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Friday, 08 July 2022

Low Range for July

Posted: 08 Jul 2022 05:30 AM

With a low temperature of 72 and a high of 80, there was only an eight degree temperature range for Burlington on Thursday. The featured chart presents some metrics on daily high and low temperatures for the site during July along with the associated ranges. The eight degree difference is shown with a percentile around 1, which implies a return interval of about once every 3 years. The small temperature difference during the day was thanks to high humidity levels, thick clouds for much of the day, and periods of rainfall. The atmosphere was loaded with moisture and while storms looked meager on RADAR, they were extremely efficient at rainfall production. Such is often the case this time of year as the lower atmosphere reaches peak warmth and upper level winds slacken, which leads to slower storm motion and heavier rainfall totals.

Good = 15
Bad = 0