Automated Data Plotter

This application dynamically generates many types of graphs. These graphs are derived from processing of various data sources done by the IEM. Please feel free to use these generated graphics in whatever way you wish. Reset App. The IEM Explorer application offers a simplified frontend to some of these autoplots.

First, select a chart type::

Second, select specific chart options::

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Select Month for x-axis:
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Plot Description:

This plot compares the distribution of daily temperatures for two months or periods for a single station of your choice. The left hand plot depicts a quantile - quantile plot, which simply plots the montly percentile values against each other. You could think of this plot as comparable frequencies. The right hand plot depicts the distribution of each month's temperatures expressed as a violin plot. These type of plots are useful to see the shape of the distribution. These plots also contain the mean and extremes of the distributions.
There is an additional bit of functionality allowing for the computation of metrics over a number of trailing days. When this trailing day window period is set to a value larger than 1 day, you will want to also set the computation method over that window. The options are:
  • Max: Take the day with the highest value
  • Avg: Take the average of all days in the window
  • Min: Take the lowest value over the window

Clever combinations of the above allow for assessment of strength and duration of stretches of hot or cold weather.

Based on a sampling of recent timings for this application, plot generation time has averaged 2 seconds. Hold on for the plot is generating now!

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