NWS Special Weather Statement (SPS) Polygons

The IEM attempts to process and archive special weather statements (SPS) This page offers a download of the SPS polygons and some limited associated metadata.

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Time Interval for SPS *Issuance* (UTC)
YearMonthDay HourMinute

Shapefile DBF schema:

Field 0: Type=C/String, Title=`ISSUE', SPS Issuance Timestamp UTC
Field 1: Type=C/String, Title=`EXPIRE', SPS Expiration Timestamp UTC
Field 2: Type=C/String, Title=`PROD_ID', IEM Text Product Identifier
Field 3: Type=C/String, Title=`WFO', 3 Character Issuance WFO
Field 4: Type=C/String, Title=`LNDSPOUT', Landspout IBW Tag
Field 5: Type=C/String, Title=`WTRSPOUT', Waterspout IBW Tag
Field 6: Type=C/String, Title=`MAX_HAIL', Max Hail Size
Field 7: Type=C/String, Title=`MAX_WIND', Max Wind Gust
Field 8: Type=C/String, Title=`TML_VALD', Time-Motion-Location Timestamp UTC
Field 9: Type=N/Double, Title=`TML_DRCT', Time-Motion-Location Storm Motion
Field 10: Type=N/Double, Title=`TML_SKNT', Time-Motion-Location Storm Speed kt

Archive / Usage Notes:

  1. Presently, only those SPS products with a polygon are returned.