Automated Data Plotter

This application dynamically generates many types of graphs. These graphs are derived from processing of various data sources done by the IEM. Please feel free to use these generated graphics in whatever way you wish. Reset App. The IEM Explorer application offers a simplified frontend to some of these autoplots.

First, select a chart type::

Second, select specific chart options::

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Start Date:
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Number of Trailing Days to Use (X)
Interval to Compute Trailing Statistics (Y)
Image Pixel Size @100 DPI
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Plot Description:

This plot presents the time series of trailing X number of day departures evaluated every Y days forward in time. The departures are expressed in terms of standard deviation (sigma) by comparing the current period against the same period of dates back through the period of record. The evaluation points are connected by arrows to express the evolution of the departures. Since the plot is bounded by physical processes, the plot tends to cycle. In economics, a classic comparable plot to this one is of suply vs demand.

Based on a sampling of recent timings for this application, plot generation time has averaged 2 seconds. Hold on for the plot is generating now!

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