The purpose of this page is to provide a one-stop view of summarized IEM Climodat data for a period of your choice. Once you have configured your favorite sites, please bookmark the page. There are options presented on this page on how to compute Growing Degree Days. Here is a description of the three options.

Updated 4 Oct 2018: Model based solar radiation values are now included. These values are based on the combination of NASA MERRA, NARR, and HRRR data. See IEM Autoplot 38 for a bias assessment of these values.

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The following table is valid for a period from 01 May 2024 to 25 Jul 2024 (inclusive).

"Climo" is the climatology value, which is computed over the period of record since 1951.

ID Name Precipitation [inch] Growing Degree Days (base 50, floor 50, ceil 86) Stress Degree Days (base 86) Daily Temperature [F] Solar Rad [MJ]
TotalClimoDeparture TotalClimoDeparture TotalClimoDeparture MaxMinAvg TotalDeparture