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Tuesday, 14 February 2006

1000th Feature!

Posted: 14 Feb 2006 05:11 AM

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IEM Quilt of Features. A 6x6 pixel taken from each feature. Click image for full screen version.
Today is a great day! Today is the celebration of the IEM's 1,000th feature! After 4 years of features, we continue to come up with something interesting and, most importantly, an unique feature title most every day. Since we live in a democracy, you got a chance to vote on the daily feature starting in 2005. It is no coincidence that the highest rated feature is the only one with my picture in it. The irony of the text in that feature was that the camera was nearly hit by a weak tornado in September 2005. Some of my favorite features include: MCC, MCS, MCV equals MESS, A pile of data!, Tornado or Not Tornado?, Insurance Policy, and Hot, Hot, Hot. Care to share yours?

Good = 23
Bad = 14

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