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1116 Views Website IP address change


Since 2001, the IEM web presence has lived in Agronomy Hall here at Iowa State University. It started off as one machine below my desk in a room without windows and eventually moved and greatly expanded to a dedicated server room with a sub-floor and heat exchanger in the basement of Agronomy Hall. During this time, additional servers were added in Durham Center here at ISU, which is an actual data center with much more robust equipment and hopefully not subject to water damage as was the case on 24 Mar 2023.

My ducks are now in a row to jump the mesonet web presence to Durham Center, which necessities an IP address change. The new IP addresses will soon be:


I suspect some network security tight places have a current firewall entry to allow web traffic to Those entries will need to be updated to allow the address(es) above.

Please let me know of any concerns you have and I'll update this news item once everything has been cut over to this new data center.

Update 21 June: This change will be in full effect today. Will certainly be closely watching for any trouble.