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New Orleans NEXRAD translated to Iowa.

Isaac over Iowa

30 Aug 2012 05:07 AM
Tropical Storm Isaac continues to pound the southern plains with heavy rain and strong winds. The size of these storms is sometimes difficult to imagine for those of us who have lived in Iowa their entire life. So what better way to illustrate the size of Isaac than to move the storm here for comparison! The featured map moves Isaac as depicted on RADAR yesterday morning to Iowa with its eye near Des Moines. The size of this storm is certainly comprehensible as nearly the entire state is engulfed by it! The remnants of Isaac may actually make it to Iowa in a few days, but its form will look much different than this.

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Will Isaac become a Hurricane?

27 Aug 2012 10:14 AM
Tropical Storm Isaac continues to under-perform expectations for development into a Hurricane, but remains a great worry for folks along the northern Gulf of Mexico. The featured map is a composite of National Hurricane Center position and max wind forecasts for the past week. The thicker line with a white outline is the actual observation of wind speed and position. Isaac has yet to reach Hurricane strength of 75mph winds, but is a large system that is expected to dump very heavy rainfall. Our weather will stagnate while this system clears out to the east later this week.

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