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Mostly Record Highs

06 Mar 2017 05:34 AM
The pleasantly warm weather this weekend was a reminder of the record warm just a while back during February. During which time we were setting a number of new daily record high temperatures. The featured chart presents the record high and low temperature set dates and beat margin. These events are computed as they are established with the passage of time. For example, records set in the 1940s may no longer still be records today, but are included in this chart. Anyway, the point of the plot is to show that recently we have certainly seen a larger share of record high temperatures set vs record lows.

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Only initial date of record event is shown and hourly ties were not considered

Time of Record Temps

10 Nov 2012 01:35 PM
Very warm air is surging into Iowa this Saturday with numerous record high temperatures being set. Des Moines set its record high today by reporting 78 degrees at 12:35 PM. Is it unusual for a record high to be set just after noon? The featured chart provides an estimate of the time of day record high and record low temperatures occurred at. The daily records are from a different dataset than the hourly temperature archive, so some estimates were done and a constraint that the extreme hourly temperature was within 4 degrees of the record temperature. Having a record high near 1 PM has happened previously, but that won't put a damper on today.

The lone blue dot (record low) shown at 5 PM on 25 Sep 1942 appears to be legitimate estimate.

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57 days and counting

04 Feb 2010 06:11 AM
The featured graph displays the daily observation of snow depth from the Des Moines Airport. For the past 57 days, the site has reported a snow depth greater than 5 inches. This sets a record for the longest consecutive period for Des Moines beating out a previous record stretch from 12 December 1961 TO 3 February 1962. The snow does not appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon with more winter storms in the forecast.

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The Streak ends...

06 Jan 2003 06:48 AM
Des Moines impressive run of 53 straight days without measurable precipitation ended this weekend. Hopefully, we don't experience another streak of this length for many years.

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