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03 Mar 2017 05:16 AM
For my nearly 20 year career in the meteorology field, it is difficult to remember a period with more excitement than what currently exists over GOES-R. GOES-R is a newly launched satellite by NOAA and NASA that features far superior and more diverse imaging than what is currently operational today over the United States. On Thursday, NOAA began a wider dissemination of test and evaluation products from this new satellite. The featured map is a simple plot of GOES-R ABI channel 2 over Iowa. While this image may not look impressive, the spatial and temporal detail provided by this product will be a game changer in weather forecasting and modelling. You will undoubtedly see many spectacular loops and images from this satellite this year as it prepares for operational status in late 2017. Here is a much more impressive loop over Texas produced by CIRA at Colorado State.

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