This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Jan 2018 7AM-13-2-18002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Jan 2018 7AM-15-3-15002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Jan 2018 7AM-112-150.010.22M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Jan 2018 7AM-78-15002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Jan 2018 7AM-164-18002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Jan 2018 7AM-187-19002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Jan 2018 9AM1414-18002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Jan 2018 7AM203014002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Jan 2018 7AM233820001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Jan 2018 7AM313822001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Jan 2018 7AM1839180.1200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Jan 2018 7AM-619-60.172.32M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Jan 2018 8AM-125-14002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Jan 2018 7AM-25-18002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Jan 2018 7AM518-20.183.65M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Jan 2018 7AM26-30.01T5M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Jan 2018 7AM211-5005M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Jan 2018 7AM17222005M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Jan 2018 7AM253416004M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Jan 2018 7AM224122001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Jan 2018 8AM235021001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Jan 2018 7AM3436230.6600M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Jan 2018 7AM2034200.7811M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Jan 2018 7AM132311001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Jan 2018 7AM192413001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Jan 2018 7AM383819001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Jan 2018 4AM284727000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Jan 2018 5AM1842180.0300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Jan 2018 7AM9249000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Jan 2018 7AM4201000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 Jan 2018 7AM29304000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Feb 2018 7AM-137-1TT0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Feb 2018 7AM-410-5000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Feb 2018 7AM2222-4TT0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Feb 2018 7AM12910.111M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Feb 2018 7AM-36-7001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Feb 2018 7AM-1710-170.151.730
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Feb 2018 7AM08-180.0214M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Feb 2018 7AM414-7TT4M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Feb 2018 8AM51630.223.87M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Feb 2018 8AM-614-6007M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Feb 2018 8AM312-6007M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Feb 2018 7AM-619-8007M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Feb 2018 7AM1316-6007M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Feb 2018 7AM212813005M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Feb 2018 7AM324221003M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Feb 2018 7AM5395TT0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Feb 2018 8AMM215000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Feb 2018 7AM182850.121.21M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Feb 2018 7AM323718TT0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Feb 2018 7AM3033290.220.20M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Feb 2018 7AM6306000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Feb 2018 7AM192460.030.61M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Feb 2018 7AM2831190.250.410
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Feb 2018 8AM212914000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Feb 2018 8AM1631140.251.31M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Feb 2018 7AM223016001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Feb 2018 7AM254522000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Feb 2018 7AM255224000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Mar 2018 7AM314825000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Mar 2018 7AM194318000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Mar 2018 4AM304519000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Mar 2018 7AM334729000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Mar 2018 6AM3148300.08T0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Mar 2018 8AM2631240.4444M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Mar 2018 7AM11318TT4M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Mar 2018 7AM9274003M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Mar 2018 7AM15296003M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Mar 2018 7AM193312003M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Mar 2018 7AM2834190.0614M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Mar 2018 7AM213721002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Mar 2018 7AM183818002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Mar 2018 7AM203418001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Mar 2018 7AM224420000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Mar 2018 7AM224322000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Mar 2018 9AM313922TT0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Mar 2018 9AM365221000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Mar 2018 7AM314726000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Mar 2018 7AM275027000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Mar 2018 7AM193519000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Mar 2018 7AM224118000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Mar 2018 7AM234920000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Mar 2018 7AM294923000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Mar 2018 7AM2442240.24TTM
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Mar 2018 7AM294524000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Mar 2018 7AM3240290.2300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Mar 2018 7AM234021000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Mar 2018 7AM264923000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Mar 2018 7AM274424000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 Mar 2018 9AM3844270.2200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Apr 2018 7AM143813000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Apr 2018 7AM213414000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Apr 2018 7AM293921T00M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Apr 2018 7AM63060.566M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Apr 2018 7AM6265005M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Apr 2018 7AM22406004M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Apr 2018 6AM82570003
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Apr 2018 7AM83180003
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Apr 2018 7AM203480.130.52M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Apr 2018 7AM243819001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Apr 2018 7AM273724000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Apr 2018 7AMM5126000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Apr 2018 11AM3956350.68T0M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Apr 2018 7AM3141291.39T00
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Apr 2018 7AM2131200.340.710
