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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ
859 PM EDT Sat Sep 4 2021


The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, NJ has 
conducted several storm surveys for damage from storms on 
Wednesday, September 1 associated with the remnants of Ida.

The storm survey information will also be available on our
website at

.Harrisonville-Mullica Hill-Deptford, NJ Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-3
Estimated Peak Wind:    150 mph
Path Length /statute/:  12.6 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   400 yards
Fatalities:             None.
Injuries:               2 injuries

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             610 PM EDT
Start Location:         1 SE Harrisonville, Gloucester Co, NJ
Start Lat/Lon:          39.6769/-75.2500

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               630 PM EDT
End Location:           1 SE of Deptford, Gloucester Co, NJ
End Lat/Lon:            39.82/-75.11

The tornado touched down near Harrisonville, NJ doing mostly 
damage to trees and limbs before strengthening and moving 
northeast. As it moved to the northeast, it crossed into the Cedar
Grove area producing more significant damage to trees with many 
trees uprooted. 

The tornado moved into the Willow Oaks subdivision strengthening 
further and producing significant damage to trees, as well as 
serious structural damage to a number of homes. Several homes had 
exterior walls completely collapsed, a number of homes lost roofs 
and upper story walls, and one home had only a few interior walls 
remaining. Vehicles were tossed around and moved, and damage from 
flying debris was observed in several spots.

The tornado continued to move to the northeast to Bridgeton Pike 
where multiple trees had trunks snapped and most of the barns and 
storage buildings at a large commercial farm were completely 
destroyed. The tornado also reached its maximum width at this 
location and was estimated to be around 400 yards wide.

The tornado then continued northeast through the woods with 
multiple trees snapped before entering the subdivision at 
Salvatore Drive. Here the tornado's most significant damage was 
observed with one home completely destroyed with no interior or 
exterior walls standing. Other homes in the subdivision had 
exterior walls collapsed along with garage collapses and vehicles 
being tossed around by the tornadic winds. The consistency of the 
damage along the path of the tornado in this area was EF-3 in the 
middle of the circulation, with EF-2 along the edge of the 
circulation. In addition, the tree damage was not as extensive 
behind the completely destroyed house. Based on the consistency of
the damage along Salvatore Drive, a rating of EF-3 (150 mph) was 

The tornado continued to the northeast damaging trees and 
structures along its path before reaching a large commercial dairy
farm where extensive damage occurred. Barns were destroyed and 
two large grain silos were toppled. The tornado then crossed 
Jefferson Road and crossed Eachus Road snapping multiple trees. 
Thereafter, the tornado moved into the Breakneck Road area 
producing complete deforestation with nearly 100 percent of the 
trees in a thickly wooded area snapped. 

The tornado path crossed Main St, just south of Chestnut Branch 
Park in Mantua Township snapping and uprooting a number of trees 
before reaching the Delaware Valley Florist commercial greenhouse 
mostly destroying the structure. The tornado damage path then 
continued to the northeast reaching Wenonah, snapping and 
uprooting a number of trees, a few homes lost roofs and one 
structure collapsed. In eastern portions of Woodbury Heights, 
several trees were snapped along a path from Chesnut Avenue to the
intersection of Walnut Avenue and Tanyard Road. Along this path 
on Glenwood Court, two homes lost a significant amount of siding 
on one side and a fence was blown over. 

Less severe tree damage persisted to the northeast along the 
tornado's path toward Deptford where the tornado lifted. 

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly would also like to 
thank local enforcement and emergency management for their 
assistance in the storm survey.

.East Nottingham Township-Oxford, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:    115 mph
Path Length /statute/:  6.09 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   350 yards
Fatalities:             None
Injuries:               None

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             4:15 PM EDT
Start Location:         East Nottingham Twp, Chester Co, PA
Start Lat/Lon:          39.77/-75.97

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               4:22 PM EDT
End Location:           Upper Oxford Twp, Chester Co, PA
End Lat/Lon:            39.85/-75.93

An embedded supercell in a quasi-linear feature produced a 
tornado near Oxford, PA. A path of damage began in crop land near 
the intersection of 5th Street and Waterway Road. Tree damage 
continued northeast of here. 

