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Coldest January in a while

29 Jan 2014 05:41 AM
For Waterloo, the average temperature so far this January has been the coldest since 1994 and one of the colder ones on record. Averaging just 10 degrees is still much warmer than the epic cold of 1977-1979. Winds will be on the increase today and will bring in warmer air to help push temperatures back above freezing for much of the state. The next push of cold air is not far behind with highs on Friday back in the teens.

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January Headlines

24 Jan 2014 05:38 AM
It has been a busy month for the NWS with numerous rounds of snow, windy conditions, fog, and bitter cold requiring weather watch, warnings, and advisories to be issued. The featured chart presents these products issued by the Des Moines NWS Office so far this month. There are 26 headlines shown with the bars representing the time duration of the product. The largest break between products was during the 11-13th period. It would appear that more headlines will be necessary next week with yet another significant push of cold air hitting Iowa.

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Windy January

21 Jan 2014 05:38 AM
Average wind speed so far this January has been on the high side of long term average as shown by the featured chart. This has been the windiest 1-20 January period since Jan 1997, which is interesting as this season has been comparable to the fall and winter of 1996-1997 (more on this in future features). The windy conditions have helped to usher in brutal cold and some refreshing warmth so far this January. We are currently getting the cold end as temperatures and wind chills are very cold this Tuesday morning.

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