The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) manages the network of AWOS sensors in the state of Iowa. While 20 minute interval data is published to the world in real-time, they also collect one minute interval data internally. Each month, the DOT kindly provides us with the previous month's archive of one minute data. We process this data into our database and make the observations available here for download. Please don't make giant data requests through this interface, instead feel free to email Daryl ( and make your request.

Population of this archive was discontinued by the DOT on 1 April 2011. Data for dates after that date can be found here, but it is only at a 20 minute interval.
  • Archive Begins: 1 Jan 1995 (for some sites, not all)
  • Last Date in Archive: 01 Apr 2011

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Select One or More or All stations in the network. Clinton and Fort Dodge where converted to ASOS in September of 2000. Data for these sites exists in this archive up until that point.

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(More information about cloud coverage codes.)

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Data is potentially available every minute, but you don't have to download it at that frequency. This setting does not bin the values, but rather filters based on your interval of choice.

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