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IEM Reanalysis


The IEM Reanalysis dataset is a daily gridded product combining a number of datasets into one product hopefully void of missing values. In some cases, data is interpolated and in other cases, the data is resampled from another grid. Keeping the workflow doing is a daily challenge due to changes in various input datasets and quirks with datasets over time.

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Justification for processing

A consistent and complete gridded analysis enables many downstream products and applications. Single point observations are of higher quality, but often have gaps and their representativity varies depending on many factors.

There are many alternative sources available today with similiar data, but it is good to have a product under IEM workflow control that is not subject to outages and data service dropouts. For example, government shutdowns.

Other Sources of Information

There are many. NARR, ERA5, and the list goes on.

Processing and Quality Control

To be written...

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are daily fields updated?

    Well, there is a long story!

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    Well, there is another story?