Sac [IA]601.0014
1652018/06/24 22482330Emmet [IA]600.7521
1662018/06/24 23122339Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]600.7517
SVS2018/06/24 23252339Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]600.7519
1672018/06/26 00460116Polk [IA], Warren [IA], Dallas [IA], Madison [IA]600.75POSSIBLE23
SVS2018/06/26 01070116Polk [IA], Warren [IA], Dallas [IA], Madison [IA]600.75POSSIBLE23
1682018/06/28 15081545Crawford [IA]600.8848
SVS2018/06/28 15321544Crawford [IA]601.0038
1692018/06/28 15301630Carroll [IA], Cass [IA], Audubon [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0036
SVS2018/06/28 15501604Carroll [IA], Cass [IA], Audubon [IA], Crawford [IA]701.0036
SVS2018/06/28 16041630Carroll [IA], Cass [IA], Audubon [IA], Crawford [IA]701.0041
1702018/06/28 16011700Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adams [IA]701.0037
SVS2018/06/28 16171632Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adams [IA]701.0040
SVS2018/06/28 16321636Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adams [IA]701.0040
SVS2018/06/28 16361700Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adams [IA]701.0037
1712018/06/28 16261730Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Decatur [IA], Clarke [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Ringgold [IA], Madison [IA]700.8853
SVS2018/06/28 16371657Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Decatur [IA], Clarke [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Ringgold [IA], Madison [IA]700.8853
SVS2018/06/28 16571715Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Decatur [IA], Clarke [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Ringgold [IA], Madison [IA]700.8853
SVS2018/06/28 17151730Union [IA], Taylor [IA], Decatur [IA], Clarke [IA], Adams [IA], Adair [IA], Ringgold [IA], Madison [IA]700.8846
1722018/06/28 16511730Madison [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA], Warren [IA]600.7552
SVS2018/06/28 17051730Madison [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA], Warren [IA]600.8838
1732018/06/28 17041800Lucas [IA], Ringgold [IA], Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]700.8849
SVS2018/06/28 17181731Lucas [IA], Ringgold [IA], Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]700.8845
SVS2018/06/28 17311750Lucas [IA], Ringgold [IA], Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]800.8847
SVS2018/06/28 17501800Lucas [IA], Ringgold [IA], Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Decatur [IA], Wayne [IA]800.8846
1742018/06/28 17121800Marion [IA], Lucas [IA], Warren [IA]700.8854
SVS2018/06/28 17281800Marion [IA], Lucas [IA], Warren [IA]800.8849
1752018/06/28 17381845Marion [IA], Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]800.8852
SVS2018/06/28 17541817Marion [IA], Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]800.8852
SVS2018/06/28 18171832Marion [IA], Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]800.8849
SVS2018/06/28 18321846Marion [IA], Appanoose [IA], Monroe [IA], Mahaska [IA], Wayne [IA], Lucas [IA]600.8838
1762018/06/28 17571845Wayne [IA], Appanoose [IA], Decatur [IA]600.7536
SVS2018/06/28 18181833Wayne [IA], Appanoose [IA], Decatur [IA]600.7536
SVS2018/06/28 18331847Wayne [IA], Appanoose [IA], Decatur [IA]600.7536
1772018/06/28 18061900Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]800.7544
SVS2018/06/28 18211840Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]800.7545
SVS2018/06/28 18401849Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]800.7544
SVS2018/06/28 18491903Davis [IA], Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA]701.0039
1782018/06/30 18051845Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.8835
SVS2018/06/30 18211832Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.8841
SVS2018/06/30 18321845Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.8830
1792018/06/30 18381930Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.2533
SVS2018/06/30 18571901Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.2544
SVS2018/06/30 19011911Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.2544
SVS2018/06/30 19111930Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA]601.2533
1802018/06/30 18541945Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/06/30 19261945Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0023
1812018/06/30 19232015Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2533
SVS2018/06/30 19482001Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2541
SVS2018/06/30 20012015Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2532
1822018/06/30 19452030Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.0029
SVS2018/06/30 19592022Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.5023
SVS2018/06/30 20222024Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/06/30 20242030Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA]601.0029
1832018/06/30 19552100Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.2539
