IEM Daily Feature
Friday, 01 November 2019

Recent Wet Months

Posted: 01 Nov 2019 05:33 AM

A very wet October has come to a bitter cold close. The featured chart presents recent monthly precipitation departures for Ames along with the concurrent El Nino 3.4 index value. The El Nino state has been waffling near neutral since ending the "Godzilla" El Nino of 2015-2016. Our recent monthly precipitation totals have been generally wetter than average, but it is hard to tease out a direct correlation with the El Nino condition. For farmer's still slogging away attempting to harvest the fall crop, they desperately need warmer and drier weather. The near term forecast is somewhat optimistic in that regard, but there are still chances of rain and snow along with temperatures back closer to average for this time of year.

Good = 14
Bad = 1