Archived NWS Watch/Warnings

This page allows you to generate a custom GIS shapefile (with additional CSV file of events) or Google Earth KML of NWS issued watches and warnings for a time period of your choice. Please be sure to read the archive status and dbf schema below. The IEM's archive is certainly not complete or official. If you are looking for a real-time source of warning shapefiles, you can find that here.

Due to transient server load or other issues, this application sometimes fails to generate output. You may wish to try shorting the duration of your request or email us for help.

Limit State

Limit Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Select time interval

(Times are in UTC.
YearMonthDay HourMinute
Option 1: WWA events with start time between the specified start and end dates.
Option 2: WWA events valid at this exact time (UTC)

Limit Output to Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Marine, and Flash Flood Warnings
Limit Output to only Storm Based Warnings

* Only Storm Based Warnings are available via KML.

Shapefile DBF schema:

WFOThree letter ID for issuing Weather Forecast Office
ISSUED String representing product initial valid UTC timestamp YYYYMMDDHHMM
EXPIRED String representing product expiration, this is not the original product expiration, but the actual time the product was no longer valid. For example, the product could have been extended in time or cancelled.
INIT_ISSString representing the issuance time of the product UTC timestamp YYYYMMDDHHMM
INIT_EXPString representing the initial time of the product expiration UTC timestamp YYYYMMDDHHMM
PHENOM VTEC phenomena code. Ex) SV == Severe Thunderstorm , TO == Tornado
GTYPE Geographical type of polygon. C == County, P == Polygon
SIG VTEC significance. Ex) A == Watch, W == Warning
ETN VTEC Event Tracking Number
STATUS The three character code for the VTEC status field. ie EXP, CAN, NEW. For the case of polygons of GTYPE='P' (Storm Based Warnings), the STATUS code is always NEW. For all other cases, this STATUS is the last status parsed for the associated WWA product.
NWS_UGC NWS code used for a zone of a county
AREA_KM2 Area of the geometry in sq kilometers (Projection: EPSG 2163)

Pre-generated zip files

These files are same as you could download from the form on the left, just you don't have to wait so long! The current year's data is current up until roughly 2 AM this morning.

YearAllLimit Tor,Svr,Mar,FFLimit Storm Based
1986Zip (9 MB)Zip (9 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1987Zip (6.63 MB)Zip (6.63 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1988Zip (6.78 MB)Zip (6.78 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1989Zip (10.56 MB)Zip (10.56 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1990Zip (12.78 MB)Zip (12.78 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1991Zip (12.46 MB)Zip (12.46 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1992Zip (12.27 MB)Zip (12.27 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1993Zip (13.84 MB)Zip (13.84 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1994Zip (14.87 MB)Zip (14.87 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1995Zip (24.51 MB)Zip (24.51 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1996Zip (25.77 MB)Zip (25.77 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1997Zip (25.1 MB)Zip (25.1 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1998Zip (33.08 MB)Zip (33.08 MB)N/A (0 MB)
1999Zip (24.5 MB)Zip (24.5 MB)N/A (0 MB)
2000Zip (26.23 MB)Zip (26.23 MB)N/A (0 MB)
2001Zip (25.3 MB)Zip (25.3 MB)N/A (0 MB)
2002Zip (2.77 MB)Zip (2.77 MB)Zip (0.95 MB)
2003Zip (3.49 MB)Zip (3.49 MB)Zip (1.53 MB)
2004Zip (3.78 MB)Zip (3.78 MB)Zip (1.75 MB)
2005Zip (6.68 MB)Zip (4.37 MB)Zip (1.76 MB)
2006Zip (12.7 MB)Zip (5.01 MB)Zip (2.19 MB)
2007Zip (13.87 MB)Zip (4.76 MB)Zip (2.04 MB)
2008Zip (15.86 MB)Zip (6.29 MB)Zip (2.88 MB)
2009Zip (19.51 MB)Zip (6.49 MB)Zip (2.58 MB)
2010Zip (20 MB)Zip (6.29 MB)Zip (2.45 MB)
2011Zip (22.58 MB)Zip (7.85 MB)Zip (3.13 MB)
2012Zip (19.24 MB)Zip (6.23 MB)Zip (2.45 MB)
2013Zip (18.08 MB)Zip (5.69 MB)Zip (2.17 MB)
2014Zip (113.32 MB)Zip (19.23 MB)Zip (2.05 MB)
2015Zip (107.24 MB)Zip (21.34 MB)Zip (2.44 MB)
2016Zip (105.06 MB)Zip (20.4 MB)Zip (2.31 MB)
2017Zip (112.75 MB)Zip (21.33 MB)Zip (2.41 MB)
2018Zip (268.34 MB)Zip (50.85 MB)Zip (2.66 MB)
2019Zip (47.8 MB)Zip (1.26 MB)Zip (0.06 MB)

Service changes:

Archive status:

Dataset componentStart TimeNotes
Severe T'storm
Flash Flood
Special Marine
1 Jan 2002 (Polygons)
1 Jan 1986 (Counties)
Only the initial polygon is used. Polygon updates in the SVS statements are ignored. The VTEC attributes didn't appear until they became operational.
All VTEC watch/warn 12 Nov 2005 Products other than TOR, SVR
SVR,TOR Watch by County 12 Nov 2005