SVS2018/06/30 20042007Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.5032
SVS2018/06/30 20072020Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]701.5032
SVS2018/06/30 20202032Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]701.2533
SVS2018/06/30 20322034Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]600.8832
SVS2018/06/30 20342044Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]600.8832
SVS2018/06/30 20442104Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]600.8832
1842018/06/30 20562145Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]600.8824
SVS2018/06/30 21122126Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]501.0032
SVS2018/06/30 21262141Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]501.0040
1852018/06/30 21052130Calhoun [IA], Carroll [IA]601.0016
1862018/06/30 21062130Carroll [IA], Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Greene [IA]601.00POSSIBLE16
SVS2018/06/30 21202130Carroll [IA], Webster [IA], Calhoun [IA], Greene [IA]601.00POSSIBLE18
1872018/06/30 21092147Crawford [IA]601.0009
SVS2018/06/30 21252147Crawford [IA]601.0017
1882018/06/30 21092200Pocahontas [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/06/30 21182134Pocahontas [IA]601.0018
SVS2018/06/30 21342158Pocahontas [IA]501.0024
1892018/06/30 21312156Calhoun [IA], Greene [IA], Carroll [IA]601.00POSSIBLE16
SVS2018/06/30 21462156Calhoun [IA], Greene [IA], Carroll [IA]600.88POSSIBLE19
1902018/06/30 21592245Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Webster [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/06/30 22122235Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Webster [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/30 22352245Greene [IA], Boone [IA], Webster [IA]601.0020
1912018/06/30 22022231Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/06/30 22202231Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]601.0020
1922018/06/30 22062230Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0036
SVS2018/06/30 22192227Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0036
1932018/06/30 22432306Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Greene [IA]600.7522
SVS2018/06/30 22532306Dallas [IA], Boone [IA], Greene [IA]600.7521
1942018/06/30 23430030Dallas [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/06/30 23580021Dallas [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/07/01 00210030Dallas [IA]600.8823
1952018/06/30 23470030Polk [IA], Marshall [IA], Story [IA]601.0032
SVS2018/06/30 23570030Polk [IA], Marshall [IA], Story [IA]601.5032
1962018/07/01 00030100Black Hawk [IA], Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]600.7528
SVS2018/07/01 00300037Black Hawk [IA], Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]600.7535
SVS2018/07/01 00370047Black Hawk [IA], Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]600.7528
SVS2018/07/01 00470059Black Hawk [IA], Grundy [IA], Tama [IA], Marshall [IA]600.7528
1972018/07/01 00050045Polk [IA], Story [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/07/01 00260044Polk [IA], Story [IA]600.7521
1982018/07/01 00240100Marshall [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA], Jasper [IA]600.7539
1992018/07/01 00540129Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adair [IA]600.7530
SVS2018/07/01 01160129Cass [IA], Guthrie [IA], Audubon [IA], Adair [IA]600.7529
2002018/07/01 01140200Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7537
SVS2018/07/01 01280135Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7539
SVS2018/07/01 01350201Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA]600.7537
2012018/07/01 01450215Madison [IA], Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA]600.7538
2022018/07/01 02040245Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7522
SVS2018/07/01 02230247Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7522
2032018/07/01 02080236Madison [IA], Adair [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Greene [IA], Guthrie [IA]600.7525
SVS2018/07/01 02200236Madison [IA], Adair [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Greene [IA], Guthrie [IA]600.7525
2042018/07/01 02110245Warren [IA], Madison [IA], Marion [IA], Clarke [IA], Polk [IA]600.7543
SVS2018/07/01 02340246Warren [IA], Madison [IA], Marion [IA], Clarke [IA], Polk [IA]600.7527
2052018/07/01 02580345Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA], Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7526
SVS2018/07/01 03140342Jasper [IA], Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA], Polk [IA], Warren [IA]600.7526
2062018/07/04 18031845Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.0030
SVS2018/07/04 18301845Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.0030
2072018/07/05 00500115Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Palo Alto [IA], Webster [IA]600.7527
2082018/07/10 16071645Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0039
