Growing Degree Day Probabilities

This application creates two 2-D histograms of GDD accumulation frequencies. These frequencies are based on historical data for the specificed site and base the end of each year's growing season on the first sub freezing temperature of the fall. The left hand plot shows the overall frequency based on each year's data. The right hand plot does a scenario using the combination of year to date data for this year and then each previous year afterwards is appended to this year's data to provide frequencies. The right hand plot is meant to provide current frequencies / probabilities of what could potentially happen this year.

One interpretation of the plot is given a corn emergence date of 1 May, the frequency that 2600 GDDs units are accumulated by 1 October and without a freeze event are XX %. Meaning XX % of years on record got to 2600 by 1 October prior to a freeze.

Data is available from the following states:

Climate Site:GDD Accumulation

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