This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Jan 2018 7AM-17-2-22004M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Jan 2018 7AM-22-2-23004M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Jan 2018 8AM-17-10004M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Jan 2018 7AM58-1T0.15M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Jan 2018 7AM-127-20005M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Jan 2018 7AM2323-12005M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Jan 2018 7AM253420004M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Jan 2018 7AM274121003M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Jan 2018 7AM36362700MM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Jan 2018 7AM304430T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Jan 2018 7AM330-200TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Jan 2018 7AM1819-8000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Jan 2018 7AM-710-800TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Jan 2018 7AM1824-800TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Jan 2018 7AM25371800TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Jan 2018 7AM404723000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Jan 2018 7AM404823000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Jan 2018 7AM414338100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Jan 2018 7AM295329000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Jan 2018 7AM181818000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Jan 2018 7AM243018000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Jan 2018 7AM414823000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Jan 2018 7AM325824000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Jan 2018 7AM275020000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Jan 2018 7AM152915000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Jan 2018 7AM6265000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE31 Jan 2018 7AM35356000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Feb 2018 7AM7407000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Feb 2018 7AM-316-3000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Feb 2018 7AM3636-3000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Feb 2018 7AM114510000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Feb 2018 7AM-611-70.455M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Feb 2018 7AM1015-600MM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Feb 2018 7AM1117-6000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Feb 2018 7AM1621100.0616M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Feb 2018 7AM8175M26M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Feb 2018 7AM9175M17M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Feb 2018 7AM-418-500MM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Feb 2018 7AM1619-4005M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Feb 2018 7AM233216004M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Feb 2018 7AM344523001M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Feb 2018 7AM10431000TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Feb 2018 7AM26261000TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Feb 2018 7AM2833110.0511M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Feb 2018 7AM404828T0TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Feb 2018 7AM3246320.3500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Feb 2018 7AM1433140.0500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Feb 2018 7AM262814000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Feb 2018 7AM343626T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Feb 2018 7AM323724000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Feb 2018 7AM2937240.1500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Feb 2018 7AM263826000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Feb 2018 7AM355226000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Feb 2018 7AM356530000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Mar 2018 7AM365734000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Mar 2018 7AM194817000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Mar 2018 9AM394719000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Mar 2018 7AM415333000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Mar 2018 7AM3656340.400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Mar 2018 7AM2836280.4511M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Mar 2018 7AM173116000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Mar 2018 7AM193316000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Mar 2018 7AM314119000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Mar 2018 7AM374431000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Mar 2018 7AM314431000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Mar 2018 7AM274327000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Mar 2018 7AM163916000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Mar 2018 7AM235916000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Mar 2018 7AM285423000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Mar 2018 7AM324228TT0M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Mar 2018 7AM314421000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Mar 2018 7AM344727000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Mar 2018 7AM285427000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Mar 2018 7AM284025000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Mar 2018 7AM274621000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Mar 2018 7AM324827000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Mar 2018 7AM3150290.122M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Mar 2018 7AM3132270.1335M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Mar 2018 7AM323829003M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Mar 2018 7AM3437310.901M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Mar 2018 7AM243720000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Mar 2018 7AM355024000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Mar 2018 7AM304628000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-03-31
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Apr 2018 7AM162714000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Apr 2018 7AM344216T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Apr 2018 7AM344216T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Apr 2018 7AM143614000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Apr 2018 7AM293513000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Apr 2018 7AM285028000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Apr 2018 7AM324015000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Apr 2018 7AM283428000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Apr 2018 7AM2834280.2722M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Apr 2018 7AM203619000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Apr 2018 7AM345120000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Apr 2018 7AM486034000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Apr 2018 7AM446743000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Apr 2018 7AM3755360.2500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Apr 2018 7AM274027000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Apr 2018 7AM273625000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Apr 2018 7AM345027T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Apr 2018 7AM3034290.1T0M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Apr 2018 7AM295324000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Apr 2018 7AM4560290000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Apr 2018 7AM516139000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Apr 2018 7AM4669440000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Apr 2018 7AM397336000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Apr 2018 7AM457539000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Apr 2018 7AM376734000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Apr 2018 7AM397337000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Apr 2018 7AM457638000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Apr 2018 7AM526125000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Apr 2018 7AM527046000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 May 2018 7AM628452000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 