SVS2018/07/10 16321645Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.5023
2092018/07/10 16441730Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.2520
SVS2018/07/10 16581711Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0020
SVS2018/07/10 17111722Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7516
2102018/07/10 17311815Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.2519
SVS2018/07/10 17541811Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7521
2112018/07/13 17051745Sac [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/07/13 17231745Sac [IA]601.0030
2122018/07/13 17301815Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7529
SVS2018/07/13 17541815Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0034
2132018/07/13 18081900Humboldt [IA], Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0034
SVS2018/07/13 18361900Humboldt [IA], Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0031
2142018/07/13 21382230Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/07/13 22022226Wapello [IA], Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA]600.7525
2152018/07/13 21582300Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA]600.7518
SVS2018/07/13 22142232Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA]600.7523
SVS2018/07/13 22322256Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA]600.7511
2162018/07/19 21182200Mahaska [IA]501.5020
SVS2018/07/19 21392200Mahaska [IA]501.0020
2172018/07/19 22552315Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]601.5029
SVS2018/07/19 23072315Davis [IA], Wapello [IA]601.5038
2182018/07/25 21392230Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/07/25 21542205Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.2539
SVS2018/07/25 22052215Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/07/25 22152226Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0025
2192018/07/25 22442330Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.2531
SVS2018/07/25 23102325Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.0031
SVS2018/07/25 23252328Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA]601.0031
2202018/07/25 23052345Emmet [IA], Kossuth [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.0022
SVS2018/07/25 23312346Emmet [IA], Kossuth [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.8822
2212018/07/25 23180000Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/07/25 23340000Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]601.0027
2222018/07/26 00020030Cerro Gordo [IA]601.0047
SVS2018/07/26 00100021Cerro Gordo [IA]601.0047
2232018/07/26 00370115Hancock [IA], Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]600.8835
SVS2018/07/26 00490059Hancock [IA], Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]600.8835
SVS2018/07/26 00590109Hancock [IA], Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]600.8835
2242018/07/26 00540123Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/07/26 01060118Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA]601.0018
SVS2018/07/26 01180123Humboldt [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA]601.0019
2252018/07/26 01340200Hamilton [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/07/26 01420150Hamilton [IA]601.0027
SVS2018/07/26 01500200Hamilton [IA]600.7527
2262018/08/01 21292215Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/08/01 21452206Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/08/01 22062215Wright [IA], Hancock [IA]601.0021
2272018/08/01 22032230Hancock [IA], Wright [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/08/01 22232230Hancock [IA], Wright [IA]601.0021
2282018/08/01 23190000Webster [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0023
SVS2018/08/01 23370000Webster [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0023
2292018/08/01 23400030Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA], Carroll [IA]601.0020
SVS2018/08/01 23560030Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA], Carroll [IA]601.7520
2302018/08/01 23530045Webster [IA], Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Boone [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/08/02 00170045Webster [IA], Story [IA], Hamilton [IA], Boone [IA]601.0021
2312018/08/01 23590045Hardin [IA], Hamilton [IA]601.0017
2322018/08/02 00400130Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Greene [IA]601.0024
SVS2018/08/02 00590124Guthrie [IA], Dallas [IA], Greene [IA]601.0024
2332018/08/02 01160200Boone [IA], Jasper [IA], Dallas [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/08/02 01410200Boone [IA], Jasper [IA], Dallas [IA], Polk [IA], Story [IA]601.0021
2342018/08/05 08531000Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.8852
SVS2018/08/05 09070940Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]800.8854
SVS2018/08/05 09400958Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]700.7552
2352018/08/05 09241030Kossuth [IA], Hamilton [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA]800.8853
