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Count of daily COOP observations for this winter

Too many to count

18 Feb 2008 07:13 AM
The feature title is the answer to the question of how many snow storms we have seen this winter. The featured chart is a calendar of daily Iowa COOP snowfall observations greater than 2 inches. The observations are for a 24 hour period and not the local calendar day, so there is some ambiguity to the chart. Nonetheless, you can see we have had a storm just about every week with 2 storms per week lately. More storms are on the way this week.

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Bad: 7

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Mixed Month

01 Feb 2008 07:25 AM
The featured chart is of daily low temperature departures from normal for Des Moines during January. Outside of a few very cold days last week, most of the month was near or well above normal. The caveat is that while temperatures were above normal, they were also below freezing for most of the month. The good news is that the coldest month of the year is now behind us and we can think positive thoughts for a warmer spring to come!

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