Significant damage occurred in the Wiltshire Development. On 
Slate Hill Drive, one house lost a southeast facing exterior wall.
Another house lost a significant amount of siding and a portion 
of the roof. Tree damage continued in a northeast path. At Hickory
Hill Road, there was damage to the roof of a commercial 
outbuilding and a recreational trailer was flipped on its side.

Sporadic tree and crop damage was noted from drone footage (this 
portion of the path was inaccessible by vehicle) continuing to the
northeast. A metal storage building at a business along Reedville
Road had wall and roof damage. Further northeast there was damage
to turkey pens near the intersection of Baltimore Pike and West 
Branch Road.

Additional tree and power pole damage continued in a northeast 
path. The last damage noted along this continuous path was 
exterior wall damage to a farm outbuilding and crop damage along 
Street Road near Route 10. Sporadic tree damage was observed near 
Route 10 and Ewing Road, but this does not appear to be in a 
continuous path from the other damage, so this may have been 
caused by straight line winds.

The National Weather Service would like to thank Mr. Lou Ruh for 
his assistance with this survey.

.Fort Washington-Upper Dublin-Horsham, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:    130 mph
Path Length /statute/:  8.0 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   400 yards
Fatalities:             1
Injuries:               At least a few minor

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             5:35 PM EDT
Start Location:         Fort Washington, Montgomery Co, PA
Start Lat/Lon:          40.107/-75.238

End Date:               Sep 01 2021 
End Time:               5:49 PM EDT 
End Location:           Horsham, Montgomery Co, PA 
End Lat/Lon:            40.210/-75.172

A semi-discrete supercell thunderstorm began to exhibit rotation 
over Delaware County, PA around 5:15 PM on September 1. The 
rotation continued north-northeast into Montgomery County, and 
eventually strengthened enough to produce a tornado. Minor tree 
damage was first observed along Stenton Ave in Fort Washington in 
the area of the Philadelphia Cricket Club. A path of tree damage 
was observed heading northeast along Joshua Rd and through Fort 
Washington State Park. Some minor shingle and siding damage to 
houses was also seen. 

Damage became more severe after the tornado crossed the 
Pennsylvania Turnpike. At this time the tornado also moved into a 
more residential area. Damage was observed along Montgomery Ave, 
Spring Ave, and Prospect Ave and numerous crossing streets of 
those. This mainly consisted of numerous snapped and uprooted 
trees with minor to moderate roofing and siding damage to a number
of homes. The worst damage was observed slightly farther 
northeast in the area of Stuart Creek in Upper Dublin. A number of
homes suffered partial to near total loss of roofing with many 
damaged to the point of being uninhabitable. At least one home 
experienced partial collapse of exterior walls consistent with EF2
tornado damage. Nearly all trees were snapped or heavily damaged 
in this area as well. 

Damage continued along Route 309 to the area of Upper Dublin High
School. The high school itself suffered roofing damage, and 
significant roofing loss occurred to an Upper Dublin Township 
building adjacent to the high school. A number of residences along
Loch Alsh Ave and several surrounding streets were also damaged. 
A woman was killed when a tree fell on her home on Kenyon Dr, the 
only known tornado-related fatality from this tornado or any 
tornado during this regional outbreak.