SVS2018/08/05 09410958Kossuth [IA], Hamilton [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA]700.7554
SVS2018/08/05 09581012Kossuth [IA], Hamilton [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA]600.7553
SVS2018/08/05 10121020Kossuth [IA], Hamilton [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA]600.7544
2362018/08/05 14361515Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA], Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]601.0048
SVS2018/08/05 14581516Grundy [IA], Hardin [IA], Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Franklin [IA], Butler [IA]600.8848
2372018/08/05 22422330Jasper [IA], Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/08/05 22572306Jasper [IA], Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/08/05 23062325Jasper [IA], Tama [IA], Poweshiek [IA]600.7525
2382018/08/06 02170300Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0037
SVS2018/08/06 02330244Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0038
SVS2018/08/06 02440254Webster [IA], Humboldt [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]600.7542
2392018/08/06 02480345Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]600.7540
SVS2018/08/06 03080324Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]600.7540
SVS2018/08/06 03240342Wright [IA], Hamilton [IA], Webster [IA]600.7540
2402018/08/06 03400433Hamilton [IA], Hardin [IA], Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]600.7536
SVS2018/08/06 04030433Hamilton [IA], Hardin [IA], Franklin [IA], Wright [IA]600.7536
2412018/08/06 04330515Calhoun [IA], Sac [IA], Carroll [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0035
SVS2018/08/06 04560508Calhoun [IA], Sac [IA], Carroll [IA], Crawford [IA]601.0035
2422018/08/07 08450930Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]600.8827
SVS2018/08/07 09060928Greene [IA], Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA]600.8830
2432018/08/24 21482230Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]501.2527
SVS2018/08/24 22022210Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]501.5030
SVS2018/08/24 22102224Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]501.0016
2442018/08/24 22202300Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/08/24 22352243Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]501.5025
SVS2018/08/24 22432300Winnebago [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0030
2452018/08/24 23110000Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]501.00POSSIBLE22
SVS2018/08/24 23440000Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]501.25POSSIBLE22
2462018/08/24 23580045Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]501.25POSSIBLE22
SVS2018/08/25 00150033Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]501.00POSSIBLE22
SVS2018/08/25 00330045Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]501.00POSSIBLE22
2472018/08/27 02440315Calhoun [IA], Humboldt [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Webster [IA]601.0040
2482018/08/27 02490315Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0032
SVS2018/08/27 03050317Sac [IA], Calhoun [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0032
2492018/08/27 03400415Humboldt [IA], Hamilton [IA], Wright [IA], Webster [IA]600.7537
2502018/08/27 21302215Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0046
SVS2018/08/27 21482159Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0032
SVS2018/08/27 21592216Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0041
2512018/08/27 22142300Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]600.7543
SVS2018/08/27 22262239Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]600.7535
SVS2018/08/27 22392301Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA]601.0046
2522018/08/28 11211215Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.0036
SVS2018/08/28 11241143Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7536
SVS2018/08/28 11431150Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7536
SVS2018/08/28 11501204Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7536
SVS2018/08/28 12041214Palo Alto [IA], Pocahontas [IA]601.7536
2532018/08/28 12081253Palo Alto [IA], Humboldt [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Wright [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]601.7538
SVS2018/08/28 12211231Palo Alto [IA], Humboldt [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Wright [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]601.2535
SVS2018/08/28 12311253Palo Alto [IA], Humboldt [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Wright [IA], Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0038
2542018/08/28 12441330Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA], Winnebago [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Humboldt [IA], Worth [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]601.7537
