Archived Data & Plots

This page contains a listing of archive resources. A brief description of each link is included to aid your search. If you are still having difficulty finding something, please let us know.

Storm Event Pictures

NWS Watch/Warnings/Advisories



NWS Text Products

The IEM archives all NWS issued text products. Unfortunately, the we don't have this full archive online yet. NCDC has a big archive of this data back to 2001. The IEM's archives can be found:

Raw Data

  • Bufkit archives
    Iowa Only The general IEM data archive contains a sub-directory called 'bufkit'. This directory contains model point soundings for locations near Iowa. The archive started 25 January 2006 - 27 March 2015.
    Mtarchive Bufkit Archive This archive contains data for many more sites and models, including SREF.
  • GEMPAK data archive
    Archive of gempak products taken from the UNIDATA NOAAPORT feed. This archive dates back to 2001 and for some dates even further.
  • HRRR Model Archive
    Archive maintained by University of Utah of the HRRR model.
  • IEM Network Data
    IEM data in its original unprocessed form. ASOS/AWOS METAR observation, RWIS comma-deliminated data, schoolnet csv data, SCAN site format and COOP observations
  • Unidata IDD 6 month archive
    Archive of raw data provided by Unidata for the past 6 months!
  • NCDC NOMADS Big Archive!!
    Lots of raw model data and other goodies, a definite must-visit.


US Daily Weather Maps

Data download forms

Are we forgetting something? Please let us know of other archives that are available for Iowa data.