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June Ranks

01 Jul 2015 05:36 AM
The featured map displays unofficial and IEM computed climate district precipitation total ranks for June. A value of one would indicate that June 2015 was the wettest June on record for the location since 1893. A considerable chunk of the corn belt is analyzed in the top 5 wettest Junes with a number of locations currently at number 1! It is interesting to see the variability in the map with large gradients across some states, like Iowa.

Good: 16
Bad: 6
Abstain: 4

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It has been wet

29 Jun 2015 05:40 AM
The seemingly constant stream of daily scattered showers and thunderstorms has made for a very wet June after perhaps the wettest month on record for the US in May. The featured map looks at the longest period since 1 May that the location went without receiving at least 0.05 inches of rain over a given hour. The chart nicely shows the areas that have had difficulty with spring field work as these long stretches are necessary to make fields passable by heavy equipment. The forecast for this week continues the recent pattern of daily chances of rain.

Good: 16
Bad: 10
Abstain: 5

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24 Hour Rainfall Events

26 Jun 2015 05:42 AM
The featured table presents top NWS COOP rainfall reports from Thursday along with the record maximum for the nearest long term climate site and the last 3+ inch rainfall for that site. The Perry report of 5.62 stands as the largest total for the site on record as indicated by the unofficial IEM archives. It is interesting to see that for two of the sites, the most recent 3+ inch rainfall was less than a week ago! While more rain is in the forecast, hopefully we can avoid these high of totals.

Good: 35
Bad: 18
Abstain: 22

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