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Philadelphia Record Rainfall

04 Aug 2013 01:38 PM
The featured chart is of one minute interval precipitation from the Philadelphia Airport for last Sunday. 8.02 inches fell on the calendar day making for a local record daily precipitation total. The chart shows that most of the 8 inches fell over a four hour period between 3 and 7 PM. The most intense rainfall came between 3:33 and 3:40 with almost an inch falling in that period.

Good: 42
Bad: 7

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Oklahoma City Extreme Rainfall Rate

27 Jul 2013 08:52 AM
While rain has been difficult to come by in July for Iowa, Oklahoma has seen plenty of it. The featured chart is of one minute interval precipitation for Oklahoma City ASOS on Friday showing extremely intense rainfall. The 5:16 AM minute accumulation was 0.3 inches of rain, which extrapolated to an hour yields a rate of 18 inches! For a rain gauge with a tipping bucket mechanism, this means a tip every 2 seconds! Sadly, OKC's daily total is more rainfall than most of Iowa has seen this July.

Good: 95
Bad: 5

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San Antonio Extreme Rainfall

26 May 2013 01:33 PM
San Antonio, Texas had its second largest daily precipitation accumulation on Friday picking up just under 10 inches for the day. This was after picking up 2.2 inches on Thursday! The featured chart is of one minute interval precipitation observations from the automated weather station showing the intense rates experienced. It is remarkable to note this all fell between 3 and 11 AM. Iowa has experienced extreme rainfall events as well this weekend with significant flooding occurring and expected to continue this week.

Good: 30
Bad: 6

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Extreme Rainfall Rates

07 Jun 2010 05:09 AM
The featured graph is a time series of one minute interval precipitation rates and totals from the Lamoni SchoolNet station on Saturday morning. The red line shows an accumulated total of over 5 inches before noon with over two of those inches falling within an hour between midnight and 1 AM. The other two lines represent hourly accumulation rates based on two different time windows. On a 15 minute interval, rainfall rates exceeded 4 inches per hour, which is an extreme rate for Iowa. These rates were possible thanks to a saturated atmosphere with warm cloud temperatures.

Good: 27
Bad: 6

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Histogram show with a rough fit line (black).

1 inch rainfalls common?

07 Oct 2008 06:23 AM
A frontal boundary is helping to maintain an area of showers over Iowa this fine Tuesday morning with some select locales expected to pick up around an inch of rainfall. How common is it to get an inch of rain in one day in October? The featured graph shows the frequency of getting an inch plus rainfall observeration somewhere in the state based on the past 57 years of data. Values for October are around 20%, which would roughly be once every 5 years on a daily basis.

Good: 26
Bad: 9

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