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Days below Freezing

12 Jan 2016 05:35 AM
The high temperature on Monday was below freezing for Des Moines. The featured chart displays the accumulated number of days that the high temperature was below freezing for the site. This year is compared with the average accumulation and the min/max range of values based on archived data for the site. This year's total is near the bottom of the range and from a climatological accumulation perspective, we have more than half of the accumulation yet to go for the season. The forecast only has us briefly above freezing this week.

Good: 25
Bad: 9
Abstain: 9

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Cold Stretches

13 Dec 2013 05:43 AM
Temperatures finally returned to reasonable levels on Thursday with some lucky locations in Iowa hitting 30 degrees! This was the warmest it has been in just over seven days. The featured chart looks at the longest period below a given temperature based on hourly temperature data for Des Moines, Sioux Falls, and St Louis. The north - south geography holds with Des Moines experiencing durations in between longer ones for Sioux Falls and shorter ones for St Louis. The current stretch of weather below 31 degrees has many days to go before besting the longest stretch of around 31 days. The forecast calls for warming to above freezing next week.

Good: 60
Bad: 11
Abstain: 8

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Frozen November Periods

02 Dec 2013 05:37 AM
Much of the last part of November was rather cold with high temperatures some days struggling to break freezing. For Des Moines, a period of 92 hours experienced sub freezing temperatures during the month. The featured chart presents the longest such period during November for each year back to 1936. This year's period was the longest since 1996. The first week of December looks rather interesting with some portions of the state experiencing very warm temperatures and others stuck with colder temps. Everybody will be cold by the coming weekend with daily highs back below freezing.

Good: 26
Bad: 6
Abstain: 5

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Only brief sustained cold

01 Feb 2012 05:57 AM
The featured chart presents the maximum period with temperatures below freezing based on hourly observations for Des Moines. The longest period this year is only a bit longer than three previous years. There is still plenty of winter season to go and as is shown by the bottom chart, there are longest streaks of the season that get started in February and even March. The forecast has been hinting at a return of winter to the state with chances of snow, but temperatures do not look that cold at least to early next week.

Good: 13
Bad: 2

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Streaks below freezing

28 Jan 2011 05:46 AM
The temperature finally broke freezing on Thursday ending a modest streak of 9 days below. Earlier in January, we had a streak of 11 days which is the longest such streak this winter season. The featured chart presents the longest consecutive day streak below freezing for each winter since 1893. As with other charts recently featured, the winters of 77 and 78 stand out. The bottom chart shows the period during which the streaks of various lengths occurred. There is an interesting streak of 30 days that lasted from late February to mid March (1960). There is certainly plenty more time for cold weather this winter!

Good: 27
Bad: 11

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Below freezing days

17 Dec 2009 06:10 AM
The featured graph looks at the average number of days per month the high temperature is below freezing for Ames. This December's total is already near the average value with two weeks yet to go. The forecast calls for below freezing temperatures for at least the next seven days. The record for Ames in December is 27 days back in 1983.

Good: 21
Bad: 2

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