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Full Year of Drought

08 Jun 2018 05:34 AM
The drought situation in Iowa continues to be of concern as significant rains for May and June have not panned out for all parts of the state. For much of southeastern Iowa, the US Drought Monitor has maintained at least D0 status for nearly the past year. The featured map depicts the percentage of weeks since 13 June 2017 that a given area was under any classification of drought (D0 and higher). The 13 June 2017 date was chosen as it was the first significant coverage of drought last June after the rains of May 2017. So the situation this year is a bit different than last with persistent drought in the area going into the heart of the growing season. You can generate this map for other states and time periods of your choice.

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Drought Improvement or Degradation this Spring?

16 Feb 2018 05:34 AM
The newly released US Drought Monitor this week showed a bit of improvement over Iowa thanks to the numerous recent rounds of snow storms. The featured chart looks at the weekly change in drought coverage over Iowa since 2000. The unit height represents a one category change in the coverage of the Drought Monitor over Iowa. Placing aside the difficulty with those units, the blue sections would indicate improvements and red degradation. What's interesting to note in this chart when we think about what may be happening this spring is that having further degradation during the spring season is rather rare. Only 2015 during the past 15 years experienced significant degradation prior to the first of May. So it will be interesting to see what happens this spring!

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Continued Drought

15 Dec 2017 05:35 AM
The weekly US Drought Monitor was released yesterday and depicts a worsening drought situation in the state. While heavy rains frequented the state in October, we have turned very dry again. The featured chart presents the combination of trailing day precipitation departures expressed in terms of standard deviations from long term averages for Osceola (just south of Des Moines). The shaded areas represent the US Drought Monitor conditions analyzed for the location. This area was particularly hard hit this year and while the heavy rains in October did remove the D3 category, the area has remained in D2 since. There is no one magic metric that determines the drought category, but a number of metrics are considered and local reported impacts.

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Limited Help for Drought

25 Jul 2017 05:32 AM
The publication of the US Drought Monitor update for this week is currently in progress. It considers the precipitation that has fallen up to Tuesday morning of each week and is released on Thursday. The featured map displays the combination of the current drought monitor issued last week and the seven days of precipitation that roughly fell since its issuance. The hatched areas on the map are the drought monitor categories. In general, there was little help for the rain that did fall last week for the driest areas of the state. Some localized dry places did pick up an inch or two, but that amount of water only meets current intensive crop demands. The most significant and flooding rains fell almost completely away from the dry areas.

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Dryness surrounding us

27 Oct 2006 12:25 AM
You don't have to drive very far from Iowa to find areas with significant precipitation deficits. "D3" classified drought areas are currently depicted in Central Missoura, Western Nebraska, and Northern Minnesota. Only extreme portions of SE Iowa are depicted with any dry conditions. Rainfall this weekend should help alleviate the dryness in Missoura and mostly miss Iowa as the system tracks to our south.

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