This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Jan 2018 10PM-12-5-19002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Jan 2018 10PM1313-18002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Jan 2018 10PM-615-60.010.72M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Jan 2018 10PM55-9002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Jan 2018 10PM-56-10TT2M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Jan 2018 10PM88-18002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Jan 2018 10PM27338002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Jan 2018 10PM203718002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Jan 2018 10PM313619002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Jan 2018 10PM343729001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Jan 2018 10PM53840.05T0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Jan 2018 10PM-25-80.0711M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Jan 2018 10PM-134-13001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Jan 2018 7AM1919-15001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Jan 2018 10PM-620-60.051.42M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Jan 2018 10PM-36-6TT2M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Jan 2018 10PM1924-7002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Jan 2018 10PM263516002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Jan 2018 10PM364218002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Jan 2018 10PM294924000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Jan 2018 10PM363624000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Jan 2018 10PM3037300.9200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Jan 2018 10PM2030170.691.61M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Jan 2018 10PM252517001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Jan 2018 10PM343721001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Jan 2018 10PM355034000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Jan 2018 10PM284327000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Jan 2018 10PM29294000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY31 Jan 2018 10PM333524000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Feb 2018 10PM3330000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Feb 2018 10PM1517-3000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Feb 2018 10PM-122-1000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Feb 2018 10PM410-4000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Feb 2018 10PM68-90.112.32M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Feb 2018 10PM312-30.02133
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Feb 2018 10PM141730.010.53M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Feb 2018 10PM41420.34.57M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Feb 2018 10PM7101007M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Feb 2018 10PM5172006M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Feb 2018 10PM513-2005M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Feb 2018 10PM1727-2005M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Feb 2018 10PM384011004M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Feb 2018 10PM283827003M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Feb 2018 10PM24309001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Feb 2018 10PM3640110.0512M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Feb 2018 10PM293729T01M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Feb 2018 10PM1331130.28TTM
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Feb 2018 10PM19238TT0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Feb 2018 10PM3132190.071.21M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Feb 2018 10PM1832180.30.21M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Feb 2018 10PM263216001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Feb 2018 10PM2631140.180.31M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Feb 2018 10PM354414001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Feb 2018 10PM325426001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Feb 2018 10PM354526000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Mar 2018 10PM283928000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Mar 2018 10PM334320000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Mar 2018 10PM384732000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Mar 2018 10PM404833000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Mar 2018 10PM264026T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Mar 2018 10PM2632260.523.84M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Mar 2018 10PM1626120.03T4M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Mar 2018 10PM152510003M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Mar 2018 10PM2631130030
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Mar 2018 10PM333520002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Mar 2018 10PM3136200.010.12M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Mar 2018 10PM283422002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Mar 2018 10PM263223000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Mar 2018 10PM344720000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Mar 2018 10PM314224000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Mar 2018 10PM333825000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Mar 2018 10PM294829TT0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Mar 2018 10PM344424000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Mar 2018 7AM374930000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Mar 2018 10PM303728000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Mar 2018 10PM294023000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Mar 2018 10PM374324000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Mar 2018 7AM394429000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Mar 2018 10PM3339240.491010M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Mar 2018 10PM3138240.45414M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Mar 2018 10PM3236300013M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Mar 2018 10PM2836280.25T11M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Mar 2018 10PM344120007M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Mar 2018 10PM334120005M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Mar 2018 10PM384228004M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY31 Mar 2018 7AM2041200.0601M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Apr 2018 10PM263116000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Apr 2018 10PM333819000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Apr 2018 7AM243324T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Apr 2018 10PM222680.275.25M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Apr 2018 10PM313814003M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Apr 2018 10PM163416TT1M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Apr 2018 10PM223112001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Apr 2018 7AM263118000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Apr 2018 10PM2834230.144.240
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Apr 2018 10PM394324001M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Apr 2018 10PM485129000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Apr 2018 10PM4856350.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Apr 2018 7AM3648350.1200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Apr 2018 10PM2636261.29T0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Apr 2018 10PM2426210.452.22M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Apr 2018 10PM2631210.030.53M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Apr 2018 10PM333822002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Apr 2018 10PM3033270.020.10M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Apr 2018 10PM3243220.546.66M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Apr 2018 10PM405022002M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Apr 2018 10PM455938000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Apr 2018 10PM516341T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Apr 2018 10PM536636000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Apr 2018 10PM516841000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Apr 2018 10PM465836000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Apr 2018 10PM506636000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Apr 2018 10PM476536000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Apr 2018 10PM445533000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Apr 2018 10PM536732000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Apr 2018 10PM718250000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 May 2018 7AM607357T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 May 2018 10PM5662550.5500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 May 2018 7AM6068490.26T0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 May 2018 10PM5873522.6100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 May 2018 10PM668050000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 May 2018 7AM5672520.0200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 May 2018 10PM658046000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 May 2018 10PM677952000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 May 2018 10PM5667550.500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 May 2018 10PM506350T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 May 2018 10PM4551410.6800M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 May 2018 10PM5052430.1500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 May 2018 10PM5556460.3600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 May 2018 7AM627151T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 May 2018 10PM607853T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 May 2018 10PM638250000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 May 2018 7AM708352000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 May 2018 10PM677955000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 May 2018 10PM607255000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 May 2018 10PM5560480.1200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 May 2018 10PM5859530.0900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 May 2018 10PM6676570.0200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 May 2018 10PM7281600.1600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 May 2018 10PM7688630.3500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 May 2018 10PM638962000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 May 2018 10PM7993610.3300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 May 2018 7AM769562000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 May 2018 10PM729466000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 May 2018 7AM709267000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 May 2018 10PM7181650.0900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY31 May 2018 10PM7286620.0400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Jun 2018 10PM768963000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Jun 2018 10PM6576570.0700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Jun 2018 10PM6372540.0700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Jun 2018 10PM738549000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Jun 2018 7AM748964000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Jun 2018 7AM708558000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Jun 2018 7AM758462000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Jun 2018 10PM6675592.1700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Jun 2018 10PM6782591.6900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Jun 2018 7AM6373632.64000
