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High Temperature Profile

05 Feb 2009 06:23 AM
The featured plot is of daily high temperature percentiles from Ames based on data for the past 100 years. The plot provides a colorful look at the climatology of Ames. The black line is the 32°F contour. For February, this contour rapidly decreases, which implies that our chance for having a high temperature above freezing is rapidly increasing. The forecast calls for temperatures above freezing for most of the state and even thunder showers expected next week.

Good: 15
Bad: 11

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Temperature percentiles

04 Feb 2009 06:19 AM
The featured chart is a time series of daily high and low temperature percentiles. Based on historical temperatures, a percentile quickly shows the percentage of observations above and below the actual value for the day. It is effectively a way to rank the observation. The exceptional cold around 15 January sticks out in this plot with a repeat period toward the end of the month.

Good: 16
Bad: 6

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