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Corn Condition

18 Aug 2016 05:31 AM
The featured set of charts displays yearly time series of USDA NASS reported corn crop condition reports since 1986 for six selected states in the Midwest. The values shown total the two poorest conditions (poor and very poor) contained within the report. Four years are highlighted for comparison. The black lines present the values for this year and there are very small amounts of poor corn to be found. The drought year of 2012 is also highlighted to show how bad things got in states like Illinois and Missouri. Timely and significant rains have occurred this summer over much of the corn belt, but as shown by Ohio's plotted values, some places have missed out.

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Bad year for corn

17 Aug 2012 05:47 AM
The featured chart presents yearly time series of USDA reported weekly corn crop condition for Iowa and five nearby states. The charted line represents the total area estimated to be in either "poor" or "very poor" condition. These are the two worst categories that are designated. Each chart contains the time series for each year since 1986. Conveniently, this allows us to compare this year with the last major drought of 1988 in the Midwest. Other significant years of 2005 and 1993 are included for comparison. While 2012 has been devastating in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, things have not been all that bad in Minnesota. Compare that with what happened in 1993 where Minnesota got the worst of it. It is not for certain how much some recent rains in the Midwest will help the corn crop as the damage has pretty much already been done in the hardest hit areas.

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Stats from USDA NASS service

Getting the corn planted

23 May 2012 05:48 AM
Getting the crops planted each spring in Iowa is not an arbitrary task. Threats of frost, rain, drought, and soil temperatures are among the issues farmers need to work through each year. The featured chart presents USDA weekly estimates of corn acres planted in Iowa since 1979. A few of the extreme years are highlighted in the upper chart. This year got off to a very early start, but wet weather arrived causing the planting rate to slow. We recently finished a bit ahead of schedule thanks to our recent stretch of dry weather. The lower chart presents the largest weekly jump each year in the percentage of acres planted. It is interesting to note that this value hasn't increased over the years. While individual farmers are easily able to plant more acres in a day, there are many fewer farmers and they need to work more days to cover the larger farm sizes that currently exist.

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