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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ
1237 PM EDT Fri Aug 20 2021

...Three Confirmed Tornadoes...

The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, NJ surveyed 
three areas of damage across Pennsylvania and New Jersey on August
19th. This was in association with thunderstorms that moved across
the region during night of August 18th and the early morning hours
of August 19th. These were with the remnants of Tropical Storm 
Fred as it moved across the region.

.Tilden Twp PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    95 mph
Path Length /statute/:  1.10 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   125 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             August 18, 2021
Start Time:             9:15 PM EDT
Start Location:         Tilden Twp / Berks / PA
Start Lat/Lon:          40.525/-76.001

End Date:               August 18, 2021 
End Time:               9:18 PM EDT 
End Location:           Tilden Twp / Berks / PA 
End Lat/Lon:            40.540/-76.996

The tornado touched down along Fisher Dam Road about 800 feet north 
of the intersection with Berne Road. Numerous hardwood tree trunks 
were snapped on the western side of the road with a convergent debris
pattern. A corn field on the east side of the road in the same 
location was damaged with stalks of corn felled in a convergent 
pattern. Further north on Fisher Dam Road, hardwood tree damage was 
noted, but it was more sporadic.

Additional damage was noted about a half-mile north of the 
intersection of Berne Road and Hill Drive, including numerous trees 
snapped on the east side of Berne Road. A little farther north, about
450 feet south of the intersection with Ash Road, a utility pole was
snapped, and hardwood trees were snapped both on the western side 
and the eastern side of the road with convergent debris patterns 

There was damage on Ash Road, including a roof that was removed from
a porch and the roof damage extended into the main roof of the 
house. The roof was deposited to the east, while at the same time, a 
flagpole from the roof supports was tossed to the north. There was 
also numerous snapped hardwood trees in this area. Further east on 
Ash Road, another house had a large, healthy tree snapped. Tree 
damage was also noted on properties on the north side of Ash Road.

Further north of Ash Road, some damage occurred at the Village of 
Pleasant Hills Mobile Home community, including hardwood trees 
snapped and some cars were damaged by the fallen trees. Some skirting
along the base of a mobile home was mostly torn off. The damage 
appeared to become more sporadic and then ended.

The National Weather Service would like to thank Mr. Lou Ruh for his
extensive assistance with this survey, and also thanks to the 
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for providing locations of 
the damage.

.Hatfield Twp-Hilltown Twp, PA Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    105 mph
Path Length /statute/:  8.77 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   140 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             August 19, 2021
Start Time:             12:25 AM EDT
Start Location:         Hatfield Twp / Montgomery / PA
Start Lat/Lon:          40.284/-75.322

End Date:               August 19, 2021 
End Time:               12:40 AM EDT 
End Location:           Hilltown Twp / Bucks / PA 
End Lat/Lon:            40.392/-75.235

A line of thunderstorms moved across Montgomery and Bucks Counties 
early on the morning of August 19th as the remnants of Tropical Storm
Fred moved across central Pennsylvania. What started as a fairly 
quiet day for our CWA quickly became busy as night fell. 

As a velocity couplet formed across Montgomery County, a tornado 
formed roughly a mile and a half south of Souderton, PA around 
12:25 AM EDT, where it brought down a tree branch and tore siding 
off of a residence on Garrison Lane. From there, the tornado 
appears to have lifted briefly before bringing down a few small 
trees and branches along Township Line Road. The tornado then 
brought down several trees and branches in the Hidden Springs 
mobile home community. Here, several trees were brought down on 
homes and across roadways while also leading to minor damage to 
the roofs and siding of several residences in the community. The 
tornado then proceeded northeastward into Hilltown Township in 
Bucks County as it brought down numerous trees in a trajectory 
towards Silverdale. Several trees along this line were also 
brought down. A metal roof was even torn off of a garage along 
Green Street in Silverdale. Several large branches were then 
brought down, damaging a roof to a farmhouse along Souderton Road.
The tornado continued its path northeast, bringing down small 
trees and snapping the tops of several pine trees at residences 
along Woodlawn Drive and Blue School Road. Lastly, the tornado 
began to lift as it neared the opposite end of Hilltown Township, 
but not before it ripped a section of roofing off an auto repair 
shop along North Dublin Pike at the intersection of Blue School 

The National Weather Service would like to thank the Bucks and 
Montgomery County offices of Emergency Management for their 
contributions to this survey along with Hilltown Township for 
assisting our survey crew. 

.Rockaway Twp, NJ Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-0
Estimated Peak Wind:    85 mph
Path Length /statute/:  0.91 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   50 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             August 19, 2021
Start Time:             02:38 AM EDT
Start Location:         Rockaway / Morris / NJ
Start Lat/Lon:          40.284/-75.322

End Date:               August 19, 2021 
End Time:               12:40 AM EDT 
End Location:           Rockaway / Morris / NJ 
End Lat/Lon:            40.913/-75.525

Another velocity couplet formed in Morris County early in the 
morning of August 19th in association with thunderstorms as the 
remnants of Tropical storm Fred moved across the region. A weak 
tornado formed from this couplet, first touching down along Mount 
Pleasant Avenue and Irwin Place in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, 
where several small branches and a portion of a vinyl fence were 
brought down. From there, the tornado moved through a subdivision, 
bringing down several small pine trees and branches along Lenox 
Road, Arlene Drive, and Miller Avenue. A few small branches were 
then brought down as the tornado proceeded northeast across 
Fleetwood Drive. The tornado then crossed Interstate 80, snapping 
several trees along Reservoir and Katherine Road. A few large 
branches were also knocked down in this area as the tornado