May 2018 7AM6677560.400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 May 2018 7AM6077560.300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 May 2018 7AM5574550.200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 May 2018 7AM507545000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 May 2018 7AM598350000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 May 2018 7AM488143000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 May 2018 7AM628461000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 May 2018 7AM607949000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 May 2018 7AM587958000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 May 2018 7AM4764450.3300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 May 2018 7AM5259470.300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 May 2018 7AM5861470.500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 May 2018 7AM628158000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 May 2018 7AM608050000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 May 2018 7AM608453000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 May 2018 7AM608656000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 May 2018 7AM578052000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 May 2018 7AM5784570.200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 May 2018 7AM546454100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 May 2018 7AM5665510.0200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 May 2018 7AM6479560.1200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 May 2018 7AM708661000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 May 2018 7AM7089670000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 May 2018 7AM7386630.7500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 May 2018 7AM789166000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 May 2018 9AM839766000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 May 2018 7AM689664000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 May 2018 7AM6993670.200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE31 May 2018 7AM728564000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Jun 2018 7AM709164000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Jun 2018 7AM629351000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Jun 2018 7AM708048000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Jun 2018 7AM608048000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Jun 2018 8AM698354000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Jun 2018 7AM629158000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Jun 2018 7AM6491580.1800M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Jun 2018 7AM678664000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Jun 2018 7AM6987670.0500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Jun 2018 7AM6886650.900M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Jun 2018 7AM6479640.0100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Jun 2018 7AM687964000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Jun 2018 7AM648763000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Jun 2018 7AM628158T00M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Jun 2018 7AM6971590.400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Jun 2018 7AM799066000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Jun 2018 7AM819568000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Jun 2018 7AM819272000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Jun 2018 7AM7292690.500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Jun 2018 7AM698068100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Jun 2018 7AM6982660.8500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Jun 2018 7AM6373610.0800M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Jun 2018 7AM727360000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Jun 2018 7AM718057000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Jun 2018 7AM668157000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Jun 2018 7AM6777650.0300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Jun 2018 7AM6881620.03000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Jun 2018 7AM738461000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Jun 2018 7AM748667000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Jun 2018 7AM789474000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Jul 2018 7AM7193672.300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Jul 2018 7AM678256000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Jul 2018 7AM718363000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Jul 2018 7AM778871000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Jul 2018 7AM769271000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Jul 2018 7AM689063000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Jul 2018 9AM668454000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Jul 2018 9AM728454000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Jul 2018 7AM688458000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Jul 2018 7AM789067000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Jul 2018 7AM739062000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Jul 2018 7AM728866000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Jul 2018 7AM749272000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Jul 2018 7AM7694700.600M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Jul 2018 7AM758669000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Jul 2018 7AM748670000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Jul 2018 7AM658460000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Jul 2018 7AM698759000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Jul 2018 7AM6583571.0500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Jul 2018 7AM6779620.5500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Jul 2018 7AM667864000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Jul 2018 7AM668162000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Jul 2018 7AM687861000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Jul 2018 7AM708466000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Jul 2018 7AM708456000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Jul 2018 7AM638356000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Jul 2018 7AM637752000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Jul 2018 7AM657751000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Jul 2018 7AM757857000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Jul 2018 7AM628052000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE31 Jul 2018 8AM628354000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Aug 2018 7AM6385560.200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Aug 2018 7AM658261000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Aug 2018 7AM667959000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Aug 2018 7AM758862000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Aug 2018 7AM7885660.200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Aug 2018 7AM6890671.600M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Aug 2018 7AM6883650.0400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Aug 2018 7AM6281600.3200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Aug 2018 7AM738562000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Aug 2018 7AM729062000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Aug 2018 7AM798758000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Aug 2018 7AM768960000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Aug 2018 7AM708860000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Aug 2018 7AM728963000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Aug 2018 7AM7287620.1900M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Aug 2018 7AM708567000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Aug 2018 7AM6984630.100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Aug 2018 10AM768563000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Aug 2018 7AM648660000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Aug 2018 7AM7083640.3800M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Aug 2018 7AM6583620.400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Aug 2018 7AM607452000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Aug 2018 7AM657847000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Aug 