iembot is a Jabber chat bot that relays National Weather Service issued text products to Jabber chat rooms hosted on the multi-user chat service. iembot was written to aid the dissemination and use of NWS issued warnings by their chat partners.

Where to access iembot messages?

Experimental RSS feed of iembot messages per NWS Forecast Office:

All iembot messages are here: https:/

How does iembot work?

iembot consists of two programs that run on the Iowa Mesonet server. The first is a parser that ingests text products issued by the NWS. The parser picks out the important information regarding the product and sends it via a Jabber instant message to the bot logged in on the chat server. The bot then routes the incoming message to a WFO chatroom from which the product was issued. The entire process takes much less than a second.

Why was iembot written?

  1. During chats, the NWS should not need to relay details of already issued products to the chatroom. Replication should always be avoided.
  2. During onair coverage, the media often are not able to quickly read severe text products that come off the printer. Instead, they can quickly view the chatroom and clearly see what has just been issued.
  3. The NWS can get instant verification that their product was disseminated over NOAAport and processed by a computerized ingestor.
  4. With the advent of Valid Time Event Code (VTEC), the NWS can issue complex statements. The bot's report of these products can help clear confusion with the media partners.
  5. With the products and timestamps in the chatroom logs, it is an outstanding log of how the severe weather event played out for historical review.
  6. It is a proof of concept for how NWS products can be disseminated securely and synchronously to clients in an Open Source and standards based framework.

What does iembot look like in the chatroom?

Here is a screenshot from the "botstalk" chatroom where iembot dumps all processed messages. The text in blue can be clicked on for the product text and perhaps a visual display.


The following is a reference of the association of a NWS Text Product and the channels it is assigned. If you click on the plus button, you can expand the listing to show an example product. The channel templates should not be used literally, but the following are the placeholders used and what they mean.

The 4-6 character 'AWIPS ID' or 'AFOS PIL' used within the products WMO header.
2 character VTEC Phenomena
2 character VTEC Significance
2 character VTEC Significance
3 character NWS Forecast Office Idenitifer
6 character UGC Code
First 3 Characters in AWIPS ID
Full 4 Character WMO Source ID

NWS Products with P-VTEC and/or H-VTEC Included

AFOS PIL + Product NameDirective Channel Templates Used
Coastal Hazzard Message (CFW)10-320<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Extreme Wind Warning (EWW)10-601<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Areal Flood Watch (FFA)10-922<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Flash Flood Statement (FFS)10-922<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Flash Flood Warning (FFW)10-922<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Flood Advisory (FLS)10-922<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Flood Warning (FLW)10-922<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Marine Weather Warning (MWW)10-315<vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Non Convective Advisory (NPW)10-515<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Red Flag Warning (RFW)10-401<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Special Marine Warning (SMW)10-313<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Severe Thunderstorm Warning (SVR)10-511<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Severe Weather Statement (SVS)10-511<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Tornado Warning (TOR)10-511<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Watch County Notification (WCN)10-511<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>
Winter Weather Message (WSW)10-513<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance> <afos_pil> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<wfo> <vtec_phenomena>.<vtec_significance>.<ugc> <ugc>

NWS Local Office / National Products

AFOS PIL + Product NameDirective Channel Templates Used
Administrative Message (ADA)10-1701<afos_pil>
Administrative Message (ADM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Area Forecast Discussion (AFD)10-1701<afos_pil>
Ground Level Ozone Forecast (AQI)10-1701<afos_pil>
Area Weather Update (AWU)10-1701<afos_pil>
Airport Weather Warning (AWW)10-1701<afos_pil>
Avalanche Watch (AVA)10-1701<afos_pil>
Avalanche Warning (AVW)10-1701<afos_pil>
Air Quality Alert (AQA)10-1701<afos_pil>
Child Abduction Emergency (CAE)10-1701<afos_pil>
Civil Emergency Message (CEM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Coastal Weather Observations (CGR)10-1701<afos_pil>
Daily Climate Report (CLI)10-1701<afos_pil>
Contingency River Forecast (CRF)10-912<afos_pil>
Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Drought Information (DGT)10-1701<afos_pil>
Hydrologic Outlook (ESF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Earthquake Information (EQI)10-1701<afos_pil>
Earthquake Report (EQR)10-1701<afos_pil>
Evacuation Immediate (EVI)10-1701<afos_pil>
Fire Warning (FRW)10-1701<afos_pil>
Free Text Message (FTM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Fire Weather Administrative Message (FWA)10-1701<afos_pil>
Fire Weather Planning Forecast (FWF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Fire Weather Spot Forecast (FWS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Open Lake Forecast (GLF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Hurricane Local Statement (HLS)10-601<afos_pil>
Hydromet Coordination Message (HCM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Rainfall and Flood Outlook Product (HMD)10-1701<afos_pil>
Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO)10-517<afos_pil>
Supplementary Temp and Precip (HYD)10-1701<afos_pil>
Ice Outlook (ICE)10-330<afos_pil>
Local Area Emergency (LAE)10-1701<afos_pil>
Local Cooperative Observation (LCO)10-1701<afos_pil>
Local Storm Report (LSR)10-1701<afos_pil>
Mesoscale Convective Discussion (MCD)10-517<afos_pil> <afos_pil>.<wfo>
Mesoscale Precipitation Discussion (MPD)10-517<afos_pil> <afos_pil>.<wfo>
Meteorological Impact Statement (MIS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Marine Weather Statement (MWS)10-314<afos_pil>
Short-term Forecast (NOW)10-1701<afos_pil>
Nearshore Marine Forecast (NSH)10-1701<afos_pil>
Other Aviation Report (OAV)10-1701<afos_pil>
Other Marine Reports (OMR)10-1701<afos_pil>
Point Forecast Matrices (PFM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Public Information Statement (PNS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Post Tropical Event Report (PSH)10-1701<afos_pil>
Recreational Forecast (REC)10-1701<afos_pil>
Record Event Report (RER)10-1701<afos_pil>
Rainfall Storm Total (RRM)10-1701<afos_pil>
Grassland Fire Danger (RFD)10-1701<afos_pil>
Regional Temperature and Precipitation (RTP)10-1701<afos_pil>
Hydrologic Summary (RVA)10-1701<afos_pil>
River and Lake Summary (RVD)10-922<afos_pil>
River Forecast (RVF)10-912<afos_pil>
Regional Weather Summary (RWS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Hydrologic Statement (RVS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Tabular State Forecast (STF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Special Weather Statement (SPS)10-1701<afos_pil>
Surf Zone Forecast (SRF)10-1701<afos_pil>
Shelter In Place Warning (SPW)10-1701<afos_pil>
Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)10-1701<afos_pil> <wmo_source>.<aaa>
Tsunami Information Statement (TIB)10-1701<afos_pil>
Tide Data (TID)10-320<afos_pil>
Telephone Outage Emergency (TOE)10-1701<afos_pil>
Volcanic Ash Sigmet (WSV)10-1701<afos_pil>
Volcanic Ash Advisory (VAA)10-1701<afos_pil>
Work Product (WRK)10-1701<afos_pil>
Zone Forecast Package (ZFP)10-1701<afos_pil>