Over the years, the IEM partnered with KCCI-TV (Des Moines, IA), KELO-TV (Sioux Falls, SD), and KIMT-TV (Mason City, IA) to collect data from their respective school-based weather stations. Sadly, the observation equipment fell into disrepair and the various networks were wound down or replaced with proprietary solutions. On 13 May 2019, all data collection was discontinued.

This page presents some legacy links and means yet to download the data.


Historical Data

Plotting Time Series

Many of the school net stations are not located in good meteorological locations. While the stations may be accurate, their data may not be representative of the area in general. Often, they are placed on top of buildings and may have obstructions which could skew wind and temperature readings. The stations are placed at schools for educational purposes and to get students interested in the weather.