SVS2018/08/28 13091322Kossuth [IA], Hancock [IA], Winnebago [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Humboldt [IA], Worth [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA]601.2537
2552018/08/28 13071345Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Butler [IA]601.2540
SVS2018/08/28 13191345Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Worth [IA], Butler [IA]601.7540
2562018/08/28 13441400Franklin [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Butler [IA]601.2538
2572018/08/28 16341715Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Hamilton [IA], Story [IA]601.5043
SVS2018/08/28 16441706Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Hamilton [IA], Story [IA]501.0041
2582018/08/28 17151745Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Humboldt [IA]501.0038
SVS2018/08/28 17231735Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Humboldt [IA]501.0038
2592018/08/28 17391815Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0038
SVS2018/08/28 17481811Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0038
2602018/08/28 17471830Franklin [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Butler [IA], Hancock [IA]501.0033
SVS2018/08/28 17581825Franklin [IA], Wright [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Butler [IA], Hancock [IA]501.5033
2612018/08/28 18031845Sac [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.2535
SVS2018/08/28 18171831Sac [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.7535
SVS2018/08/28 18311839Sac [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Calhoun [IA]601.0035
2622018/08/28 18381930Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA], Boone [IA]601.0036
SVS2018/08/28 18491902Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA], Boone [IA]601.0040
SVS2018/08/28 19021913Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA], Boone [IA]601.0043
SVS2018/08/28 19131929Hamilton [IA], Story [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Franklin [IA], Hardin [IA], Boone [IA]601.0036
2632018/08/28 21342215Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA]600.7545
SVS2018/08/28 21552220Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA]600.7545
2642018/08/28 21382230Wayne [IA], Decatur [IA]601.2537
SVS2018/08/28 21572230Wayne [IA], Decatur [IA]601.5037
2652018/08/28 21502230Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA], Lucas [IA], Warren [IA], Wayne [IA], Monroe [IA]600.7541
SVS2018/08/28 22092230Marion [IA], Mahaska [IA], Lucas [IA], Warren [IA], Wayne [IA], Monroe [IA]600.7541
2662018/08/28 22032245Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA], Jasper [IA]600.7536
2672018/08/28 22172300Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Wapello [IA]600.7541
SVS2018/08/28 22512300Mahaska [IA], Monroe [IA], Wapello [IA]700.7541
2682018/08/28 22302315Lucas [IA], Wayne [IA], Monroe [IA], Appanoose [IA]601.0037
SVS2018/08/28 23042310Lucas [IA], Wayne [IA], Monroe [IA], Appanoose [IA]601.0037
2692018/08/28 22472345Monroe [IA], Wapello [IA], Appanoose [IA], Davis [IA]600.7542
SVS2018/08/28 23092328Monroe [IA], Wapello [IA], Appanoose [IA], Davis [IA]601.0038
SVS2018/08/28 23282345Monroe [IA], Wapello [IA], Appanoose [IA], Davis [IA]601.0042
2702018/08/28 23430030Wapello [IA], Davis [IA]601.0030
SVS2018/08/29 00040028Wapello [IA], Davis [IA]601.0023
2712018/08/31 08480930Taylor [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/08/31 09090910Taylor [IA]601.0018
SVS2018/08/31 09100930Taylor [IA]601.7518
2722018/08/31 09251015Taylor [IA]601.0017
SVS2018/08/31 09461010Taylor [IA]601.0019
2732018/08/31 09551034Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA]601.0019
SVS2018/08/31 10161026Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA]601.0020
SVS2018/08/31 10261034Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Adair [IA], Madison [IA]601.0019
2742018/09/01 03090400Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0022
SVS2018/09/01 03220346Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.2524
SVS2018/09/01 03460359Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0014
2752018/09/01 03550445Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA], Poweshiek [IA], Jasper [IA]601.2531
SVS2018/09/01 04090418Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA], Poweshiek [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0031
SVS2018/09/01 04180445Mahaska [IA], Marion [IA], Poweshiek [IA], Jasper [IA]601.0029
2762018/09/01 06010623Mahaska [IA]501.5014
SVS2018/09/01 06180623Mahaska [IA]501.5014
2772018/09/01 06280715Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adair [IA], Adams [IA]501.2523
SVS2018/09/01 06430713Union [IA], Cass [IA], Adair [IA], Adams [IA]501.2523
2782018/09/01 10451114Union [IA], Warren [IA], Clarke [IA], Madison [IA]601.0023
2792018/09/01 11301215Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]601.0033
SVS2018/09/01 11391149Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]701.0033
