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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Pocatello ID
530 PM MDT Tue Jun 5 2018

...Updated NWS Damage Survey From May 31st, 2018 Tornado Event...

OVERVIEW...Multiple thunderstorms moved across eastern Idaho on
the afternoon of May 31st. One supercell thunderstorm moved across
the far southeast corner of the Idaho National Laboratory, 
producing an EF-1 tornado across the southeast corner of the INL,
with damage observed at mile marker 277 on U-S 20 at approximately
422pm MDT.

.Southeast INL Tornado...

Rating:                EF-1 
Estimated wind speed:  86-110mph
Path Length:           265 yards 
Path Width:            75-100 yards 
Fatalities:            0 
Injuries:              0

At this point, large sections of 2 snow fences were heavily 
damaged. Multiple steel beams were bent and twisted to varying 
degrees, with portions of those beams that were below the surface 
twisted/moved approximately 1 inch. The horizontal portions of 
these fences, made of vinyl and steel cable, were ripped apart 
and strewn for several yards. Large metal pieces used to hold 
these together were snapped and/or thrown several yards away from 
the fence. Other indications of tornado damage included a sign 
snapped off at the ground, sagebrush that was partially or 
completely ripped from the ground and several small size lava 
rocks tossed an unknown distance. Although there is visual
evidence from radar and social media of the tornado moving off to
the northeast of this location, no other indications of damage
were observed. This is likely due to the remoteness of the area 
and lack of enough vegetation/structures to indicate any type of 

Based on radar, satellite and social media reports...there were
multiple reports of funnel clouds and potential tornadoes in other
areas of eastern Idaho. This includes the area north of U-S 20
from the INL boundary east toward Osgood, and southwest of Atomic
City into southern portions of Craters of the Moon National 
Monument. Our survey team was unable to find any conclusive
evidence of damage in those areas, again due to terrain, 
remoteness, and lack of enough vegetation/structures as damage 

Although this is likely the last update for this event, this
statement is still considered PRELIMINARY pending final review and
publication in NWS Storm Data. We would like to thank everyone who
helped us with this survey as well as spotters and members of the
public who provided us vital information.