Growing Season Maps

This application will plot an accumulated variable for a time period of your selection. Data is based on the automated sensors from the ISU AG Climate network. A similiar application exists based on the COOP network data, which is of higher quality for temperature and precipitation.

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Dynamic Historical Data:

Daily Data Plots
Growing Season Plots

Open this plot in a new window for comparison with other plots. Once the image is loaded up in another window, you can modify this plots parameters.

*Note: Precipitation recorded from this network is not reliable. You should use precipitation obs from the COOP network.

Departure from climatology is shown below the accumulated value.

Note: Some stations are slightly moved on the map to improve readability.

# 2024 Growing Degree Days (base=50) (5/1 - 04/24)
ID   ,StationName                             ,City           ,Latitude  ,Longitude ,gdd50     ,climate_gdd50

You should be able to 'copy & paste' this raw data listing into a simple text editor and save the data file on your machine. Most GIS systems can then import this dataset as a layer. You may have to omit the commented lines (#) if your GIS has trouble importing the data.