2018 7AM6680620.1500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Aug 2018 7AM6373590.1500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Aug 2018 7AM778763000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Aug 2018 7AM7585730.2600M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Aug 2018 7AM768973000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Aug 2018 7AM6183600.37000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Aug 2018 7AM627449000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE31 Aug 2018 7AM687862000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Sep 2018 7AM7085653.2600M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Sep 2018 7AM6786640.8400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Sep 2018 7AM7086671.2300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Sep 2018 7AM7082701.1300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Sep 2018 7AM7387700.400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Sep 2018 7AM617360000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Sep 2018 7AM597055000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Sep 2018 7AM597449000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Sep 2018 7AM607251000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Sep 2018 7AM487647000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Sep 2018 7AM577748000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Sep 2018 7AM598157000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Sep 2018 7AM638357000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Sep 2018 7AM688463000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Sep 2018 7AM638963000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Sep 2018 9AM719060000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Sep 2018 7AM668863000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Sep 2018 7AM709264000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Sep 2018 7AM6474611.1700M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Sep 2018 7AM6675641.3100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Sep 2018 7AM5991590.2500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-09-22
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-09-23
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-09-24
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Sep 2018 7AM607955000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Sep 2018 7AM5070450.4400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Sep 2018 7AM526744000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Sep 2018 7AM497349000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Sep 2018 9AM4651390.0100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Sep 2018 7AM5052460.1400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Oct 2018 9AM5353490.1100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Oct 2018 7AM5167490.1700M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Oct 2018 7AM686850000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Oct 2018 7AM4187400.0400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Oct 2018 7AM5160410.0200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Oct 2018 7AM5160500.500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Oct 2018 7AM5253490.0300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Oct 2018 7AM6262521.3500M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Oct 2018 7AM6475620.5200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Oct 2018 7AM6478640.4600M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Oct 2018 7AM396538000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Oct 2018 7AM374835000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Oct 2018 7AM414537000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Oct 2018 7AM445241000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Oct 2018 7AM324531000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Oct 2018 7AM345231000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Oct 2018 7AM406334000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Oct 2018 7AM325329000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Oct 2018 8AM4865320.0300M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Oct 2018 7AM466643000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Oct 2018 7AM344723000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Oct 2018 7AM405634000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE23 Oct 2018 7AM336728000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Oct 2018 7AM285526000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Oct 2018 7AM415828000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Oct 2018 7AM435441000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Oct 2018 7AM495839000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Oct 2018 7AM5065460.1200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Oct 2018 7AM315830000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Oct 2018 7AM486331000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE31 Oct 2018 7AM4062400.1200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE1 Nov 2018 7AM356035000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Nov 2018 7AM395735000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Nov 2018 7AM4254350.0200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Nov 2018 7AM4848421.0200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Nov 2018 7AM4150391.0200M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Nov 2018 7AM4247410.1100M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE7 Nov 2018 7AM324230000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Nov 2018 7AM293529000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Nov 2018 7AM133912000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Nov 2018 7AM313112000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Nov 2018 7AM234422000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Nov 2018 7AM154614000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Nov 2018 7AM183915000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE15 Nov 2018 7AM244116000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE16 Nov 2018 7AM334324000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE17 Nov 2018 7AM3141300.121.11M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE18 Nov 2018 7AM9316001M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE19 Nov 2018 7AM2327900TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE20 Nov 2018 7AM22342000TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE21 Nov 2018 7AM32322200TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE22 Nov 2018 7AM31392700TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-11-23
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE24 Nov 2018 7AM3647340.3400M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE25 Nov 2018 7AM315031000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE26 Nov 2018 7AM193119000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE27 Nov 2018 7AM142612000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE28 Nov 2018 7AM202712000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE29 Nov 2018 7AM262720000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE30 Nov 2018 7AM263720000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE2 Dec 2018 7AM3439330.62MMM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE3 Dec 2018 7AM2939290.180.1TM
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE4 Dec 2018 7AM253125000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE5 Dec 2018 7AM212519000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE6 Dec 2018 7AM213821000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-12-07
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE8 Dec 2018 7AM112610000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE9 Dec 2018 7AM103210000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE10 Dec 2018 7AM153210000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE11 Dec 2018 7AM2036150000
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE12 Dec 2018 7AM244319000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE13 Dec 2018 8AM333524000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINE14 Dec 2018 7AM263725000M
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-12-15
BLLI4BELLE PLAINENo Observation Reported for 2018-12-16

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...