Automated Data Plotter

This application dynamically generates many types of graphs. These graphs are derived from processing of various data sources done by the IEM. Please feel free to use these generated graphics in whatever way you wish.

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This table presents the extreme hourly value of some variable of your choice based on available observations maintained by the IEM. Sadly, this app will likely point out some bad data points as such points tend to be obvious at extremes. If you contact us to point out troubles, we'll certainly attempt to fix the archive to remove the bad data points. Observations are arbitrarly bumped 10 minutes into the future to place the near to top of the hour obs on that hour. For example, a 9:53 AM observation becomes the ob for 10 AM.

Based on a sampling of recent timings for this application, plot generation time has averaged 25 seconds. Hold on for the plot is generating now!

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If you notice plotting issues with the image above, please do let us know by providing the URL address currently shown by your web browser.

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