If you are looking for actual NWS COOP observations with no estimating and very little quality control done, check out this page.

This page allows you to download observed, sometimes quality controlled, and sometimes estimated once daily reports from various NWS networks including COOP. More detailed documentation exists here and should be consulted before using the data.

Data is also available from the following states:

The purpose is to provide a dataset that does not have holes in it for temperature and precipitation and is updated up until yesterday for most sites. Unfortunately, these values are not on a local calendar day, so please be very careful before use. Unfortunately, long term observations that are on local calendar days does not exist for many locations!

1. Select station(s):

2. Select Start/End Time:

Please note the start year in the station selector. If you only want data for one day, set the start and end times to the same value.

3. Select Variables:

If you select a model format in option 4 below, this selection is ignored.

4. Specialized Data/Model Formats

When you select a given data format, it will override any selected variables above and formats below. These are specialized formats typically used for modelling and their choice dictates the variables to be included. Please contact us to have your format added to the list!

5. How to view?

Note that the Excel format is limited to 1,048,576 rows of data, so selecting it will limit the returned data.

6. Data Delimitation:

This option is only relevant if you did not select "Excel File" from #5 above.

7. Include Latitude and Longitude in output?

8. Supplement 2024's data with scenario year

Optional! For some purposes, you may wish to have a complete (Jan 1 - Dec 31) set of data for the current year. Of course, this period is in the future and observations do not exist! This option allows you to fill out the current year with data from a previous year. If data for Feb 29 is needed and not available from past year, Feb 28 data is simply repeated.

9. Submit Form:

Please be patient and only submit this form once. It may take 10-20 seconds to get a response.