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Apr 2018 8AM2231200.132.53M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Apr 2018 7AM233219002M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Apr 2018 7AM294023000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Apr 2018 7AM1433140.7999M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Apr 2018 7AM194413004M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Apr 2018 7AM374919001M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Apr 2018 7AM355729000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Apr 2018 7AM316528000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Apr 2018 7AM397031000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Apr 2018 7AM387329000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Apr 2018 7AM346130000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Apr 2018 7AM386728000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Apr 2018 5AM307030000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Apr 2018 8AM425724000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Apr 2018 7AM526742000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 May 2018 7AM598252000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 May 2018 7AM5674522.3600M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 May 2018 7AM5065440.300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 May 2018 7AM5272502.3300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 May 2018 7AM557751000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 May 2018 7AM5581460.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 May 2018 7AM567542000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 May 2018 7AM598356000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 May 2018 7AM5683530.5100M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 May 2018 7AM506844000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 May 2018 7AM3966390.7900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 May 2018 6AM4346380.04000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 May 2018 6AM4557420.02000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 May 2018 7AM566245000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 May 2018 7AM566853000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 May 2018 7AM598245000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 May 2018 7AM558648000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 May 2018 7AM578648000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 May 2018 7AM6382490000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 May 2018 7AM487647000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 May 2018 7AM525748T00M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 May 2018 7AM5658510.2300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 May 2018 7AM6176550.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 May 2018 7AM6682610.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 May 2018 7AM698966000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 May 2018 7AM6490610.1500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 May 2018 7AM649461000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 May 2018 7AM729864000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 May 2018 7AM739764000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 May 2018 7AM6696650.1200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 May 2018 7AM6583600.2200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Jun 2018 7AM668959000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Jun 2018 6AM599259000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Jun 2018 7AM5874510.8800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Jun 2018 7AM577247000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Jun 2018 6AM588557000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Jun 2018 7AM598758000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Jun 2018 7AM678859000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Jun 2018 7AM6086601.0700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Jun 2018 8AM6776570.5900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Jun 2018 5AM6281623.3700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Jun 2018 7AM6370610.0500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Jun 2018 7AM657763000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Jun 2018 7AM5876530.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Jun 2018 7AM628055000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Jun 2018 7AM677760T00M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Jun 2018 6AM7390670000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Jun 2018 6AM7590730000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Jun 2018 7AM7493730.2900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Jun 2018 7AM6688661.3900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Jun 2018 7AM6569640.2200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Jun 2018 7AM6170610.7800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Jun 2018 7AM6065550.3500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Jun 2018 7AM6879570000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Jun 2018 7AM7182570000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Jun 2018 7AM648561000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Jun 2018 7AM6681640.1600M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Jun 2018 7AM6678640.0100M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Jun 2018 7AM648358000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Jun 2018 7AM738464000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Jun 2018 8AM819373000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Jul 2018 7AM6890652.0300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Jul 2018 7AM6478560.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Jul 2018 7AM678563000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Jul 2018 7AM778867000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Jul 2018 7AM7392680.5800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Jul 2018 7AM628457000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Jul 2018 7AM608258000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Jul 2018 7AM668160000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Jul 2018 7AM688465000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Jul 2018 7AM659060000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Jul 2018 7AM668660000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Jul 2018 7AM728866000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Jul 2018 7AM7191680.500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Jul 2018 7AMM86671.78MMM
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Jul 2018 8AM728067000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Jul 2018 7AM668865000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Jul 2018 7AM648459000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Jul 2018 7AM608253000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Jul 2018 7AM678260000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Jul 2018 7AM6572640.5200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Jul 2018 5AM6376620.01000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Jul 2018 5AM618260000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Jul 2018 7AM638058000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Jul 2018 7AM638461000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Jul 2018 7AM628356000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Jul 2018 7AM5883550.1100M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Jul 2018 7AM5671540.0200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Jul 2018 7AM5676520000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Jul 2018 7AM6578510000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Jul 2018 7AM5880531.04000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 Jul 2018 