Further northeast, damage occurred on and around the Temple 
University Ambler Campus, again consisting of considerable tree 
damage and partial roofing loss on a number of homes and 
university buildings. The tornado then moved into Maple Glen, 
crossing a heavily developed area near Norristown Rd at Limekiln 
Pike. Snapped trees and mostly minor roofing and siding damage to 
several commercial buildings was observed in this area. The 
tornado remained continuous but did begin to lose some intensity 
as it moved into Horsham Twp, traveling east of Limekiln Pike. A 
number of trees were snapped along Babylon Rd. Near Horsham Rd, 
roofing damage occurred to a veterinary hospital, along with 
additional large trees snapped. Damage appeared to end not long 
after that point. The tornado crossed Horsham Rd, but little to no
damage was observed in a couple of parks across the road, 
approaching the Bucks County line. The tornado is believed to have
lifted in that area.

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly would like to thank 
the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and the Upper 
Dublin Township Police and Fire Departments for their assistance 
in this survey.

.Doylestown-Buckingham Township, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    100 mph
Path Length /statute/:  4.4 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   300 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             5:59 PM EDT
Start Location:         Doylestown, Bucks Co, PA
Start Lat/Lon:          40.271/-75.112

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               6:06 PM EDT
End Location:           Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co, PA
End Lat/Lon:            40.327/-75.077

The storm which produced a strong tornado in Montgomery County, 
PA, cycled and produced another tornado in Bucks County, PA. 
Damage began near in the area of Neshaminy Creek between Valley Rd
and Pebble Hill Rd in Doylestown. The tornado tracked north- 
northeast from there, producing a consistent path of damage. 
Damage was mainly confined to trees and was fairly extensive at 
times, with much of the path length being heavily wooded. Numerous
hardwood and softwood trees were snapped and uprooted along the 
path. Damage was strongly suggestive of tornadic winds, and a 
tornado debris signature was also evident on radar. The heaviest 
damage occurred near and along a stretch of Edison- Furlong Rd. 
Extensive tree damage occurred along that road and a number of its
cross streets. Several utility poles were snapped in this area. 
Tree damage along nearby Swamp Rd was also significant. The 
tornado continued but began to lose intensity as it approached 
Route 202, with sporadic tree damage observed on Mill Rd. Gradual 
weakening continued and the tornado appeared to lift entirely in 
the area of Burnt House Hill Rd. The extent of tree damage 
suggested maximum winds of around 100 mph. No injuries were 
reported as a result of this tornado.

.Upper Makefield Township, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    90 mph
Path Length /statute/:  1.7 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   250 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             6:30 PM EDT
Start Location:         Upper Makefield Twp, Bucks Co, PA
Start Lat/Lon:          40.298/-74.938

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               6:35 PM EDT
End Location:           Upper Makefield Twp, Bucks Co, PA
End Lat/Lon:            40.316/-74.918

A tornado embedded within a squall line developed several miles 
southeast of the storm which produced a tornado in Buckingham 
Township. Tornadic damage was first observed in the vicinity of 
Stoneybrook Rd at Eagle Rd, near Jericho Creek. The tornado 
tracked northeastward from there. It passed over the Jericho 
National Golf Club, and sporadic tree damage mainly consisting of 
uproots and large limbs snapped was observed in a path throughout 
the golf course. It then moved over the adjacent Brownsburg Park, 
where additional tree damage was observed and several soccer goals
were observed flipped in various directions. The tornado then 
began to approach the Delaware River. Some minor tree damage was 
observed along River Rd. However, the tornado appeared to lift 
just slightly before reaching the Delaware River, with no apparent
damage on Pebbletown Rd just prior to the river. Throughout its 
path, the tree damage produced by this tornado was fairly 
sporadic, and it may have been discontinuous. Noticeable wind 
damage was also observed for at least a mile east of the tornado 
track, especially near its endpoint close to the Delaware River. 
This is believed to be straight line wind damage, which is 
corroborated by radar data, occurring around the rear flank 
downdraft region of the tornadic circulation. However, the exact 
length and width of the tornadic circulation is somewhat uncertain
due to the surrounding areas of straight line wind damage.

