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'12-'13 Winter Storm #17

03 May 2013 08:28 AM
Needless to say, we are witnessing history and rewriting the snowfall record books for a storm in May! The featured map is an attempted analysis of the snow that has fallen so far over the past three days. The difficult part is that ground and pavement temperatures are warm, so the snow is melting as it falls. The iterative method of measuring snowfall every hour or so will also tend to inflate the totals as compaction is an important part of snowfall measurement. Regardless, a lot of moisture has fallen in the form of rain, sleet, and snow. This will be an event to remember for a long time! Enjoy witnessing history!

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Active Weather

10 Apr 2013 05:43 AM
There was no shortage of interesting weather on Tuesday as shown by the featured map. At 6 PM, a severe thunderstorm watch, an ice storm warning, a severe thunderstorm warning, and a flood watch were all active at the same time in Iowa! In fact, one of the severe thunderstorm warnings was overlapping a winter weather warning. The map also shows the reported air temperature at that time. The severe thunderstorm warning over NW Iowa was with an air temperature near freezing while SE Iowa was near 80 degrees! Over the Midwest, a lot of hail fell over areas near freezing. The instability to support the thunderstorms was above a layer of very cold air near the ground. The active weather continues today with just about everything imaginable happening at once.

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Even low temps break record highs

20 Mar 2012 03:57 AM
Our epic stretch of warm weather continues to rewrite the record books for March. A couple places in the MidWest have experienced something truly exceptional. The low temperature for the day was warmer than the previous record high temperature for the day! The featured chart shows this happening for Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday. The low temperature was 61 and the previous record high for the date was 60! This is an extremely rare event to occur and checking back through the archives of data the IEM has for Iowa, this hasn't happened in Iowa since 26 Dec 1936 (keep in mind that this feat was easier to achieve with fewer years of climatology in 1936).

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