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Plenty of 50s

17 Jan 2012 05:48 AM
This past Sunday was the fifth day this January that the high temperature has hit or exceeded 50 degrees for Ames. This feat is rather remarkable considering that we did not surpass 50 in each of the past five years and this total prior to 17 January ties the previous most back in 1928. Will this year end up like 1928 and not have any days over 50 for the rest of the month? The forecast does have a slim chance of hitting 50 again next Sunday after a series of winter storms this week.

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* IEM computed and unofficial.

Records highs then snow

12 Jan 2012 05:49 AM
Our remarkable stretch of warm January weather came to an abrupt end on Wednesday thanks to a very strong cold front plowing through the state bringing some snow along with it. The high temperatures, before the front passed through, hit record levels over portions of eastern Iowa and with snow falling today, creates the unique situation of having a record high temperature followed by snow the next day. The featured chart presents an IEM computed analysis of the most recent occurrence of having snowfall on the day after a record high temperature for some long term sites in the state. There are caveats galore with this data due to issues with snowfall data quality and the nature of daily climate observation times being at 7 AM (long story). Heavier snowfall totals are expected over eastern Iowa, so the bottom portion of the chart presents the most recent occurrence where the snowfall was four inches or more. In general, these events are rare and getting heavy snowfall is even more rare. Note: the record high temperature was computed up until that date since the beginning of the record.

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Preliminary data shown

Epic January Warmth

05 Jan 2012 04:21 PM
Wow! The first question after a day like today is how bad the weather will get later this winter to pay for this. Record high temperatures were set over most of Iowa today as shown by the featured analysis computed by the IEM. The NW quarter of the state has seen high temperatures best the previous record by over 10 degrees in spots! Tomorrow will continue the warmth, but not this warm with highs back in the 40s and 50s (still well above average).

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