SVS2018/09/01 11491215Adair [IA], Cass [IA], Adams [IA]701.0046
2802018/09/01 11571245Madison [IA], Union [IA], Adair [IA]601.0054
SVS2018/09/01 12271246Madison [IA], Union [IA], Adair [IA]601.0054
2812018/09/01 12241315Warren [IA], Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.0039
SVS2018/09/01 12401253Warren [IA], Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.0039
SVS2018/09/01 12531315Warren [IA], Polk [IA], Madison [IA], Dallas [IA], Adair [IA], Guthrie [IA]601.0039
2822018/09/01 23080000Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/09/01 23162331Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]501.2525
SVS2018/09/01 23312342Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]501.0021
SVS2018/09/01 23422353Dallas [IA], Madison [IA], Polk [IA]501.0025
2832018/09/02 00070045Polk [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Story [IA]501.2535
SVS2018/09/02 00240036Polk [IA], Boone [IA], Dallas [IA], Story [IA]501.0029
2842018/09/02 00140100Polk [IA], Story [IA], Jasper [IA]501.7530
SVS2018/09/02 00250100Polk [IA], Story [IA], Jasper [IA]501.7524
2852018/09/02 00360130Polk [IA], Jasper [IA]501.7524
SVS2018/09/02 00450102Polk [IA], Jasper [IA]501.7524
SVS2018/09/02 01020123Polk [IA], Jasper [IA]501.5024
2862018/09/02 00510130Dallas [IA], Story [IA], Polk [IA]501.0026
SVS2018/09/02 01020126Dallas [IA], Story [IA], Polk [IA]501.0020
2872018/09/02 01160130Mahaska [IA]501.0036
2882018/09/02 01500230Story [IA], Polk [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]501.0025
SVS2018/09/02 02010221Story [IA], Polk [IA], Dallas [IA], Boone [IA]501.0025
2892018/09/04 19211935Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.00POSSIBLE28
2902018/09/17 20022045Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Kossuth [IA]600.7524
SVS2018/09/17 20292040Humboldt [IA], Wright [IA], Hancock [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Kossuth [IA]600.7524
2912018/09/18 19122000Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]601.0021
SVS2018/09/18 19291952Audubon [IA], Cass [IA]600.8824
2922018/09/18 19592045Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Madison [IA], Adair [IA]600.7529
SVS2018/09/18 20132024Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Madison [IA], Adair [IA]600.7529
SVS2018/09/18 20242035Dallas [IA], Guthrie [IA], Madison [IA], Adair [IA]600.7529
2932018/09/18 20222100Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]601.5020
SVS2018/09/18 20332040Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]601.50POSSIBLE17
SVS2018/09/18 20402054Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]601.25POSSIBLE19
SVS2018/09/18 20542100Ringgold [IA], Taylor [IA]601.00POSSIBLE20
2942018/09/18 21202200Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]601.2518
SVS2018/09/18 21342146Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]601.0015
SVS2018/09/18 21462154Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]601.0018
2952018/09/20 01490214Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.0025
SVS2018/09/20 01560214Pocahontas [IA], Palo Alto [IA]601.0026
2962018/09/20 22132300Emmet [IA]600.7554
SVS2018/09/20 22462300Emmet [IA]600.7554
2972018/09/20 22412315Palo Alto [IA], Emmet [IA], Kossuth [IA]600.7543
SVS2018/09/20 23012313Palo Alto [IA], Emmet [IA], Kossuth [IA]600.7543
2982018/09/20 22432330Carroll [IA], Calhoun [IA], Crawford [IA], Pocahontas [IA], Sac [IA]600.7555
2992018/09/20 22492315Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.7557
SVS2018/09/20 23032315Pocahontas [IA], Kossuth [IA], Humboldt [IA], Palo Alto [IA]600.7557
3002018/09/20 22522330Worth [IA], Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]600.7551
SVS2018/09/20 23202329Worth [IA], Hancock [IA], Kossuth [IA], Winnebago [IA]600.7551
3012018/09/20 23250015Pocahontas [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA], Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Calhoun [IA]600.7532
SVS2018/09/20 23490012Pocahontas [IA], Hancock [IA], Humboldt [IA], Kossuth [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA], Calhoun [IA]600.7532
3022018/09/20 23280015Kossuth [IA], Worth [IA], Winnebago [IA], Cerro Gordo [IA], Hancock [IA]600.7537
3032018/09/20 23410015Hamilton [IA], Calhoun [IA], Webster [IA], Wright [IA]600.7552
3042018/10/08 23120000Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Carroll [IA]600.7533
SVS2018/10/08 23242342Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Carroll [IA]600.7547
SVS2018/10/08 23420000Guthrie [IA], Greene [IA], Dallas [IA], Carroll [IA]600.7533
3052018/10/08 23140000Appanoose [IA], Wayne [IA]600.75POSSIBLE36
SVS2018/10/08 23380000Appanoose [IA], Wayne [IA]600.75POSSIBLE36
3062018/10/08 23350015Ringgold [IA], Decatur [IA]600.75POSSIBLE39
3072018/10/09 00110045Wayne [IA], Decatur [IA]601.00POSSIBLE39
3082018/10/09 02540315Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA]600.75POSSIBLE41
SVS2018/10/09 03100319Poweshiek [IA], Mahaska [IA]600.75POSSIBLE41