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Beating March 2012

18 Mar 2016 05:26 AM
For some portions of the state, the first 15 days of March this year were the warmest on record for the period, beating the venerable March of 2012. There was some thought at the time that perhaps this March could beat it for the entire month as well! Those thoughts are gone now and as shown by the featured plot, there is near no chance of that happening now. The featured chart shows the month to date average temperature up until yesterday and then appends on each previous year's data to show potential scenarios. The warmest tan line shown would be a repeat of March 2012 and even if that happened it would come up a degree or two short. The major warmth of March 2012 happened during the last half of it, so the comparables are tough to beat.

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March Ranks

03 Apr 2015 05:39 AM
The featured map presents IEM computed precipitation total ranks for this March. Having a rank of 1 would be the wettest March on record and 123 would be the driest for that climate district. The north to south gradient is very sharp with the boot heel of Missouri having a top ten wettest and southeastern Iowa having a top ten driest March. This analysis indicates north central Nebraska had their driest March on record.

Good: 43
Bad: 25
Abstain: 28

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Seven Days of 60+

12 Mar 2015 05:39 AM
If the current forecast holds, Des Moines would have a streak of seven consecutive days with a high temperature at or above (AOA) 60 degrees. The featured chart presents the frequency of such a streak partitioned by week of the year. For the middle of March, such a streak is a very rare occurrence. Of course, this happens almost every day of during summer. 60 degrees in March does feel a lot warmer than 60 degrees in July, so most Iowans are very happy with the current stretch of weather we are in.

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