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Jun 2018 10PM677362000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Jun 2018 10PM687665000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Jun 2018 10PM677755100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Jun 2018 10PM647258000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Jun 2018 10PM7890630.2300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Jun 2018 10PM808972000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Jun 2018 10PM769273000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Jun 2018 10PM7485730.1500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Jun 2018 10PM6874682.0700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Jun 2018 7AM6774660.1100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Jun 2018 10PM5768560.7400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Jun 2018 10PM6476570.300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Jun 2018 10PM667658T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Jun 2018 10PM708060000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Jun 2018 10PM707564000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Jun 2018 10PM6876640.3200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Jun 2018 10PM6980620.2500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Jun 2018 10PM758163000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Jun 2018 10PM819270000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Jun 2018 10PM688967000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Jul 2018 10PM6676661.3400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Jul 2018 10PM708259000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Jul 2018 10PM758663000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Jul 2018 7AM719171000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Jul 2018 10PM7080690.7800M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Jul 2018 10PM677858000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Jul 2018 10PM677858000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Jul 2018 10PM698259000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Jul 2018 10PM778761000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Jul 2018 10PM698365000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Jul 2018 10PM768665000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Jul 2018 10PM809168000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Jul 2018 10PM708568000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Jul 2018 10PM7581690.6900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Jul 2018 10PM748569000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Jul 2018 7AM6980670.0200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Jul 2018 7AM708161000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Jul 2018 10PM708160000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Jul 2018 10PM688160T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Jul 2018 10PM6876641.1900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Jul 2018 7AM7078630.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Jul 2018 7AM687761000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Jul 2018 10PM748161000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Jul 2018 10PM698062000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Jul 2018 10PM668359000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Jul 2018 7AM6170570.1300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Jul 2018 10PM637354000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Jul 2018 10PM647753000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Jul 2018 10PM647955000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Jul 2018 10PM657856000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY31 Jul 2018 10PM668257T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Aug 2018 10PM688259000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Aug 2018 10PM617357T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Aug 2018 10PM748657000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Aug 2018 10PM697767000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Aug 2018 10PM7381570.4400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Aug 2018 10PM6779651.0500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Aug 2018 10PM6678630.0400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Aug 2018 10PM7183590.1200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Aug 2018 10PM728467000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Aug 2018 10PM718364000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Aug 2018 10PM708463000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Aug 2018 10PM698461000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Aug 2018 10PM708663000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Aug 2018 10PM738165000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Aug 2018 10PM7084700.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Aug 2018 10PM6877660.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Aug 2018 10PM7083631.6800M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Aug 2018 10PM718361000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Aug 2018 10PM728163000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Aug 2018 10PM6572640.0900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Aug 2018 7AM5969591.2400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Aug 2018 10PM6076520.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Aug 2018 10PM687652000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Aug 2018 10PM6672620.0300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Aug 2018 10PM6881620.7900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Aug 2018 10PM768165000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Aug 2018 10PM7286671.100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Aug 2018 10PM6279620.1300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Aug 2018 10PM5768543.19T0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Aug 2018 10PM677552000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY31 Aug 2018 10PM708065000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Sep 2018 7AM7180651.7400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Sep 2018 7AM6773660.4800M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Sep 2018 10PM7071660.7200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Sep 2018 10PM7185680.5600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Sep 2018 10PM6271622.700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Sep 2018 10PM587253000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Sep 2018 7AM576654000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Sep 2018 10PM577051000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Sep 2018 10PM567049000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Sep 2018 10PM597647000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Sep 2018 10PM648054000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Sep 2018 10PM648156000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Sep 2018 10PM688156000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Sep 2018 10PM698763000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Sep 2018 7AM718966000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Sep 2018 10PM688764000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Sep 2018 10PM659063000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY18 Sep 2018 10PM6368610.1300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Sep 2018 7AM6572611.7100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Sep 2018 7AM678964300M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Sep 2018 7AM4768470.5500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Sep 2018 7AM526541000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY23 Sep 2018 7AM607447000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY24 Sep 2018 10PM627750000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY25 Sep 2018 10PM486648000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY26 Sep 2018 7AM4663440.400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY27 Sep 2018 7AM546444T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY28 Sep 2018 10PM4454440.0200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY29 Sep 2018 7AM435033000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY30 Sep 2018 7AM4652420.0400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY1 Oct 2018 10PM4753460.3500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY2 Oct 2018 10PM5454460.5900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY3 Oct 2018 10PM5884540.0100M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY4 Oct 2018 10PM4859350.200M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY5 Oct 2018 7AM5154440.1600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY6 Oct 2018 10PM4551450.0700M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY7 Oct 2018 10PM4952440.1900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY8 Oct 2018 10PM6165490.5600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY9 Oct 2018 10PM6165551.3400M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY10 Oct 2018 10PM4167410.4600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY11 Oct 2018 10PM344134T00M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY12 Oct 2018 10PM394229TT0M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY13 Oct 2018 7AM475338000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY14 Oct 2018 10PM3247310.0500M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY15 Oct 2018 10PM3645290.231.51M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY16 Oct 2018 7AM445933000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY17 Oct 2018 7AM344931000M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY19 Oct 2018 10PM4767290.1900M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY20 Oct 2018 10PM3047300.1600M
CIYI4CHARLES CITY21 Oct 2018 10PM4055230000
CIYI4CHARLES CITY22 Oct 2018 7AM466529000M

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