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March versus April

01 May 2012 05:55 AM
After the epic warmth of March, some probably wondered if we would pay for it with a cold April. We ended up with the first statewide snow- less April in 122 years! The featured map presents an IEM analysis of the difference the average temperature during April was from March. Areas shaded in red had a warmer March than April. Areas around Chicago and other locations to our east were remarkably warmer in March by about 3-4 degrees. The start of May looks to bring us warmer temperatures and numerous chances at thunderstorms along with severe weather.

Good: 55
Bad: 12

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Not much range

30 Apr 2012 05:58 AM
High temperatures struggled this past weekend in Iowa thanks to cloudy and rainy conditions. The featured map presents a simple analysis of the difference between the high and low temperature on Sunday. Only portions of extreme eastern Iowa saw high temperatures much above their low. Having a difference of less than five degrees is rare for this time of year happening a return period of once every 75 years or so. Warmer weather is set to arrive this week along with plenty of chances of rain.

Good: 45
Bad: 11

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