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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Tallahassee FL
1000 PM EST Thu Jan 26 2017 /900 PM CST Thu Jan 26 2017/

...NWS Damage Survey For Sunday, January 22 Tornado Event...

.Note...This is a joint statement from WFO Tallahassee and WFO
Peachtree City covering the surveys of the long-track tornado
which was on the ground from Dougherty to Wilcox Counties in
Georgia. Data continues to be analyzed, so additional changes are

.Dougherty/Worth/Turner/Wilcox Tornado...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    150 mph
Path Length /statute/:  70.73 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   2200 yards
Fatalities:             4
Injuries:               At least 40
Start Date:             01/22/2017
Start Time:             03:15 PM EST
Start Location:         4 WNW Red Store Crossroads/Dougherty Co/GA
Start Lat/Lon:          31.4373 / -84.3447

End Date:               01/22/2017
End Time:               04:27 PM EST
End Location:           2 W Abbeville / Wilcox Co / GA
End Lat/Lon:            31.9924 / -83.3474

Survey Summary: Large long-track tornado touched down near
Dougherty/Baker Co. line and travelled over 70 miles across
Doughery, Worth, Turner, and Wilcox Counties in South Georgia.
The tornado lifted just east of Abbeville. The tornado caused
signficant damage along the track, resulting in 4 fatalities in
Albany. Severe tree damage was observed along the entire path
which was up to 1.2 miles wide. In many spots, 90 to 100 percent
of the trees in the path were uprooted or snapped. 

In Dougherty County, the tornado touched down on Tarva Road. By
the time it reached Newton, the tornado was approximately 1.25
miles wide. There was extensive tree damage and some minor to
moderate damage to a few homes in this area, consistent with EF2
damage. The tornado moved through the Radium Springs area,
destroying nearly every tree in its path and causing EF2 damage to
several houses. Most houses in this area had significant damage
from falling trees. The tornado then moved through several mobile
home parks just west of U.S. 319, destroying many mobile homes and
causing the 4 fatalities. Damage consistent with and EF3 tornado
was observed just east of U.S. 319. The tornado caused a large
portion of a warehouse at the Proctor and Gamble Plant to collapse
and tossed several semi-trailers across Mock Road. Additional EF3
damage was observed at the Marine Corp Logistics Base, where
multiple anchored double-wide trailers were completely destroyed.
In addition, several concrete light poles were snapped near the
base, and a large solid concrete building had its solid concrete
roof shifted more than 2 inches. A well-built concrete block
church on Sylvester Rd was demolished with only parts of a few
walls remaining. The estimated wind speed at this point is 150
mph, the highest analyzed along the track. EF3 damage was also
observed on Harris Road where a cement block church was destroyed.

The tornado then entered Worth County and caused extensive damage
to homes along Jewel Crowe Road. This was consistent with EF3
damage. Damage to homes and outbuildings consistent with EF2
damage was observed along Camp Osborn Road. A concrete block
church on Zion Church Road was completely destroyed, justifying an
EF3 rating at that point.

The tornado entered Turner County along and north of Son Story
Road. Damage to a frame home along Ireland road was consistent
with EF3 damage. Additional EF2 damage was found along this road.
There was also some evidence for multiple vortices near the
intersection of Ireland Road and U.S. 41. Additional EF3 damage
was observed on King Burgess Circle where a large frame house was
severely damaged and multiple mobile homes were destroyed. The
tornado continued northeast across Interstate 75 causing EF2
damage to several frame homes and mobile homes. Tree damage
diminished as the tornado approach the Wilcox county line,
suggesting that the tornado temporarily weakened.

The tornado continued its track into extreme southeast Crisp
County and southwest Wilcox County. Damage was seen off Double Run
Road (CR 42) and CR 41 where a small farm building was completely
destroyed. Windows were broken at two residences and several small
trees were uprooted. Just northeast, significant damage occurred
along Crawford Dairy Road between July Road and Loblolly Road. A
metal building structure was significantly damaged with the
several anchored metal trusses completely pulled off the concrete
foundation, resulting in a total collapse of the building.
Additional farm outhouses/metal barns around the property were
severely damaged, and hundreds of pines were flattened (snapped
near their base) or uprooted. Farther along Crawford Dairy Road,
just before SR 233, several large wooden electrical transmission
towers were snapped (near the base) or leaning. The width of the
tornado around this location is estimated to be at least one half
mile. Along American Legion Road, between Bayberry Lane and
Elderberry Lane, a large (semi-truck) trailer was flipped,
flattened and moved across a road. One (southeast) corner of a
metal building structure was completely destroyed with 2+foot
(deep) concrete support beams ripped out of the ground. Numerous
large trees were snapped near their bases around this location. A
small home nearby sustained minor roof and siding damage. At this
location, winds estimated to be 110-120 MPH, putting into an EF-2
category. Moving northeast along Willingham road, trees were
snapped or uprooted. As the tornado went over Mount Olive Road,
just south of Highway 280, several single, and double-wide
manufactured homes were completely destroyed. Debris was moved
50-100 yards away from the original foundations. Based on this
damage, the tornado may have briefly strengthened to around 135
MPH, but a large house just up the hill from this location only
sustained minor roof damage. Additionally, trees around the
manufactured home remained standing. These reasons increased the
survey teams confidence to maintain the tornado at EF-2 strength
in this area. The tornado crossed Highway 280 leveling numerous
trees and destroying several small wooden sheds/barns. From this
point, the tornado and parent supercell appeared to weaken
considerably, with only some trees snapped or uprooted seen along
Kingfisher Road, just west of Abbeville. No other damage was seen
beyond Kingfisher and Harvey Road.

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into
the following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 TO 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 TO 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 TO 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 TO 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 TO 200mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.