This page allows for download of raw data found within products like this: FD1US1. They contain near term forecasts of temperatures and wind speed aloft. More details on the product can be found with the NWS Directive 10-812.

Backend documentation exists for those wishing to script against this service. The archive dates back to 23 September 2004.

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1. Select Station:

Returned Columns

obtimeThe timestamp within the FD product by which the forecast is said to be based off.
ftimeThe timestamp the values are valid for / forecast timestamp
tmpc#####Air Temperature (°C) at given altitude
sknt#####Wind Speed (kts) at given altitude
drct#####Wind Direction (°) at given altitude

2. Timezone of Observations:

The timestamps used in the downloaded files will be set in the timezone you specify.

3. Select Start/End Time:

This limits the data returned for forecast times between the start and end date.

4. Data Format:

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