7AM598254000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Aug 2018 7AM638558000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Aug 2018 7AM5781570.1200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Aug 2018 7AM607351000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Aug 2018 6AM698560000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Aug 2018 6AM6779640.1500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Aug 2018 7AM6680640.3500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Aug 2018 7AM628059000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Aug 2018 7AM5979570.5800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Aug 2018 7AM708359000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Aug 2018 7AM648761000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Aug 2018 7AM658758000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Aug 2018 8AM698759000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Aug 2018 7AM638658000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Aug 2018 7AM628757000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Aug 2018 7AM698662000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Aug 2018 7AM678762000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Aug 2018 7AM6280610.5800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Aug 2018 8AM668658000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Aug 2018 8AM628557000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Aug 2018 7AM6983620.0300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Aug 2018 7AM6173600.1700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Aug 2018 7AM527049000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Aug 2018 7AM547851000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Aug 2018 7AM6276540.0600M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Aug 2018 6AM6573610.28000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Aug 2018 5AM6083600000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Aug 2018 7AM7281600.1900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Aug 2018 7AM7288693.3200M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Aug 2018 7AM5375531.2300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Aug 2018 7AM497148000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 Aug 2018 7AM647749000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Sep 2018 7AM6781640.74000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Sep 2018 7AM6981660.12000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Sep 2018 7AM6672630.37000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Sep 2018 7AM7173661.2800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Sep 2018 7AM6685652.9100M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Sep 2018 7AM537152000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Sep 2018 7AM527549000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Sep 2018 6AM496849000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Sep 2018 6AM457345000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Sep 2018 8AM507342000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Sep 2018 9AM647650000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Sep 2018 7AM608159000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Sep 2018 7AM588254000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Sep 2018 7AM648358000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Sep 2018 6AM678764000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Sep 2018 7AM609060000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Sep 2018 7AM688760000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Sep 2018 7AM6291600.0800M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Sep 2018 7AM6268571.1400M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Sep 2018 7AM6368621.8400M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Sep 2018 7AM5585550.700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Sep 2018 7AM365836000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Sep 2018 7AM476736000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Sep 2018 8AM507646000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Sep 2018 7AM587750000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Sep 2018 7AM4459410.3600M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Sep 2018 7AM5164430.0300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Sep 2018 7AM4464440.0300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Sep 2018 5AM3154310000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Sep 2018 7AM4348300.03000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Oct 2018 7AM4750430.0700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Oct 2018 7AM4651450.9400M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Oct 2018 7AM6465450.0500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Oct 2018 7AM3483330.0400M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Oct 2018 7AM4352330.1900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Oct 2018 7AM4553430.09000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Oct 2018 7AM4648430.1000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Oct 2018 7AM5050460.5400M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Oct 2018 7AM5767501.5300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Oct 2018 7AM6467561.24000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Oct 2018 7AM3365330.0500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Oct 2018 7AM284126000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE13 Oct 2018 10AM434627000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE14 Oct 2018 9AM3552350.0500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE15 Oct 2018 7AM2736260.2111M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE16 Oct 2018 7AM334527000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE17 Oct 2018 7AM346031000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE18 Oct 2018 7AM335225000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE19 Oct 2018 7AM4766330.0700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE20 Oct 2018 8AM3764370.1500M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE21 Oct 2018 8AM274420000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE22 Oct 2018 7AM285427000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE23 Oct 2018 7AM256625000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE24 Oct 2018 7AM235122000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE25 Oct 2018 8AM375622000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE26 Oct 2018 7AM385037T00M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE27 Oct 2018 6AM435238T000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE28 Oct 2018 6AM444841T000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE29 Oct 2018 7AM305428000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE30 Oct 2018 7AM405530000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE31 Oct 2018 7AM325731000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE1 Nov 2018 7AM265626000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE2 Nov 2018 7AM275526000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE3 Nov 2018 7AM3652270.0100M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE4 Nov 2018 9AM4042330.9300M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE5 Nov 2018 7AM3643360.2700M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE6 Nov 2018 7AM3945360.4900M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE7 Nov 2018 7AM284028T00M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE8 Nov 2018 7AM223022000M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE9 Nov 2018 7AM1727170.010.10M
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE10 Nov 2018 7AM112470000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE11 Nov 2018 7AM2828110000
CRCI4CRESCO 1NE12 Nov 2018 7AM1934190000

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...