.Burlington, NJ to Bristol, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    90 mph
Path Length /statute/:  2.8 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   200 yards
Fatalities:             None
Injuries:               None

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             6:59 PM EDT
Start Location:         2 SW Burlington, Burlington Co, NJ
Start Lat/Lon:          40.06/-74.89

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               7:04 PM EDT
End Location:           Bristol, Bucks Co, PA
End Lat/Lon:            40.09/-74.86

After cycling from an earlier tornado near Mullica Hill, NJ, a 
supercell thunderstorm produced an additional tornado in 
Burlington Township, NJ near the township line with Edgewater 
Park, NJ. Some evidence of RFD winds was prevalent southward 
through the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Edgewater Park with one 
pine tree being uprooted and several small branches being brought 
down all the way south to Pennington Park in Delanco Township, 
NJ,but damage was too sparse to be noted as tornadic. As the 
tornado touched down, numerous hard and softwood trees were 
uprooted along Jennifer Lane in a neighborhood just off of Beverly
Road in Burlington Township. A large branch was also brought down
on a vehicle at the intersection of Jennifer Lane and Squire Way.
Nearby, a pine tree was brought down, breaking a window to a 
residence further west on Jennifer Lane with a small Sycamore tree
also being snapped at the base a few houses down the road. 

As the tornado crossed Shive Place and Handler Drive, several 
trees were snapped and large branches brought down. Soffit damage 
was also observed to a couple of homes nearby. Perhaps the most 
impressive damage was observed along Beverly Road near the 
intersection with Handler Drive where resident noted that nearly 
thirty trees were either uprooted or snapped. Observations seemed 
to agree with that statement with crews working to repair downed 
power lines as well.

The tornado then proceeded towards the Delaware River as it took 
a slight turn towards the north. With only a steel and power plant
lying beneath it-these two structurally sound facilities did not 
appear to sustain any visible damage despite a rather impressive 
viral Tweet with a video of the tornado passing across the 
Burlington-Bristol Bridge. Driving across the bridge for this very
survey, no damage was noted given the structural integrity of the
feature. As the tornado passed through a wooded floodplain along 
the banks of the Delaware River, no visible damage was noted 
either. The tornado then lifted just before reaching downtown 
Bristol, PA, with several trees being snapped along the Bristol 

.West Windsor Twp, NJ Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-0
Estimated Peak Wind:    75 mph
Path Length /statute/:  2.73 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   100 yards
Fatalities:             None
Injuries:               None

Start Date:             Sep 01 2021
Start Time:             7:32 PM EDT
Start Location:         2.7 SE Princeton, Mercer Co, NJ
Start Lat/Lon:          40.31/-74.67

End Date:               Sep 01 2021
End Time:               7:35 PM EDT
End Location:           1 E Princeton, Mercer Co, NJ
End Lat/Lon:            40.34/-74.64

A tornado touched down along Emmons Drive along Route 1 in 
Princeton, NJ as a remnant supercell moved northward after 
producing the Mullica Hill and Burlington, NJ tornadoes earlier 
Wednesday afternoon as Ida's remnants moved through the region. 
Damage first occurred as several small branches were brought down 
along the Whole Foods and Wendy's parking lots along Route 1 in 
far eastern Princeton Township, with a continued path of minor 
branch damage extending northward along Farber Road, Meadow Drive,
and Canal Pointe Boulevard adjacent to Route 1. Several medium- 
size trees were also uprooted with numerous small branches having 
been brought down along the western periphery of the Marketfair 
shopping parking lot. 

From there, the tornado continued northward with minor tree 
damage having occurred along Carnegie Center Boulevard as the 
tornado moved northward. Several small branches were also brought 
down in a residential area along Heritage Boulevard with one pine 
tree even having been snapped. An additional pine tree was also 
uprooted along Alexander Road near Glenview. The tornado then 
snapped several small hardwood trees, knocking down several 
utility poles and power lines along Washington Road. A tree was 
also uprooted along Lower Harrison Street along Carnegie Lake 
before the tornado lifted somewhere over the lake. 


EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories:

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 to 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS
Storm Data.