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715 Views 24 Jun NWS Data Outage [resolved]


Since about 4 PM today, the NWS is dealing with some significant network / data center outage at College Park, MD impacting all kinds of different data flows. The outage is so bad that they can't even send out status updates about what is happening. So we sit and wait and will update this news item as things are learned.

Updated 6:30 AM: An update from the NWS denotes that troubleshooting continues, but there is no ETR. The primary impact to the IEM is lack of observational data from HADS, WMO_BUFR, and MADIS. Some additional grid data flows are down as well.

Updated 10:30 AM: Not much for updates. Continue to impatiently wait!

Updated 9:30 PM: Some services have been restored, but others remain unavailable. restoration work continues.

Updated 26 June 7:30 AM: Latest update as the outage continues.

Updated 27 June 7 AM: I have not seen any official statement from the NWS that this is resolved, but I am not currently aware of anything still broken from this outage, so will mark as resolved.