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Devil's Savings Time

15 Mar 2011 05:48 AM
For some of you, your clocks are now accurate again after our recent switch back into Daylight Savings Time. Of course, we are not saving anything as the hour of sunshine in the evening is at the expense of an hour of sunshine in the morning. The featured image shows the transport of sunshine into the evening hours. The devil is involved in this process as it encourages an extra hour of sleep in the morning before the sun-provoked rooster wakes you up.

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Deep Freeze Weather

01 Jan 2010 08:22 AM
The year 2010 starts off on a cold note with temperatures feeling like your deep freeze, literally. The featured graph is a time series from an ISU meteorology lecturer's house in Ames. He has his deep freeze instrumented for temperature, so a natural comparison is to plot it along with the outside temperature. The conclusion is that it is literally deep freeze weather and looks to remain that way for the first part of January.

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7 AM NEXRAD on 16 Aug 2007

TS Erin

16 Aug 2007 07:23 AM
Tropical Storm Erin looks to be the first in a line of tropical storms that will impact the continental United States. It is currently making landfall over SE Texas and is expect to make the trip north to Iowa for the weekend! The IEM's exclusive path cast details the projected route and eventual splitting around Ames. Find out more details on the tropics at the National Hurricane Center website.

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Creative interpretation by cookie baker of what was ordered over the phone

NOAA Environmental Hero

03 May 2007 08:41 AM
Two weeks ago, the IEM was honored to be presented with the 2007 NOAA Environmental Hero award at a ceremony in Washington D.C. . To locally celebrate this event, the IEM was presented with a big cookie on Wednesday! Read the cookie carefully... :)

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SPC day1 tornado threat on 6 Apr 2006

Run to the hills

06 Apr 2006 07:11 AM
The modern poet Iron Maiden may have given mitigating advice for today recommending a run to the hills to avoid danger. The Storm Prediction Center has most of Western Iowa within a moderate risk of severe weather with a 15% chance of tornados. The key for materializing the threat will be sunshine to enhance the instability and increased moisture transport from the south.

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The sky's natural colour on 20 Oct 2004

Get rid of the grey, naturally.

20 Oct 2004 08:44 AM
Everybody seems to complain about the dreary and drizzly conditions, but nobody does anything about it. The image shown shows the results of a Rogaine-like treatment on the sky. The grey has just melted away.

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Illustration of Iowa missing out on rainfall.

Plan of attack

10 Sep 2003 07:54 AM
The IEM has intercepted Mother Nature's top secret plans with this coming storm system. A northern flank will infiltrate Minnesota while the southern flank storms into Missouri and Kansas leaving Iowa high and dry.

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Live look at the IEM Data Coffer courtesy of Walt Disney.

A pile of data!

05 Jun 2003 07:25 AM
Can you guess how many observations the IEM databases hold? ... The answer is over 350 million! Most of these observations are available for download. Check out the download pages for the ASOS, RWIS, AWOS, ISU AG, SchoolNet, and COOP networks.

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IEM2 floating over what was downtown Des Moines.

Insurance Policy

09 May 2003 08:22 AM
I don't care what plywood prices are, it is time to build an Arc. Everyone is welcome aboard the Arc, which will be christened as IEM2. There will be a weight limit of 15 stone per person, so pack wisely.

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