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Coldest since

26 Dec 2013 07:20 AM
Low temperatures on the morning of Christmas Eve (24 Dec) were some of the coldest readings in three to four years over much of the state. The featured map displays reported low temperatures that morning and the number of years or just months since the last temperature that was as cold. The good news is that day time high temperatures are expected above freezing for much of Iowa, but the next present from the Arctic arrives this weekend.

Good: 46
Bad: 8
Abstain: 8

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Below Average December

17 Dec 2013 05:35 AM
The first half of December has been well below average with temperatures running four to twelve degrees cold. The featured map shows an IEM computed analysis of average temperature departure for this year versus the past 63. The coldest departures have been over northwestern Iowa. Some warmer air is expected this week before our next round of very cold winter air arrives for the weekend.

Good: 31
Bad: 4
Abstain: 3

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